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Pipedrive API Integration


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Take a look at this presentation to get a few valid reasons and tips on Pipedrive API integration.

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Pipedrive API Integration

  1. 1. API Integration Grow Your Business in Leaps and Bounds
  2. 2. Introduction Managing the huge daily influx of information requires most businesses to use a number of different tools. However, when those tools are not linked with one another correctly, the risk of data duplication or loss appears. All of this highlights the need for software integration and reflects a high demand for an efficient and intuitive integration solution. Connecting different platforms and services with the help of API proves to be the most effective way to approach the problem up to date.
  3. 3. Benefits of Pipedrive Integration Pipedrive is Web-based Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software, which focuses on making more sales happen with less time and effort required. The key features of this platform include: contact history, full customization, goal setting and reporting, multiple languages available, etc. The tool will be a perfect fit for small and medium sized sales teams. Integrating your soft with Pipedrive is a great chance to acquire new business possibilities.
  4. 4.  Retrieve, update and synch the data from your clients’ Pipedrive systems and integrate it with your soft using API  Expand your customer circle with over 10 thousand Pipedrive users Benefits of Pipedrive Integration  Enhance the functionality of your soft  Widen your market share and stand out from the crowd of competitors
  5. 5. Data2CRM.API is a web-based solution that provides a unified API for simultaneous integration with 12+ CRM platforms, including Pipedrive. It allows to mitigate integration risks and simplify the process of establishing the connection between the apps. Why Data2CRM.API
  6. 6. Why Data2CRM.API 40+ API methods, allowing to perform various data manipulations; High security, ensured by the 32-symbol API Key and SSL connection; Robust documentation with code samples for you to test; Full technical support and assistance.
  7. 7. Data2CRM.API gives an opportunity to integrate with the following systems: Where You Can Use Data2CRM.API Accounting:  Track customer transactions more precisely through synchronizing the information between accounting and CRM apps. Business Dashboard:  Gather the data stored in the CRM platform to consolidate it and display the relevant information in real time in the form of informative and easy to understand dashboards.
  8. 8. Where You Can Use Data2CRM.API Data2CRM.API gives an opportunity to integrate with the following systems: Project Management:  Reduce the risk of human error and increase information quality and accuracy through CRM integration. Telephony:  Simplify the call resolution, save time on each contact and increase customer satisfaction with CRM integration.
  9. 9. Where You Can Use Data2CRM.API Data2CRM.API gives an opportunity to integrate with the following systems: Marketing Automation:  Facilitate the process of lead qualification, assignment and enable closed loop reporting through flawless CRM integration. Email Marketing:  Retrieve email addresses and other customer info from 12+ CRM solutions for better targeted and more personalized campaigns.
  10. 10. Supported Platforms Receive access to 12+ CRM platforms through a single integration with Data2CRM.API
  11. 11. Don’t hesitate to improve your business soft with Data2CRM.API Pipedrive integration! Schedule a Free Consultation