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From A to Z Series_How to Raise Capital_Detailed Overview


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This 1 page provides a detailed overview of the 10 part webinar series on how to raise capital to stay in business and out of trouble with federal, state and local agencies that oversee this very regulated area of law. Questions? Email us at

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From A to Z Series_How to Raise Capital_Detailed Overview

  1. 1. Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group Presents A 10 Part Series: From A to Z to Raise Capital 1. What is Raising Capital?- What are we talking about when someone is raising capital vs. reward based capital raising? What are the regulatory requirements to be compliant? 2. Types of Capital and Ways to Raise- There many different types of capital and ways to raise capital? Which is right for you or is a mix better for your company? 3. Where do I find money?- Once you have your financial strategy, now it’s time to know where to look. 4. Elements of a PPM- This is a legal, regulated document. Find out why it’s needed, what’s in it and how it can help you reach your capital raising goals if done right. 5. Composing the “Dream Team”- Management is the no. 1 reason investors will or won’t invest. Find out who should be on your team to increase your chances of success. 6. What do investors want and what should you want in an investor?- Every investor is different but there are some general principles to tailor your pitch towards to make the best impression. 7. Tackling “pain points” during the process- Raising capital is a rough and tough process. Obtain general tips for handling unexpected crisis BEFORE they happen. 8. After the raise- You have raised (or not raised) all the money you wanted for your company. Now what? The compliance doesn’t end. 9. OPEN- *Based on the participants, a topic will be chosen for this class OR an open class for Q & A in general or a panel.
  2. 2. Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group 10. What Next?- Now that the class is over, what are the next steps to continue on your capital raising journey.