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JOBS Act Private Fund Marketing Platforms


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JOBS Act Private Fund Marketing Platforms

  1. 1. Marketing Platforms201 Penn Center Blvd. | Ste. 400 | Pittsburgh, PA 15235 | 888-400-4066
  2. 2. The OpportunityThe JOBS Act has eliminated the “general solicitation” marketing/advertisingrestrictions for most private funds and their advisors. For the first time since thebeginning of securities regulation in the United States, hedge funds, private equityfunds, and their managers can largely market just like mutual funds. Powerful ToolsThe best marketing reaches the widest audience of appropriate customers. Theexperience of mutual funds shows that casting that wide net directly correlates to anincrease in assets under management, regardless of fees, load, or even performance.The most powerful of these tools of broad reach also provide superior metrics ofeffectiveness because they are engaging and interactive: Television Commercials Online Video Mobile Web/Apps
  3. 3. The Complete Package• Discovery/Strategy/Concept Development – Marketing Goals, Existing platforms, Brand Positioning, Intended Message, Scripts, Storyboards, Treatments• Pre-Production and Design – Design Templates, Scheduling, Budgeting, Casting, Music Licensing, Art Direction & Set Design, Talent Negotiations, etc.• Production – Location or Studio Shooting, Direction of Talent, Models or Celebrity Talent, Beauty and Hero Product Cinematography, and much more• Post Production – Editorial, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Animation, Formatting and Replication• Distribution and Delivery – Media Planning – TV - Targeted Media Buys and Placement – Web/Mobile Placement or Release – Mobile Advertising
  4. 4. Advantages of Our Model• Targeting: Pinpoint your customers – Target attributes such as M34-60, Accredited Investor• Measurement: Eliminate waste and improve ROI – Click through and impression tracking, as high as 2% on mobile; Use promo codes, 800 numbers, and other technology to measure response and engagement from TV ads• Flexibility: Optimize quickly – Start with short period test buys and use data to change campaign direction if needed• Affordability: Starter packages available – Even TV placement is an option for any size company – Use short runs to launch product/service – Monetize web and mobile content with third party ad placement• Credibility: Improve Brand awareness – You can build brand prestige and credibility with TV and Web presence
  5. 5. The Impediment of Cost?Darian Capital Services and its partners are at the cutting edge ofreducing cost while delivering a quality product. Nevertheless,broadcast quality video and dynamic mobile and web apps can bebeyond the reach of some managers’ marketing budgets.Many of these same managers are invited on investment bankplatforms or service (and fee) rich “hedge fund hotels”, but they eachsuffer from:• Limited spots• Demands to change operating culture or portfolio behavior• Overall loss of control• No access to other platform revenue streams• Conflicts of interest that often favor the platform over the manager
  6. 6. ConceptSeveral complementary advisors/funds (e.g. The “Club Deal”commodities, L-S Asia, and L-S U.S.Healthcare) pool cost and efforts to Darian Capital Darian Capitalestablish a shared Fund of Funds (FoF) and TV TVmanager that allocates to their primary Services (Media and Services (Media andfunds. Back Office) Back Office)Benefits to Client• No need to alone suffer expense of high Internet Internetquality media campaign, with negotiable Club Capital Club Capitalcontribution, investment allocation, and exitterms. Management, LP Management, LP (Manager) (Manager)• Low-cost aid in establishing FoF,identifying “club” members, and outsourcedback office all provided by Darian CapitalServices. Club Capital, LP (FoF) Club Capital, LP (FoF) Client Investors Client Investors• Complete club control and ownership ofthe FoF as a platform and all its revenuestreams (including paid access by future“club” members).• Market individual fund/manager and theirperformance alongside the FoF platform. Client Client Client Client Client Client Fund Fund Fund Fund Fund Fund•Make the FoF a registered fund and reachthe retail market.
  7. 7. TV/Video Partner -Sam Khazaeni – Managing PartnerSam began his producing career in 1995 working on a variety of film andtelevision projects. From an early stage he gained an appreciation forthe commercial production industry; quickly establishing contacts andstarting a career of developing TV commercials with renowned adagencies like Ogilvy, Grey Worldwide, BBDO, Publicis, and McCann-Erickson among others. Over the years, he produced numerous projectsfor major brands such as Coca Cola, Adidas, Ford, AT&T, McDonald’sand Procter & Gamble. In 2009, recognizing the potential in newtechnologies and emerging markets, Sam and partner Andy Wehrspannfounded Think Tank Media, bringing together the combination of theirexperience, vision, and creativity with a track record of delivering highproduction value for all their clients.
  8. 8. TV/Video Partner -Andy Wehrspann – Creative ProducerAndy’s producing career spans over a decade while freelancing on topcommercial projects for various advertising agencies including: Deustch Inc.;BBDO; Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi; KBSP, and The Kaplan Thaler Group. In2008, Andy accepted an offer to head a creative marketing division forcommercial productions at NBC/Universal. While with NBC, Andy developedinnovative marketing concepts for new media content including: socialnetworking initiatives; seamless advertising; virals, blips and interactivemarketing Campaigns. In 2009 Andy partnered with Sam Khazaeni to manage thecreative team at Think Tank. Over the years, he provided production or creativeon numerous projects for major brands such as General Motors, Puma, andHonda.For more company information please visit thinktankmedia.tvFor a link to some representative work please click here
  9. 9. Apps and Mobile Web -Bardia Dejban – Managing DirectorGary Rudolph– Managing Director Bardia and Gary have been the in-house design and programming team behind the mobile strategies of recognizable finance, retail, and social network companies such as Intuit, eHarmony, and Citysearch. Since founding Lolay, Inc. several years ago, it has grown to over 10 employees in the United States and Canada and produces proprietary and corporate mobile apps and mobile web platforms to reach and engage potential customers, add automation, aid internal marketing teams to capture leads, or otherwise support a company’s overall new and traditional media campaigns. Their process is comprehensive from concept to design to monetization/user capture. Representative projects include those for ChromeRiver, My Life, eHarmony, and OpenTable. For more company information please visit
  10. 10. Legal and Regulatory Daryoush Niknejad, JD - Managing Member Daryoush Niknejad is the founder of Darian Capital Services, and is a investment advisory attorney who has served in-house and as outside counsel to registered investment advisors, venture capital firms, private equity firms, and broker-dealers. Most recently, he was Managing Director of Blue River Partners and its subsidiary, Steelbridge Compliance, where he filled the general counsel and chief compliance officer roles for numerous publicly registered and private fund managers, including BDCs, CLOs, and traditional hedge funds and private equity funds.  Prior to that, he was Associate General Counsel at Highland Capital Management, L.P., a multi-billion dollar investment advisor responsible for some of the world’s largest distressed asset funds, as well as various retail and private hedge funds, CLOs, and real estate funds.  While at Highland, he helped design, build-out, and test the firm’s compliance platform while also advising on derivatives trading, litigation management, and myriad strategic relationships and agreements.  Mr. Niknejad also served as Associate General Counsel at IP Navigation Group, LLC, a technology-focused private equity firm, where he was also General Counsel to its various portfolio companies.  While at IP Nav, he was the sole attorney responsible for technology licensing, due diligence, and regulatory compliance.He is a graduate of UCLA and the University of Texas School of Law, and a member of Texas and California bars.