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Blended Search



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Blended Search

  1. 1. BLENDED SEARCH OPTIMIZATION Presented by: Darren Vrede
  2. 2. WHAT IS BLENDED SEARCH ANYWAYS? Blended search is when you get a mixture of results in the SERPS. Before blended search users had to click on a different tab to view results other than just normal listings.
  3. 3. Interesting fact The first search engine to introduce blended search was showed different results on the right hand side of their results pages. With improving relevance and already great results page perfectly tailored for blended search, one needs to wonder where Ask will stand in the market share in the next couple of years
  4. 4. What kind of results can you see in blended results?
  5. 5. Images
  6. 6. Images Be original • images that are already all over the internet will not be good ones to try an optimize for again. Try to use new images that is unique to your site Content matches the images • make sure you content is optimized with keywords related to the images on that page. •Use keywords in you image filenames •Give the image support with surrounding text(like you would do with anchor text) •Use tagging •Use images that are the right size and of good quality.
  7. 7. Videos Tagging videos properly and uploading them to these 3 major video sites will get it showing up in search engines for your keywords.
  8. 8. News Millions of people read the news everyday and if your site has up to date news about your industry they will be ranking in no time. A press release on your site could also show up in Google’s news results.
  9. 9. Blogs Blogging is a great way to get your content into search engines quickly. If your blog is well optimized you content will be ranking a few hours.
  10. 10. What kind of results can you see in blended results? Along with all the previous results mentioned, you could also find: 1. Pdf’s 2. Local search results 3. Book results 4. Product search(formerly know as Froogle) 5. Movie search 6. Music search 7. Map search 8. Health search 9. Celebrity search 10. Job search 11. Recipe search 12. Financial / Stock search (Google finance) 13. People search 14. Comparison search
  11. 11. Some blended search stats
  12. 12. Some blended search stats
  13. 13. Some blended search stats
  14. 14. Why you want to be on first page results! 68% of users only click on results in the first page of SERPs 49% of users will change their search query after they have not found what they are looking for after the 3rd page 37% of users look at the top results in the search engine as the leaders in that field. Being on the first page in the search engines is vital, whether your site is ranking for images, videos, blogs, news or normal results.
  15. 15. The end of SEO?? Many people have asked if blended/universal search is the end of SEO. In fact, this just makes SEO more interesting. Now SEO’s have many more angles that they can promote a business with. This will even make webmaster change their site to make it more user friendly and add some life with richer web content. All you content must be collected and you should decide from there what other types of results you can use for your business.