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Top 10 Futurist Predictions To Inspire You


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In September 2014, Dassault Systemes created the Future Realities community on LinkedIn ( to carve out a space where thought leaders can talk about what they believe are key trends that will shape the future. In just 14 months, we’ve attracted 25,000 members, who are regularly starting and joining discussions about future trends and ideas about what might be the next big thing. To celebrate this milestone, we’ve put together the top 10 discussion topics since the beginning. Take a look at the question and a sample of the comments, then join us over on LinkedIn ( to add your say!

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Top 10 Futurist Predictions To Inspire You

  1. 1. The most engaging discussions from the 25,000-strong community, the Future Realities LinkedIn group, brought to you by Dassault Systemes TOP 10 FUTURIST PREDICTIONS TO INSPIRE YOU
  2. 2. The Future Realities Group on LinkedIn is a corner of the Internet for global thought leaders to discuss what the future may hold. To celebrate hitting a landmark 25K members we take a look back at 10 of our most engaging posts.
  3. 3. We welcome you to join our community. Get involved in these discussions – or start your own!
  4. 4. See all 316 comments “I believe that at this point, not installing solar panels is irresponsible on a social and personal level. The efficiency levels have become such that investing in personally owned solar panels pays for itself in two thirds or so of the life-time.” “The awareness factor is important but the reach is limited. The reach of these products are in a niche market and if one has to penetrate the market, one has to focus on its supply chain and distribution.” “I was interested in solar panels but they were too expensive. Recently, I noticed several homes in my neighbourhood had them, so I figure the pricing is becoming affordable. I find them earth friendly, and that makes them beautiful.” Hunter Terry Journalism – Media – Public Relations – UNLV TV Siddharth Nikhra Senior Business Development Manager at Quality Kiosk Technologies Pvt. LTd Theresa Kemper Program & Project Management, PMP & CSM, Professional Development, Mentoring & Coaching, Enablement and Balance 316 Comments, 77 Likes As prices of solar panels decline rapidly, would you install solar in your home?
  5. 5. “It's not only about intelligence, but understanding and being able to use the tools to come upon us. The children today use them much better than we ever will. With the introduction of the IoT and Industry 4.0, there will be lots of open doors to make the shift. “ “Hawking's suppositions are, at root, teleonomic not economic. He has presumed that the improvement of machines via the application of extrinsic information or creativity will eventually arrive from lesser machines themselves.” “What has indeed worked well in history is the free market. By the free market, I don't mean capitalism in the sense of allowing some to peddle influence at the expense of the rest of the market, to capture a market or to dominate an industry; I mean a market in which no player receives special standing by law, in which law stands to eliminate that kind of corrupt dealing.” See all 229 comments Chris Douglass Sales and Business Development Director, Visual Components George Wayne President and Cofounder at Qualia Networks, Inc. Keith Dimond, CETsr Electronics Technician at JT3, Independent Technical & Organizational Consulting (Electronics, Radio / RF, Information) 229 Comments, 31 Likes Stephen Hawking says we should really be scared of capitalism, not robots. Do you agree?
  6. 6. See all 171 comments “We can continuously create new technology that influences ways people do their jobs. People may spend a lot more time in learning, have to learn to be flexible, and ready to learn new subjects which evolve due to new invention.” “With the shift to mechanisms that make change ‘easy’ and cheap, bespoke manufacturing becomes the norm and profitability becomes tied to meeting a particular customers specific needs.” “The Great Recession forced businesses to be more efficient & to produce more with less. Now we are coming out of it, businesses aren’t going back. Those low-mid level manufacturing jobs are gone, and they aren’t coming back.” Elaine Leung Company Director at Natural Skincare London Fred Simkin Senior Architect at Red Hat Allan Tone Founder/CEO Dealer/Addendums Inc. 171 Comments, 45 Likes What will human beings do when everything can be produced by a few?
  7. 7. See all 152 comments “Intelligence is the ability to adapt in any given environment in order to survive. Intelligence enabled us to develop our communication skills, discern opportunities & threats & create objects from things around us.” “Intelligence is linear, you reach a higher level only when certain intellectual achievements have been reached. You can be 25 & immature, you can be 15 and very mature. What does that have to do with intelligence?” “A good mix between curiosity, braveness, sense of humor, humble behaviour and the ability to connect at a human level.” Henry James Banayat Executive Managing Director & Founder, Compumatrix Mizael Pena Founder at H2O Star Inc. Stefania Sadigh Ershadi SAP Business Sales Consultant, Design Thinker for Digital Transformation 152 Comments, 21 Likes Would somebody give a definition of intelligence?
  8. 8. See all 87 comments “There is the computer-brain approach, and then there is the brain-computer approach; where we activate computers as a second kind of brain. In the first case we are manipulated… in the second we manipulate.” “The missing reality is the volume of thoughts. The ideas of your brain aren’t broadcasted simply because you thought them, no more than your emails are until you hit send.” “This is where the details matter. Are we talking about a USB hub designed to pick up the alpha waves off your brain? I’m sure I’d at least try it! Or are we talking Johnny Mnemonic style? Not so much!” Erik Vos Art Director / Designer, Owner at Gotanidea Marc Roth Co-founder at ABRICATE Dan Perreault Owner, Thinkingblade Knives 87 Comments, 50 Likes Would you connect your brain to a computer?
  9. 9. See all 83 comments “All it will take to halt this movement is a patient crushed, killed by being given the wrong medication, trapped or starved when a robot malfunctions, or a similar mishap, to put the use of autonomous robots in health care at stake.” “I could appreciate a care robot that would allow me to function as independently as possible, for as long as possible. Perhaps some sort of human mediator could pay regular visits to ensure that a healthy balance be maintained.” “It doesn’t mean that we would be without human contact entirely, but we would not be a burden to someone. Having said that, who’s going to fund this when most state pension funds are predicted to run out of cash?” Kurt Cagle Founder and Chief Ontologist at Semantical, LLC Phillip Vedol Accountant & Administrator at Lonflight, LLC Simon C Hemus President and COO at Tupperware Brands 83 Comments, 41 Likes Would you want to be looked after by a robot in your old age?
  10. 10. See all 57 comments “Essentially the rate of increase in cost has mirrored and slightly lagged the increase in available loan dollars for education.” “Paying a ton for a credential that one earns not by paying, but by learning, is becoming obsolete. Attendance in and tuition for the class should be waived in favour of an appropriate fee for evaluation and administration of academic credit.” “What kind of ROI can a college graduate expect if their annual cost is $110K? In the time to come higher education will have or must guarantee employment at these extreme exorbitant costs. Otherwise the future is becoming self- taught.” Dan Perreault Owner, Thinkingblade Knives Keith Dimond, CETsr Electronic Technician at JT3, Independent Technical & Organizational Consulting (Electronic, Radio / RF, Information) Alex Xenos Enterprise Sales Executive, BlackLine 83 Comments, 41 Likes Have we reached a point in social development where the higher education classic model is becoming obsolete?
  11. 11. “On an individual level, being aware of water consumption and adopting general good habits, can have long-term benefits…” “Cost reflective pricing would remove inefficient (wasteful) consumption by pricing out the water resource abusers, freeing supply to those that use water efficiently.” “What we can do is price water in a more responsible way. No one should be able to pump water from a public resource, be it a river, lake, aquifer or whatever with impunity.” See all 64 comments Angela Wood Project Management Coordinator at ShoreTel Nicholas Wells Senior Consultant at MLM Drilling Pty Ltd Dick Bonnet Owner at TorcUP of WV 64 Comments, 25 Likes Could you support your current lifestyle with less water?
  12. 12. See all 52 comments “Technology can already turn your pulses into signals & waves to be read by professional doctors. Phones will be charged with movement; with devices generating electricity through motion & your bodies electro pulses.” “In order to make effective solutions, these sort of applications would require the system to work the other way, with the “patch” integrated into devices, so things like remotes and computer mice would seem to be a good starting point.” “Life Sciences change the picture completely; Connect your energy transformer to your pacemaker and make it run without need for battery change – great!” Daeshaun Quest Owner at DaeTech Soultions Michael Hart Volunteer at Age UK Dr. Sven Schatteburg Kienbaum Management Consultants / Principal 52 Comments, 29 Likes New technology turns our bodies’ energy into electricity. What would you power with it?
  13. 13. “China has potential…it needs no state Capitalism, but free market reforms which would lead to change its focus from an export orientated economy to an economy which boosts domestic consumer purchasing power.” “Recently China’s developed rapidly. Sadly this “growth” has been at the expense of the average worker & the environment. I think Chinese citizens will demand higher wages & environmental reform that will slow down it’s economy.” “China’s central government must substantially reduce it’s restrictions on free speech. An efficient economy must allow free flow of information.” See all 44 comments David Orozco Co Founder at GenOne Technologies LLC David Quist Owner at Sound Computer Consulting, LLC 44 Comments, 23 Likes Apekshit Mulay (Apek) Business and Technology Consultant at Mulay’s Consultancy Services Could China become the number one economy in the world? If so, how soon?
  14. 14. Feel inspired? Come join the conversation! Join the LinkedIn Future Realities Group here