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Accuracy of account based marketing | ABM


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Account-based marketing(ABM) is a calculated B2B marketing approach where in the marketing and sales resources are focused on particular high value accounts rather than on particular individuals.
This approach isn’t a new one but it hasn’t been properly utilized in the past due to the lack of optimal resources for its success. With the emergence of technologies like predictive analytics, CRM & Marketing automation, the major tasks of mining potential customer data and personalizing messages for better engagement have been simplified thus, facilitating greater possible adoption of ABM

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Accuracy of account based marketing | ABM

  1. 1. Accuracy of Account Based Marketing
  2. 2. Marketing is as old as civilization itself. It has altered & changed according to time & technology. Previously, the idea of marketing was to cast wide nets to attract enough fish and to end up with one or two.
  3. 3. But the world has changed a lot today. Fishes do not ha ve enough time to jump around nets. So, a revolutionary concept came into existence which replaced the net with a spear.
  4. 4. Enter Account Based Marketing
  5. 5. Developed by ITSMA(Information Technology Services Marketing Association), Account Based Marketing flips the traditional marketing funnel on its head.
  6. 6. As per ITSMA, The simplest definition of ABM is “ treating individual accounts as markets in their own right.”
  7. 7. ABM helps you out to laser focus on companies that’s al ready identified as good fit to buy. In other words, you will never waste resources filling your funnel with bad le ads.
  8. 8. Benefits of Account Based Marketing 1. Improved Customer Acquisition Process 2. An Opportunity To Get Personal 3. Faster Sales Process 4. Clearer Path To ROI 5. Cost Efficiency 6. Efficient Use Of Marketing Resources 7. Shorter Sales Cycles
  9. 9. 8. Sales-Marketing Effort Synchronization 9. Trust-Based Relationships 10. Greater Opportunity To Be The Expert 11. A Way To Stand Out From The Crowd 12. Better Reporting 13. Data-Driven Decisions To Align Sales And M arketing 14. The Right Target, The Right Leads
  10. 10. Considerations to be taken into account to align with o bjectives. 1.Identifying Target Accounts 2.Developing personas 3.Finding the apt content 4.Integrating ABM into the strategy 5.Measuring & optimizing
  11. 11. 1. Identifying Target Accounts Kind of obvious, right. It’s not possible to do full blown ABM if you don’t know what accounts targeting is. For this, you will need to work in close conjunction with sales. Once you work with sales & build an initial list lead scoring can be used to stack rank the accounts to ensure everyone is focused on the ones with the highest propensity to close.
  12. 12. 2. Developing personas The next step is to map the accounts to buyer personas to understand which are the right prospects to target. Marketers need to know what challenges an account faces as a business, how decisions are made in organizations & identify who makes those decisions. This information is crucial for an effective ABM initiative.
  13. 13. 3. Finding the apt content Customers are more likely to engage with content that’s tailored specifically to them. Since ABM is inherently designed to be more personalized, the opportunity to provide prospects from target accounts with content & messaging that resonates with their business & stage in the buyer journey.
  14. 14. 4. Integrating ABM into the strategy At the end, you will feel that your target accounts are similar to other buyers & they are on a multitude of different channels everyday. To reach them effectively you will need to execute cross channel campaigns, targeting the right people on different channels & leveraging the personalized content you prepared in the earlier step. Never forget that you’ll need to do this in tight coordination with sales to understand how each target prospect engage with you.
  15. 15. 5. Measuring & optimizing To continually optimize your campaigns, you’ll have to measure & analyze your results over time. It’s not just about one metric but the set of metrics that matters to your busin ess objectives.
  16. 16. Reasons why ABM works • Personalized communications • Strong alignment between sales & marketing. • Efficient & optimized • Better customer experience • Defined ROI
  17. 17. It’s nothing but natural evolution from where we have started. Marketing has come a long way from its traditional approach. And those who adapt survive & thrive will win sales while others perish.
  18. 18. A well planned ABM program will definitely grow your revenue, but the most encouraging factor is it’s perfect ability to quantify marketing’s contribution. Your contribution of effort will be obvious throughout the entire process.
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