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General Investment Group (GIG) FAQ Sheet


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This answers the most common questions about joining a GIG, what it means, costs, benefits and services involved. For 2020, GIGs are focused on BLACK FOUNDERS, TECHNOLOGY AND REAL ESTATE.

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General Investment Group (GIG) FAQ Sheet

  1. 1. Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group, LLC (404) 919-0660 A #WeOwn Initiative This is an initiative of KAAG to facilitate access to capital markets for historically disadvantaged communities by using group economics to leverage strength and power to create OWNERSHIP in opportunities and wealth generating vehicles. Q1: What is a General Investment Group? (GIG) A1: This is an investment group that is made up of people that do not know one another initially and put together by KAAG. For 2020, the 3 groups are BLACK FOUNDERS, TECHNOLOGY AND REAL ESTATE. ______________________________________________________________________ Q2: What is the initial fee to join a GIG? A2: The initial fee is $500.00 per person. Couples are 2 people for purposes of joining a GIG. _____________________________________________________________________ Q3: What happens after I join a GIG? A3: Your fee will be held in a KAAG trust account. KAAG will conduct a campaign to see who else is interested in joining your GIG based on the industry that you choose. IF and ONLY IF you receive five (5) paid interests into the GIG will the investment group be formed with the five (5) members as the founders. If there is no paid interest after a certain period of time, your fee is refunded immediately. Q4: What does the initial fee from the founders of $2,500.00 include? A4: 1. Initial in person meeting with Founders to decide on scope (education or investments), fee, target audience, targeted number of subscribers, etc. To come up with Founders Vision Document 2. Name reservation for entity with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office 3. Flier drafted to send to networks to solicit membership along with Founders Vision Document 4. Commitment to an "Interest call" with those interested in joining group and 5. Optional in person meeting with those interested in joining group
  2. 2. Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group, LLC (404) 919-0660 ______________________________________________________________________ Q5: How much do members to your IG investment group pay? A5: It depends on your number of desired subscribers and which of our services you want after reaching your desired number of members. The minimum amount for our services are $10,000 for the initial set up of the organization, board elections, bylaws and shareholder agreement. (NOTE: All membership fees are paid directly to KAAG and deposited directly into a trust account and a credit given to the organization.) _____________________________________________________________________ Q6: What happens to KAAG’s participation once your IG gets the required number of shareholders? A6: It would it depend on how much funding is collected above the $10,000 minimum. Our billing rate is $350.00 per hour and we provide all business, legal and investment advisory services for an organization. ______________________________________________________________________ Q7: What happens to the venture if the IG does NOT get the desired number of shareholders? A7: The group can continue to form and we can renegotiate a “Phase II” solicitation process based on the funds that you have now. ______________________________________________________________________ Q8: Do I have to be an “accredited investor” ($1MM net worth minus primary residence or income of $200,000 or more a year) to join a GIG? A8: No. The whole purpose of these groups and KAAG is to provide EVERYONE access to capital markets. However, there may be some opportunities you won’t be able to participate in unless you meet the “accredited investor” or “sophisticated investor” standards. ______________________________________________________________________ Q9: Does Dar’shun provide investment advice to organizations? A9: We provide market reporting and investment advice without holding custody of funds. A separate investment advisory contract is drafted for that part of our services. ______________________________________________________________________ Q10: What do I need to do to get started? A10: Visit the webpage to get started.