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Automated Highrise to Insightly Migration in Several Steps


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Consider about data migration from Highrise to Insightly? Switch your records in a fast and automated manner with these comprehensive guidelines. Data2CRM offers you this opportunity. Each slide of this presentation will help you to learn more information about the service and the process of its implementation.

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Automated Highrise to Insightly Migration in Several Steps

  1. 1. How to Migrate from Highrise to Insightly
  2. 2. How to Migrate from Highrise to Insightly?
  3. 3. Migration Setup 1. Create your account Visit and register your Data2CRM account. Provide your name, email, choose the password and specify your phone number.
  4. 4. Migration Setup 2. Source CRM URL • Select your CRM type, provide your Highrise URL and API token.
  5. 5. Migration Setup 2. Specify Source CRM URL To get your Highrise API token, follow the instruction below: 1. Sign in your Highrise. 2. Go to Account & settings and select My info. 3. Then click on the API token. In the bottom, you will see your API key, copy and paste it into the corresponding field of a migration wizard.
  6. 6. Migration Setup 3. Specify Target CRM URL •Select your Target CRM type. •Then provide your Insightly API Key*.
  7. 7. Migration Setup 3. Specify Target CRM URL To get your Insightly API key, follow the instruction below: 1. Sign in your Insightly CRM. 2. Go to the “My Info” page, then to “User Settings”. 3. Copy your API key and paste it in migration wizard.
  8. 8. Migration Setup 4. Select Migration Options Check the boxes to activate the following migration options: • Account • Contact • Task • Opportunity Note! Contact with your account manager and find out more about migration of users, leads and other CRM entities.
  9. 9. Migration Setup 5. Start Demo Migration Now, start your Demo Migration. Data2CRM moves up to 10 items of all specified modules for you to see how the service works. Note. You can skip this step and start Full migration right away
  10. 10. Migration Setup 6. Start Full CRM Migration Proceed with the CRM data migration to Insightly. After you start the full migration, your Highrise data will be moved directly to Insightly. You'll receive an email notification as soon as the transfer is complete.
  11. 11. Migration Setup 7. Full Migration Is Complete Congratulations! Now you may check up the result of migration and enjoy your new Insightly software.
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