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Ici project 1B brief


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Ici project 1B brief

  1. 1. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING & DESIGN Research Unit for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia Foundation in Natural and Build Environment (FNBE) Introduction to the Construction Industry [QSB30105] Prerequisite: None Lecturers: Hasmanira Mokhtar, Jaqurliyn Ann See Peng _____________________________________________________________________ Project 1B (Group and Individual) Profession in construction industry – Building Teams: Identifying their specific roles 30% (30% Group, Individual performance based on peer assessment) Submission date – 28th April 2015 • To enable students to develop an understanding of the building team, its organization, their duties, responsibilities and the inter-relationship within which they will seek employment, career progression or further study. • To develop an awareness of their professional responsibilities and to appreciate their profession in the construction industry. • To assess the students understanding on the general construction process from the sketch plan to completion of a building and introduce the scope of work handled by the players involved. • Explain and illustrate structures of organizations and the team involved in the construction industry. • Explain the roles and responsibilities of the entities touching briefly the legal and contractual procedures and impact. •
  2. 2. • Ability to document their observations and understanding from interview session and research resources as well as to communicate in a systematic and convincing booklet.
  3. 3. • CD which includes the video recording of the interview and softcopy of your magazine in PDF format • An A5 sized, colored and printed magazine • The magazine should be 8 – 12 pages • Submission date : 28th . April 2015