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The History of Imgur


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How did Imgur go from a personal image hosting project to the biggest meme generator on the web?

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The History of Imgur

  1. 1. 2009 Februaury 2009 IMGUR was founded Imgur was founded in 2009 as a personal project by Alan Schaaf while he was studying computer science at Ohio University. After he showed off the fast image sharing capabilities of the site, it was quickly embraced by communities like Reddit and citizens all across the interweb today. So how did Imgur go from a bootstrapped startup to serving 3.6 billion pageviews per month? AUGUST 2010 46,000 Monthly Pageviews JANUARY 2010 Imgur introduces Pro Subscriptions Imgur has 14 million monthly pageviews where users spend over four minutes on the site per visit 2011 July 2011 Imgur starts using the EdgeCast content delivery network with over Imgur opens its apartment office in San Francisco 149,000,000 pageviews per month & 10,000,000,000 image downloads February 2012 Imgur hits 1,000,000,000 pageviews/month Best Bootstrapped STARTUP Crunchies award 2011 while being run by only 3 people 1st JANUARY 2013 Imgur generates 3,600,000,000 Pageviews the site gets over 255,000,000 visits / month from 56 million unique monthly visitors Imgur’s US web traffic has grown 60% annually AUGUST 2013 Imgur's unique visitors in the United States reach 14 Million in August 2013 On average, users spend 11:30 minutes 8.7 Million on the site and VIEW 14 pages in August 2012 per visit in January 2013 SEPTEMBER 2013 100,000,000 MONTHLY UNIQUE USERS 1,000,000 daily uploads Mobile visits 7% 35% January 2011 September 2013 Meme Generator - Launched June, 2013 The Most Interesting Man In The World Scumbag Steve Ancient Alien Guy Not Sure Fry Yeah That'd Be Great Matrix Morpheus First Day on Internet Kid Grumpy Cat Annoyed Picard Success Kid Brace Yourself Forever Alone Yo Dawg Xzibit Bad Luck Brian Sudden Clarity Clarence Condescending Wonka Overly Attached Girlfriend Frustrated Farnsworth Confession Bear One Does Not Simply Best Bootstrapped STARTUP Crunchies award 2013 February 2014 1st Source: -site-now-serves-up-over-3-6b-pageviews-to-56m-visitors-per-month