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Policy & Advocacy 1 Pager


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This gives an overview of the problem and the solution that we can provide to organizations that want to advocate for change.

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Policy & Advocacy 1 Pager

  1. 1. To get started, contact us: * (404) 919-0660 * POLICY & ADVOCACY STRATEGY The Problems ➢ Most organizations don’t have on-going advocacy opportunities to help their members’ keep up with local, state and federal policy initiatives or to advocate for getting involved in the process (voting, volunteering, advocating). ➢ Some organizations want to expand their influence in politics but don’t know how to get started. Q1:Whatdoyoudoduring“non-election”yearswhenthere arestillpoliticalissuesthatneed attention? Q2:How doorganizationsexpand theirpoliticalinfluencetoaffectpolicyand create change? The Solution ➢ Organizations must never stop speaking up and out and providing information to the public. A1:Youstayinvolvedthroughevents,trainingsandadvocacyplans onaconsistentbasis. A2:Youattractpoliticalinfluencerswithcommunity involvement(events,support,etc.) • Let us plan an event that provides information on a certain issue or topic with the stakeholders YOU want in the room. We EVENT PLAN. • We have a team of people that can research just about any political topic and present it to your organization. If you want to turn the presentation into a more “hands on” workshop or training, we can do that as well for an in-depth examination of your particular issue or issues. We SPEAK & TRAIN. • We work with your internal team to come up with a strategy for advocating for or against a particular issue on the local, state or federal level. This includes providing resources and on-going advice. We STRATEGIZE.