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Empathize and define


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The assignment for Design Thinking Lab, Stanford University on-line Course

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Empathize and define

  1. 1. By Darya Skilyazhneva For Design Thinking Action Lab
  2. 2. Stakeholder  A guy, 34 y.o.  A family man, has 2 kids  Hard worker, professional  Wants to learn Spanish  Wants to change his job
  3. 3. Say  I am looking for a team of professionals who speaks the same language as I do.  I have 2 kids and cannot leave my wife as the only one person who brings money and pay the bills.  I need to improve my Spanish  I need to earn more money  I think maybe in October I will get a new job finally..  I want to have stability and be sure that I won’t lose the new job the day after I come.
  4. 4. Do  I am working for a subcontracting company  Right now I am in a passive search..  I have uploaded my resume on headhunter’s site and waiting for responses.  I learn Spanish right now  I'm looking for a company where I can contribute and grow in a team-oriented environment.
  5. 5. Think  He thinks that if he learns Spanish he will get a biiger salary  He thinks that in October he will get a new job finally..  I am Dad and hard-worker at the same time  I need more money but I also need more time to spend with my family  I need stability in every day
  6. 6. Feel  He feels that he is responsible for the fmily and cannot leave his wife as the only one person who brings money  He is afraid of new challenges and changes  He isn’t quite sure about “tomorrow”  He is frustrated about his career as he is not quite familiar with market situation and his future position
  7. 7. Problem Statement A family man, diffident, doubting, a bit pessimistic, very polite, with a big heart Needs to learn Spanish and find a new job with a bigger salary and career opportunities He needs stability in the future, career growth, pay the bills, spend more time with the family Needs a way to Because Stakeholder Need Insight
  8. 8. Insights  He is very diffident guy who cannot decide what’s more important: a family or a new job  He started to answer my questions very enthusiastically but when I started to ask more why questions to make him talk more on his opinion he didn’t know what to answer, because he didn’t have a plan at all  The questions about his future job frustrated him completely