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All about sucess

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. SUCCESS
  2. 2. What is success ? Success is not only about : Prestige Power Prosperity Position Pleasure
  3. 3. What is success ? Success is the progressive realization of all that you were meant to be and able to make a positive difference with your life for others
  4. 4. We need to become successful by: •Significantly helping to change the world •Making a difference through helping people around you to live more productive and meaningful lives •Changing our paradigm towards work because of the values that under gird your life
  5. 5. In Time Honored View of Work  Work becomes part of calling/vocation NOT just an occupation  It focuses more on giving INSTEAD of getting ( money, time off ,perks )  Vital and exciting place to be RATHER than a place to get the salary needed for life  An ennobling occupation, NOT a means to an end.
  6. 6. Some specific ways to reprogram our view of work as an act of significance and substance 1. Admit where you are in regard to your view toward work 2. Commit your self to be your best in every area both personally and professionally 3. Focus on using things and caring for people versus using people and caring for things 4. Keep learning and don’t stand still 5. Look for opportunities to serve others
  7. 7. To be successful : Be a MAXIMIZERS of life M - make things happen A - achieve personal significance X - x –out the negatives I - internalize right principles M - march to a mission I - integrate all of life Z - zero in on caring for people E - Energize internally R - re-align rigorously S - Stay with the course
  8. 8. Success is maximizing your impact on yourself and those around you. It depends on What you DO with YOU
  9. 9. Success built in commitment beliefs and attitudes is excellence
  10. 10. Excellence is not an ACT but a HABIT Basically, habits are a combination of three things : •Desire •Knowledge •Skills
  11. 11. Two major skills needed to be developed and cultivated in order to succeed •Work hard Without work, all life becomes rotten but with work and hard effort, life becomes meaningful and exciting •Develop right habits a. ask why you want to build a particular habit b. practice c. develop a feedback mechanism, monitor your growth through a chart
  12. 12. As year 2008 is about to end and as we face 2009, let us build U - uplift one another N - need one another I - intimately relate to one another T - trust one another Y - yield to one another Be a person of substance for others Be a MAXIMIZERS