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Kaag Externship


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Legal Fellowship

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Kaag Externship

  1. 1. Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group, LLC Job Title: KAAG Fellow Job Category: Legal Internship/Fellowship HR Contact: La’Toya Richardson (404) 919-0660 Date Posted: October 2020 Start Date: November 15th , 2020 Deadline to Apply: October 30th , 2020 About KAAG: KAAG is a national capital compliance law firm and investment advisory firm ® in Georgia dedicated to guiding minority & female owned founders through the capital raising process & providing investment strategies to individuals and organizations to achieve their financial goals. More information about us and Dar’shun Kendrick at Objective: This will be an opportunity for law students or lawyer to immerse themselves in the transactional practice of private securities law and gain business experience running a small practice in this area of law. DUTIES ➢ Assisting with preparing documents for filing with the required federal or state agencies ➢ Researching and keeping KAAG up to date with rules and orders from the S.E.C. ➢ Helping prepare clients for capital raises ➢ Assisting with partnerships with affiliate groups and organizations to help serve our clients REQUIREMENTS ➢ Extremely self-motivated and high achiever ➢ Highly organized & thorough ➢ Can deal effectively with a fast pace, high stress environment ➢ Have daily access to a computer, internet and suite of Microsoft programs like Word, PowerPoint and Excel ➢ Possesses EXCELLENT communication skills ➢ Possesses GREAT follow up skills ➢ Interested in capital markets (securities law) as demonstrated by classes you have taken or outside activities you are involved in ➢ Must be sensitive and appreciate our work around closing the racial wealth gap in America ADDITIONAL NOTES This position will be temporary for the 1st 90 days to re-evaluate relationship and work will be done directly. HOW TO APPLY: 1. Send resume and 1 page statement of your support to closing the racial wealth gap AND why you are interested in an externship with us to by November 15th , 2020. Put "KAAG Externship" in the subject line.