Comi po! [download]


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Comi po! [download]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - ComiPo! [Download]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeatureDrag and Drop to Create Original MangaqEasily Create, Style, and Pose CharactersqSelect from Over 200 Included Scenes or Add YourqOwnOver 100 Poses and Faces to Choose FromqHuge Community of Users and Content AvailableqOnlineRead moreqProduct DescriptionJust Drag and Drop to Create Original Manga With hundreds of ways to style your 3D characters, text andbackgrounds, ComiPo! will put your imagination on panels. Just choose from five preset 3D characters, select apose and face, and choose which angle you’d like to see your character from. It’s as easy as point-and-click.There are over 100 poses and faces to choose from, 50 different frame sets, 100 effect lines, 100 different wordand thought balloons, 300 comic marks and 1,000 different sound effects. Also included are more than 200background images, although you can import your own images as well Easily Create, Pose, and StyleCharacters and Scenes ComiPo!’s character models are 3D data, so you can pose them as you like. You canalso create your own original characters easily. From hairstyles and clothing to accessories and eye color,reflect your true creativity through your own manga creations. Now you can create manga art simply by using amouse (though you’ll need the keyboard if you want text). Combine your inspiration and ideas with simplemousing to create your own high-quality comics. Point, click, drag and drop your way to manga! With ComiPoyou can save a lot of time and never need to worry about spilling the ink on your hard work! Read more