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Business Development Consulting 1 Pager


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This gives a brief overview of how KAAG can help with business development strategy.

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Business Development Consulting 1 Pager

  1. 1. To get started, book a consultation at BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING “Developing strategies TODAY for an effective TOMORROW” Your Problem You want to expand your client base and grow your revenue. However, it’s hard to do so when you must focus on servicing your existing, revenue-generating clients (as you should!) Our Solution Strategize with KAAG to leverage existing contacts while developing a plan to slowly expand to new clients. We will even help you with implementation so you can continue to focus on your existing, revenue generating clients. •We find creative and engaging ways to leverage your current contacts to get them EXCITED about sending you new business. How can you effectively reach out to your current contacts for referrals? •We will evaluate your current digital media (social media, enewsletter, SMS) plan to see if you are taking full advantage of the latest technology to constantly push your message to the right audiences. Are you currently using your digital media to the best of your ability? •We connect you with organizations and individuals that are aligned with your focus and mission so that you can create mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. Who should you be connecting with in your community to partner with and be of service?