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Policy & Advocacy Strategy Consulting 1 Pager


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This gives a brief overview of how KAAG can help organizations with their policy and advocacy strategy for change in laws.

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Policy & Advocacy Strategy Consulting 1 Pager

  1. 1. To get started, schedule a consultation at POLICY & ADVOCACY CONSULTING “Developing strategies TODAY for an effective TOMORROW” The Problem You are an organization that KNOWS that you want to influence local, state and federal policies but don’t know how to get started or the most effective way of doing so. The Solution Work with KAAG to develop a written advocacy plan, develop procedures for implementation and train staff and individuals on the best practices to implement that plan. • A written advocacy plan will help guide the organization towards it's goals and hold others responsible for meeting metrics and benchmarks. STEP 1: Develop a written advocacy plan. • Training a team of people on the best way to influence law makers based on your specific objectives, the subject area, level of government, local, etc. will help your organization be the MOST effective in it's efforts. STEP 2: Train on the "best practices" for influencing law makers. • Increase effectiveness through numbers, resources, financial support and influence by strategically partnering with organizations similarly aligned with your policy initiatives. Step 3: Determine what other organizations you can partner with to increase effectiveness.