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5 innovative ways to greater lead generation


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Every business thrives on the relationships it is able to make with its prospects and customers. The very first step to these relationships is lead generation. Often businesses get stuck in the traditional ways to generate leads and face losses as a consequence. DataCaptive brings to you 5 innovative ways to greater lead generation that will encourage marketers and businessmen to think out of the box while trying to get connected, maintain and sustain long term business relations that are sure to yield profits.

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5 innovative ways to greater lead generation

  1. 1. 5 Innovative Ways To Greater Lead Generation
  2. 2. Lead Generation- DecodedLead Generation- Decoded The Challenge Acquiring Qualified Leads That Convert Faster The Task Devising Strategies That Are Economical & Efficient The Tools 1. Social Media 2. Websites 3. Email Marketing 4. Targeted Content
  3. 3. Grow Out Of Traditional WaysGrow Out Of Traditional Ways Acquiring clients and generating new leads is vital to any business’ growth and stability. While referrals are always a strong way to earn new business, marketing executives also incorporate other strategies into their lead generation to add some fresh perspective to the art of winning qualified leads.
  4. 4. 5 Unique Ways To Get More & Better Leads5 Unique Ways To Get More & Better Leads Thinking out of the box is the norm all new age business executives and marketing professionals follow. DataCaptive brings to you these 5 ways to reinvent your lead generation strategy. Leverage complementary product sales Track your competitor’s every move Make the most of Workshops & Referrals Thought Leadership is the way to go Live Chat is more than just a way to communicate
  5. 5. Leverage Complimentary Product SalesLeverage Complimentary Product Sales Complimentary product sales can help you navigate clients that buy similar products or services towards your products by drawing attention to the added benefits of availing them exclusively from you!
  6. 6. Track Your Competitor’s Every MoveTrack Your Competitor’s Every Move Although this sounds like a conventional method of lead generation, keeping track of your competitor’s client acquisition methodology can help you tweak your lead generation strategy for better results. What’s more you could also beat them at lead generation by getting to potential clients first!
  7. 7. Make The Most Of Workshops & ReferralsMake The Most Of Workshops & Referrals Workshops & Client referrals at conferences allow marketers to aggregate large contact lists of companies which can further lead to better contact building and ultimately lead generation. Guess What! This also helps better brand building!
  8. 8. Thought-Leadership is The Way To GoThought-Leadership is The Way To Go Contributing to industry publications, is a unique way to generate great quality new leads. Most online publications allow guest contributors. Submitting articles that showcase your industry knowledge and innovative ideas could get your products more attention and definitely more leads!
  9. 9. Live Chat is more than just a way to communicateLive Chat is more than just a way to communicate There can be nothing better than being available for your client when they need you the most. Solving queries, offering compensatory promotions and highlighting the perks of availing products/services from you, could be ways to impressing potential prospects as well as keeping the old clients happy!
  10. 10. “Innovation is change that unlocks new value”                                                              -Jamie Notter Like any other art, marketing also requires innovative minds that can create  strategies to win over their audience. DataCaptive aims to help you innovate your  marketing with it’s best-in-business lead management & data solutions.     Reinvent Your Marketing with DataCaptive !
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