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Kelso parent coffee


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Looking at ways to empower parents and students to recognize their feelings and manage their reactions.

Published in: Education
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Kelso parent coffee

  1. 1. Parent Coffee, November 28, 2014 Kelso in Action - Resolving Conflict at RIS
  2. 2. Program Goals: ● To help young people learn a lifelong conflict resolution tool. ● To help young people develop and sustain the belief that they are brave enough, strong enough and smart enough to resolve their own minor problems.
  3. 3. We begin with 2 main ideas: 1. Small problems vs Big problems - small problems are SAFE. Big problems are UNSAFE. 2. Verbal and Nonverbal solutions. DIFFUSE EMOTION first!!
  4. 4. The Kelso Wheel and Video
  5. 5. Non Verbal Solutions 1. Wait and Cool off: Calming down - take deep breaths, count back, think calming thoughts, positive self talk. 2. Walk Away 3. Go to another game 4. Ignore it - purposeful body language
  6. 6. Verbal Solutions - Teaching the language of problem solving 1. Talk it over 2. Make a deal 3. Share and take turns 4. Tell them to Stop 5. Apologize
  7. 7. Talk it over …. __________ I feel ________ when ___________. I need __________. “I Care” language.
  8. 8. Make a Deal and Share Kids know what to do! Empower your children to solve small problems!! 1. Rock, Paper, Scissors 2. Setting a timer 3. Allowing for creative solutions - kids can try!
  9. 9. Tell them to STOP… Important lesson! 1. Body language, tone of voice 2. Expectation that the student is listening - CHECK! 3. I CARE messages!!! 4. Wait for a response…..
  10. 10. Apologize - WORDS AND ACTIONS _____________, I am sorry that I _______. If I feel like this again, I plan to _____________. Is there anything I can do for you now?
  11. 11. Kelso “rap” up.
  12. 12. Questions? Thank you! Crystal Ellis, School Counselor