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Financial Friends of KAAG List (March 12th, 2020)


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This is the official list of those that have signed up to be a Financial Friend of KAAG.

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Financial Friends of KAAG List (March 12th, 2020)

  1. 1. Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group, LLC (KAAG) * * “Providing Everyone Access to Capital Markets” 1 | P a g e Financial Friends of KAAG Disclaimer: By downloading and/or using this list, you agree to and understand the following: KAAG has not endorsed or vetted any of the providers below. The information included below has been self-reported by each of the individuals and entities on a publicly available form. KAAG is not responsible for any loss or harm that accrues out of use, misuse or not any of these providers. You understand that you will need to conduct your own due diligence on any of these providers as this list is for information purposes only. **If you would like a VETTED and ENDORSED list, you will need to sign up for membership for our CTG program on our webpage.** 1. Sidney Divine * (404) 937-7459 Services: Financial Life Planning ➢ How to Get Out of Debt ➢ Budgeting/Savings ➢ Investment Advice ➢ Financial Life Planning “We deliver our clients into the lives they want and deserve to live!” 2. Melissa Preston, CPA/MBA * (404) 217-1742 * Twitter/Facebook: Prestoncpa Services: We are an accounting firm specializing in wealth and business growth. We are uniquely hands on with our clients and our mission is replace anxiety surrounding financial issues and replace with unwavering confidence. ➢ How to Get Out of Debt ➢ Budgeting/Savings ➢ Auditing ➢ Taxes ➢ Accounting
  2. 2. Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group, LLC (KAAG) * * “Providing Everyone Access to Capital Markets” 2 | P a g e “We are accessible and friendly. We are patience [sic] with our clients because we care that they understand every step of the way.” 3. Rhonda Robinson * (770) 337-8738 Services: Financial Solutions Services ➢ How to Get Out of Debt ➢ Investment Advice ➢ Taxes ➢ Credit ➢ Shifting Income from W2 to 1099 and ➢ Self/Land Banking “Unlimited certified expert access and advice” 4. LaMont McIntosh * (770) 818-0700 *On LinkedIn Services: Comprehensive Financial Services Provider ➢ Investment Advice “My approach is holistic when helping clients identify their overall financial objectives. I start with discovery on prospective clients’ experiences with finances. Ascertain their thoughts of money and wealth accumulation. I assist potential clients with disclosing what’s most important to them and their families.” 5. Christopher Seabrook * (770) 392-0724 Services: Comprehensive planning services ➢ Insurance ➢ Investment Advice “I am a unique service provider because I focused on client education. My goal is to make sure clients don’t have to wait until claims time to find out how their policies work. On the retirement side, I work with clients to help them understand risk and the resources that are available before, during and after retirement. We also participate in workshops throughout the year.” 6. Markell Bryant * (770) 513-2131
  3. 3. Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group, LLC (KAAG) * * “Providing Everyone Access to Capital Markets” 3 | P a g e Services: Serving individual and small business owners with their long term plans ➢ Investment Advice 7. Rod Parham, CLU * (678) 613-6564 *On Facebook Services: Prudential Advisors ➢ Budgeting/Savings ➢ Investment Advice ➢ Annuity and Insurance Vehicles “Comprehensive Financial Advisor 24 years experience.” 8. Adam Tolliver * (404) 210-9311 Services: Premium financial services firm dedicated to providing an exception client experience and a technically sophisticated approach ➢ Budgeting/Savings ➢ Investment Advice ➢ Financial Planning ➢ Retirement Planning ➢ Risk Management “Two advisor practice with one advisor focus in female breadwinners and other in Business succession and exit strategy planning.” 9. Shameka Burrell * (678) 608-2329 Services: Accounting company that specializes in bookeeping for small businesses and well as financial literary/workshops ➢ How to Get Out of Debt ➢ Budgeting/Savings ➢ Accounting “Our service is unique because we specialize in helping building successful individuals and businesses at the same time.” 10. George Arrivas * (408) 283-3056
  4. 4. Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group, LLC (KAAG) * * “Providing Everyone Access to Capital Markets” 4 | P a g e Services: Wealth management ➢ Budgeting/Savings ➢ Investment Advice ➢ Finding Companies Capital 11. Keith R. Miles * (770) 817-7366 Services: Law Firm ➢ Estate planning (Trusts, wills, POAs, advanced directive) “Also practice Elder law (special needs trusts, medicaid) 12. Desarie Anderson * (404) 300-3175 * Services: Certified Public Accounting Firm ➢ How to Get Out of Debt ➢ Budgeting/Savings ➢ Taxes ➢ Accounting “I am honest, straightforward, and I genuinely care about my clients.” 13. Wayne Johnson, PA * (954) 998-2490 Services: Commercial real estate and investment services firm, specializing in healthcare and multifamily ➢ Find companies capital ➢ Exit planning ➢ Business brokerage “Our firm specializes in healthcare and multifamily investment properties.” 14. Jeanie Adkins * (202) 796-5031 and on social media under “Investor Protection Trust”
  5. 5. Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group, LLC (KAAG) * * “Providing Everyone Access to Capital Markets” 5 | P a g e Services: Independent non-profit organization that advances investor protection by conducting and supporting unbiased research and groundbreaking education programs. ➢ Budgeting/Savings ➢ Investment Advice ➢ Investor education and investor protection “We provide unbiased, noncommericial and independent information and complimentary toolkits through programs….and also work with several partners through programs.” 15. Chloe Moore * (770) 742-8609 Services: Comprehensive, fee only financial planning firm based in Atlanta and serving clients nationwide. We are dedicated to helping clients align their finances with their values and purpose so they can live their greatest lives. ➢ Investment advice ➢ Comprehensive financial planning (insurance, estate planning, taxes, retirement, company benefits, etc.) “I am a fee-only certified financial planner (no commissions or product sales). In addition to providing comprehensive financial planning and investment management services, I also provide recommendations to outside advisors (accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, etc.) I have extensive knowledge in stock compensation for both public and private companies.” 16. Rashedia Mayhane * (404) 913-5737 Services: Financial Freedom is to equip low and middle income individuals with the financial tools to help them success financially, live life more abundantly and create generational wealth. We are a non- profit organization dedicated to bridging the wealth gap and promoting the importance of financial planning and literacy. “Greenchips does not sell financial products. Instead, we give you a road map and charge a small fee for personalized coaching.” 17. Rudy James , Jr. * (917) 535-5370 Services: Alternative lending for businesses looking for additional working capital. ➢ We find companies capital ➢ Credit card processing “Business owners that are turned down by traditional due to low credit score we can work with.”
  6. 6. Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group, LLC (KAAG) * * “Providing Everyone Access to Capital Markets” 6 | P a g e 18. B. Donovan Golden * (404) 682-9605 Services: A wide range of insurance and financial products. ➢ Investment advice ➢ Auto, Home and Life insurance “We are able to not only provide a financial plan for clients but our system allows for ones insurance products to be in correlation with their investments all under one umbrella.” 19. Sibyl S. Slade * (770) 283-9574 Services: Comprehensive financial planning for small business owners and professionals. ➢ Budgeting/Savings ➢ Investment advice ➢ Retirement plans ➢ Succession plans “[We] provide concierge level services to first generation business owners and professionals.” 20. Eric Billingslea * 1-800-544-5315 Ext. 54695 Services: Customized planning, advice and investment management ➢ Investment advice “Best online broker by Investor’s Business Daily” 21. Homer Caravan (Xan) * (251) 609-2634 Services: Strategic Capital Consulting Firm/Private banker/Private Equity firm ➢ We find companies capital ➢ Oversite and capital management “Must be legal, fair, balanced, equitable and ethical. We also contract underwrite and have a heavy involve due diligence documentation process.” 22. Camille Pacht * (678) 938-1602 Services: Budgeting, Strategic planning and business valuation ➢ Budgeting/Savings
  7. 7. Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group, LLC (KAAG) * * “Providing Everyone Access to Capital Markets” 7 | P a g e ➢ Budgeting Strategic Planning ➢ Business Valuation “I help companies with budgeting and strategic planning services with a focus on building business valuation.” 23. Darryl Cavitt *(972) 821-6673 Services: Private Equity Firm ➢ Taxes ➢ Accounting ➢ Finding companies capital “We our a full service entrepreneurial company and we understand the concept of collaboration and team work. Therefore we're going to a high touch firm with deep analysis.” 24. Amber Robinson * Services: Edward Jones Investment Company ➢ How to Get out Of Debt ➢ Budgeting/Savings ➢ Investment Advice “Active Duty Navy Veteran, current Navy Reserve member, one of the 17% female advisors in the United stated financial industry. Being African American I can guide and relate to the African American community.” 25. Jason Murray * (404) 9569497 Services: Independent Full Service Financial Agency ➢ How To Get Out of Debt ➢ Budgeting/Savings ➢ Investment Advice “I work with individuals regardless of their income level or financial resources level.” 26. Harlequin Murray * (404) 216-9955 Services Offered: Business Funding ➢ Finding companies capital
  8. 8. Kendrick Advisory & Advocacy Group, LLC (KAAG) * * “Providing Everyone Access to Capital Markets” 8 | P a g e “We have over 40 providers, so we are able to find the best offer for our clients. No application fees and no obligation. We typically fund in less than a week, sometimes in one day. FICO score of 500+ required. Equipment financing available as well.” 27.