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Sputnik Yoga Deck


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Overview of Sputnik Yoga and our past events.

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Sputnik Yoga Deck

  2. 2. About us: We created Sputnik Yoga in 2017 in order to provide affordable yoga classes to the community, u?lize underused retail spaces and introduce people into the yoga prac?ce outside of a studio. ADer finishing my 200HR Yoga TT program, I discovered a lack of support for new teachers in NYC. Many new instructors are asked to work for free or for very liNle pay without any guarantee of geOng a permanent placement in a studio. In addi?on We discovered that some new students feel in?midated in a yoga studio. The goal is to offer yoga 4 everyBODY! We provide a wide range of dona?on pop-up events in NYC and LA, we work with fun wellness brands and give opportuni?es for new instructors to work and spread their wings as teachers. We make sure our classes fun light and we don’t take anything too seriously.
  3. 3. RETAIL POP-UPS: We partner with leading retail spaces and take advantage of empty underused square footage. In return retail businesses benefit from partnerships through increased foot traffic and brand exposure. As well as in?mate experiences with their brands and products. WELLNESS BRANDS: We are always looking for new brands to partner with. Our pop-up events create a perfect pla[orm to showcase your goods. We also do social giveaways with our partners. NEW INSTRUCTORS: Being a new yoga instructor is hard and compe??ve, we are looking for new yoga teachers to join our growing team; give them an opportunity to grow as instructors and mentor others. NON-PROFIT: We work with local chari?es, non-profits and city organiza?ons to provide free yoga classes and wellness ac?vi?es to those in need. PAY WHAT YOU CAN: To guarantee your spot book on line for $10 per class. If you choose to pay in person RSVP, come to class early to ensure you get a spot, and you can pay what you want. We have never had to turn people down and welcome all. We all know that during the hardest ?mes in our lives, is when we need wellness most. Retail/Rooftop Festival Pop-UPS Brand Partnerships Pay What You Can Community Classes Mentorship for new Instructors
  4. 4. Partners:
  5. 5. Pics:
  6. 6. X About: Executed a successful ac?va?on with Deep Eddy Vodka, offering daily morning yoga classes during Firefly Fes?val from 9 am to 10 am to the patrons of the North Camping Hub (70k total campers) All classes were followed by bloody Mary Bar opening at 10 am. Marke@ng: Classes were promoted via social pla[orms by Firefly Fest, Deep Eddy and Sputnik Yoga. Worked closely with Deep Eddy PR team to ensure seamless brand integra?on and support for the Depp Eddy team and brand. Media: hNps:// hNps:// @
  7. 7. X About: Hosted one month of weekly Self- care Sunday classes at Khiels Flagship store followed by light breakfast and mini make overs. Event was conducted during off hours before store opened, to not interfere with regular opera?ons. 9 am to 10:30 am 4 Classes Social reach 1000’s of Impressions 50+ Posts between all par?cipants No cost to client Most consumers purchased at least one item
  8. 8. X About: Hosted am and pm yoga classes at We Work loca?ons in LA and NYC, all classes were open level and followed by a thema?c product sampling Coordinated all aspects program Worked closely with brands to maintain vision Graphic Design Promo?on Events posted on the We Work portal Invites sent to We work staff before Minimal costs of a tradi?onal agency
  9. 9. Mc Dermit X About: Hosted lunch?me workshop for 50 employees, two sessions Sample Outline: Mindfulness Medita?on 5 minutes led, types of medita?on, Free resources Mindful moving Yoga benefits of Yoga, Types of yoga, classes, 5 to 7 minute class everyone can do siOng down at their desks Mindful ea?ng What is it?, Samples, benefits of adaptegnic herbs, Reduc?on of processed foods, meat and dairy in your diet
  10. 10. Retreat
  11. 11. Let’s connect soon! @sputnikyoga