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Presentation of DKS SocialSmart. Datknosys tool for social network analysis and Social Media ROI

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  • Presentation DKS SocialSmart

    2. 2. 2 Contents 1 DatKnoSys 2 DKS SocialSmart 3 Features 4 Value proposition DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    3. 3. 3 The Challenge: Datknosys DEMOGRAPHICS, ECONOMIC, WORK MARKET, LAND REGISTRY, PRICES,… We are experts providing a global business overview to improve decision making. DatKnoSys merges internal and external data in order to enrich the information . COMPETITORS’ DATA CUSTOMER OPINIONMY DATA MY BUSINESS SALES, Nº COSTUMERS, ADVERTISING INVESTMENT ,… POSTS IN SOCIAL MEDIA, BLOG , SURVEYS,… INDICATORS FROM THE OWN SECTOR, Nº OF COMPETITORS, PRESS RELEASES,… EXTERNAL DATA DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    4. 4. 4 Presence of the company in the social networks Customer’s Accounts in Multiple Social Networks DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangpDatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    5. 5. 5 What do you need to know to have a global vision of what is happening? Analyze :  All the accounts of the company  Other accounts (competitors, complementary companies, subsidiaries...)  Measure ROI (return of investment) How to analyze all the accounts? The platform uses leading edge indicators to measure brand’s performance as well as comparison with competitors DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    6. 6. 6 Features: Measure ROI Web ClippingActive Listening Competitive Intelligence Quantifies and calculates the ROI of social media activities. Analyzes the relative position of your brand compared with competitors. Identifies specific mentions, All messages are gather and analyzed to identify trending topics and content evaluation. Searches for keywords on the Internet, identifying the contents of interest doing a ranking of importance. DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    7. 7. 7 How to measure ROI in Social Media? Opportunity cost is calculated based on ROI on social media activity and comparing the main indicators of DKS SocialSmart with traditional metrics:  Reach = Leads  Reach x Activity = Impressions  Virality, Engagement, Mentions = Interaction  Mentions by third parties = Sponsorship DKS SocialSmart provides social media return on investment based on investment level and brand/market sector. DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    8. 8. 8 How to know what our competitors are doing? Compare the following brand’s indicators with competitors :  Reach: Number of people connected to your brand  Activity Number of messages (content generation)  Engagement: Number of mentions generated  Virality: Number of times a message is shared  Mentions Number of times your brand has been referenced by user DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    9. 9. 9 How to assess the most influential people?(Influencers)  By determining key users: key opinion liders, influential people, trolls,…  Identifying the followers that show the most activity.  Detecting those influencers that have more KLOUT. DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    10. 10. 10 How to know our followers?  Determining the number of the unique and shared followers  Identifying those followers more attached to our brand.  Geotag and classify trending topics by location and execute precise target marketing campaigns.  Followers won and followers lost of our brand and ours competitors. DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    11. 11. 11  Defining the most important keywords.  Analyzing publications’ contents : - Detecting categories. - Identifying trending topics. -Detecting mention’s likes and sentiment.  Concepts analysis to undertsand what is perceived from different company departments: Customer service, price,-... How to identify the most important topics? DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    12. 12. 12 How to classify message’s sentiment ?  Detecting your followers’ languages including: English, Spanish and regional languages, (catalán, euskera, gallego,…).  Analyzing if the sentiments mentions of each brand are positive, negative or neutral, based on text mining and semantic analysis.  Monitoring the evolution of the sentiment DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    13. 13. 13 How to identify relevant content? Thanks to the web clipping module , DKS SocialSmart searches for keywords on the Internet (websites, blogs, forums, social networks,…), identifying the contents of interest and creating a ranking of importance . It provides for each keyword: : URL in which the publication appears.  Publication language.  Content summary.  Relevance. DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    14. 14. 14 How can I obtain more information advantages?  Filtering the information by the characteristics that you desired : sentiment, language, time, profile…  Integrates client data (online and offline) to gain a global business view and establish a particular social CRM.  Automatic generation and delivery of customized reports, saving time and enhancing decision making. DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    15. 15. 15 How it works?  DKS SocialSmart uses reliable data and provides you with confidence that you’re never miss a single social comment or action.  Adapts to company needs, and users’ segmentation as desired.  Looks for news, publication and content about a brand across the web for detailed analysis.  Provides a Clear and understandable data visualization with interactive graphics that are modified according to filters.  Automatic generation and delivery of customized reports, saving time and enhancing decision making. DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    16. 16. 16 DKS SocialSmart All of this based on a flat rate and access mode from any standard browser DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    17. 17. 17 Value proposition We are experts in integration and data analysis We extract the most of your company’s data and market data Providing a clear business overview to understand what is happening We suggest you actions that you may carry out Leave you decide with the maximum information | +34 686 71 25 19 | Twitter: @DatKnoSys 17DatKnoSys | Juan Francisco García | | @juanfrangp
    18. 18. © DatKnoSys S.L ( Data Knowledge Systems) - Todos los derechos reservados Thank you! We are at your service Juan Francisco García| Founder &CEO © DatKnoSys Inc. ( Data Knowledge Systems) – All rights reserved SAN FRANCISCO | BARCELONA | MADRID