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Investor Relations Management Service Offering


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This is one of KAAG's service offering related to individuals interested in starting investment groups and other investment type services we offer.

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Investor Relations Management Service Offering

  1. 1. To get started, book a consultation at INVESTOR RELATIONS MANAGEMENT We provide access to all to capital market strategy and legal compliance in a way that makes sense for the normal investor or growing company. “Providing Everyone Access to Capital Markets” The Problem You are an individual or a group of individuals that know that you want to invest in a particular industry or particular founders but don’t know how to get started or navigate the arduous and complicated legal compliance process involved in investment decisions. Our Solution KAAG provides legal and business guidance from the BEGINNING (our first initial chat about what you want to do) to END (when you are actually investing). And even beyond as General Counsel if so desired. Our Results KAAG started Georgia Minority Investment Collaborative, Inc. or “GMIC” which currently has the subscribed 50 maximum shareholders that invest in cannabis and hemp related minority owned businesses throughout the United States. •No. The 1st 20 minute phone call is FREE. We do charge for in person meetings. Is there a charge for the initial consultation? •No. Just at least you and one other person interested in starting an investment group. Once hired, we discuss how you can build your membership in your group. Do I need a lot of people to get started? •It's just an initial $1,000 to get started. This includes the 1 hour initial consulting & set up fee, all the marketing material to get started and on-going advice for the "3 month" membership recruitment period. How much money do I need upfront? •Depends on your investment group goals, industry, membership goal, etc. But on-going fees are paid by incoming members to your investment group. How much are on-going fees? •Yes. We can discuss if you want or need those services during our 1 hour initial consultation. Are your investment advice services charged separately?