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Pearl presentation d aryl villanueva


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Pearl presentation d aryl villanueva

  1. 1. The Pearl By: John Steinback Presented By: Daryl Villanueva
  2. 2. Author Info -Born on February, 27 1902 in California, Salinas. -He got the national book award of fiction -Received the Nobel for Literature in 1962
  3. 3. Plot/Summary Kino finds the pearl of the world while diving. The pearl changed everything for them; they thought they would live a good life but everything starts to fall into chaos.
  4. 4. Setting and Period -This book takes place in La Paz, Mexico. -Takes place around the 1940’s
  5. 5. Characters -Kino -Juan Thomas -The Doctor -Juanna -Coyotito -Trackers -Pearl buyers
  6. 6. Characters -Priest -The servant
  7. 7. Moral of the story -Don’t let anything get between you and you’re family. -Don’t be greedy. -You create your own fate
  8. 8. Additional Information -Book is only six chapters -The book was published in 1947 -Book is short -
  9. 9. Citations