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  1. 1. PICTURE SMART The Theory of Multiple Intelligences was proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983 as a new model for understanding how people learn. Picture Smart or Spatial Intelligence is one of them. Picture-smart learners are skilled at visualization. They can re-create visual experiences of people, places and objects that are no longer physically present. They can also manipulate what they see in their mind’s eye, and tend to think 3-dimensionally. This can mean zooming in or out, seeing from different angles, or somehow changing the mental picture by adding, subtracting or transforming elements of it. These skills can also make it easier to give directions, follow directions, and read maps accurately. This intelligence may or may not relate to a person’s artistic abilities. Not all people who are spatially intelligent are artists, however most artists will possess this intelligence.
  2. 2. LOGO QUIZ The objective of this activity is to find out how spatially intelligent the students in the class are. Group the class into 4 groups. Every group will be given a sheet of paper for the Logo Quiz activity. There are 20 questions/logos each group should identify. The group that has the most number of correct logos within 2 minutes is the winner.