File center professional 8 [download]


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File center professional 8 [download]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - FileCenter Professional 8 [Download]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeatureStore any file from any program andqdouble-clicking a file in FileCenter will open the filein its native application.Integrated OCR (text recognition) is a seamlessqpart of the scanning process - as the scan comesin, FileCenter runs OCR on each page and insertsthe text invisibly in the resulting PDF.Scan new documents and convert old scans &qfaxes to searchable PDF for true digital documentsShare electronic document cabinets on yourqnetwork or the InternetOpen, view, edit, highlight or annotate PDF filesqRead moreqProduct DescriptionView Larger
  2. 2. View LargerFileCenter is the award-winning paperless office software youve been hearing about. Are you trying tointegrate scanning into your business? Do you need to organize your office files on the network? Or are yousimply a home user who wants to tame those piles of paper? You wont find an easier solution than FileCenter!And while FileCenter is simple to implement, it still delivers powerful features that will streamline and simplifythe way you work.FileCenter FeaturesScanThe biggest speed bump to the paperless office has always been scanning ... until now. Use FileCenter to movepaper to fully searchable PDF in just a mouse click. Move documents, letters, receipts, and business cards toyour PC as fast as your scanner can pull them through. FileCenter excels at trimming extra effort out ofscanning. A couple of mouse clicks is all it takes to scan, name, and file away your important documents.OrganizeHome user? Business user? Enterprise user? It makes no difference. Everyone deals with computer files – lots ofthem. Use FileCenter to manage scans and PC files in a way that makes sense – electronic file cabinets. Bringall of your existing files into FileCenter instantly – no messy imports, no conversions. Then enjoy thoughtfulfeatures to speed up the way you work, like suggested file names, reusable folder layouts, and a quick previewfeature for most kinds of files. Prefer doing things the Windows way? Not a problem. FileCenter includes anExplorer view and ways to see just "slices" of your file system for quicker access.EditPDF has become the standard for sharing and archiving files. Thats why FileCenter fully embraces PDF andbends over backwards to make PDF easy for any user. FileCenter includes a powerful PDF editor, which meansyou can open and view your PDFs right in the program. Do you add notes, stamps, highlights, or annotations toyour PDFs? Fill out PDF forms? Digitally sign or encrypt PDFs? Youll do it without leaving the program. Thatsconvenience.FeaturesScan: Go from paper to searchable PDF in a single mouse click. Scanning important documents has neverbeen easier ... or faster.Organize: Manage your files in a way that makes sense: electronic file cabinets. Organize all of your scansand computer files.PDF: PDF is the standard. Make them, manipulate them, and use them in FileCenter. Our built-in editor andwizards make it a snap.OCR: Make scans, faxes and other documents fully searchable. Or pull the text from a paper document intoWord.Preview: When all you need is a quick glimpse, preview the file without opening it. As fast and easy asthumbing through documents.
  3. 3. Share: Share cabinets on the office network or float them onto the cloud. And enjoy the robust Windows filesecurity youre already used to.FileCenter EditionsFeature Standard ProfessionalElectronic File Cabinets X XScanning X XOpen or View PDFs X XAdd PDF Comments, Annotations, Stamps, etc. X XFile Preview X XMake Searchable PDFs X XFile Name & Folder Templates X XBasic OCR Engine X XHigh Accuracy OCR Engine XScan to Word XAutomatic Separation & Routing XPDF Printer XConvert to PDF XPDF Joining, Splitting, etc. XFile Search XOrganize Outlook E-mail Together with Files XOrganize Files by Outlook Contact XNetwork Administration XRead moreYou May Also LikeQuicken Deluxe 2013 [Download]