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Content Marketing Media Plan


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Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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Content Marketing Media Plan

  1. 1. onte C B edia ing M rket t Ma n ll Tunsta n y Darre
  2. 2. Darren Tunstall I am a #1 Bestseller on Amazon for my book on Social Media, Real Estate Sales, and Web 2.0. In months, I generated approximately $5 million dollars in closed real estate transactions. I did this through blogging and social media. I can help you do the same regardless of the industry.
  3. 3. Statistics !   Almost 8 new people come onto the internet every 8 seconds. !   200,000 out of 300,000 Americans are on the do not call list. !   44% of direct mail is never opened !   The average budget for a blog and social media has nearly tripled in 3 years.
  4. 4. More Statistics !   57% of marketers acquired customers from blogging. !   44% of marketers acquired customers from Twitter. !   70% of links that search users click on are organic – Not Paid Advertisement. !   75% of search engine users never scroll past the first page.
  5. 5. Even More Stats !   63% of companies using social media say it has increased marketing effectiveness—among other benefits. !   61% of US marketers use social media to increase lead generation. !   46% of people read blogs more than once/day.
  6. 6. FACTS !   The more keyword-rich content you generate, the more the search engines will find (and love) you. !   Businesses that blog ≥ 20 times per month get 5 times more traffic than those who blog ≤ to 4 times per month. !   Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links than those who don’t.
  7. 7. The Bottom Line !   If Google (or other search engines) can’t find you, neither will anyone else.
  8. 8. Content Marketing Media Plan !   I created the content marketing media plan because there many people who want to do business online, but they don’t because of two reasons: 1.  They don’t know how. 2.  They are overwhelmed with the Internet, especially social media sites.
  9. 9. Organized and Useful !   I’ve come to the conclusion that the Internet really hasn’t changed much. We just have better graphics now. !   Search engines want information that is organized and useful so that end-users can enjoy it. !   Search engines will index pages and you will get found. Like anything, you just need to do a little upfront work.
  10. 10. My Goal !   It is my goal to help you build an online presence and distribute your brand without spending tons of money on advertising.
  11. 11. Purpose of A Media Schedule !   A content marketing media schedule is important to your business. There are three things to include: !   Frequency of Distribution !   Social Media Channels !   Categories and Sub-categories
  12. 12. Frequency of Distribution !   Blog frequency impacts customer acquisition. !   The frequency of distribution is how often you distribute content to your network. There are three levels of frequency: !   Conservative !   Moderate !   Aggressive
  13. 13. Conservative Frequency of Distribution !   A conservative frequency of distribution means that you will plan to slowly and consistently release content on the web with minimal online presence. For example, !   1 Article Per Week !   1 Excerpt Article After Every 5 Articles !   2 Blog Comments Per Week !   1 Video Per Week !   1 Press Release Per Month !   1 Newsletter Per Month
  14. 14. Moderate Frequency of Distribution !   A moderate frequency of distribution means that you will plan to satisfactorily and consistently release content on the web with an average online presence. For example, !   3 Article Week !   1 Excerpt Article Every 5 Articles (Approx. 2.4) !   3 Blog Comments Per Week !   3 Video Per Week !   1 Press Release Per Month !   1 Newsletter Per Month !   1 Excerpt Presentation Per Each Excerpt Article (Approx. 2.4)
  15. 15. Aggressive Frequency of Distribution !   Aggressive frequency of distribution means that you will plan to consistently release content on the web with an above average online presence. For example, !   5 Article Week !   1 Excerpt Article Every 5 Articles (Approx. 4) !   5 Blog Comments Per Week !   5 Video Per Week !   1 Press Release Per Week (Approx. 4 month) !   1 Newsletter Per Month !   1 Excerpt Presentation Per Each Excerpt Article (approx. 4) !   1 Webinar Per Month
  16. 16. Social Media Channels !   The social media channels is where you will distribute your content online. For example, in your social network, you might have the following blog and social media sites setup: ! ! ! ! !   Blog   Twitter   LinkedIn   Facebook   Etc.
  17. 17. Social Media Network Twitter If your social media channels are setup appropriately then everything will start from your blog. Blog After publishing an article or blog post, the content will then automatically distribute to your social network. LinkedIn Setup your social network prior to releasing content online. This will allow you to effectively distribute to your audience for maximum results. Facebook
  18. 18. Categories and Subcategories !   It’s critical to choose a category and sub-category that your articles will be based because you might want to upload your content to article directories. By choosing a category, you are doing the following: !   Defining what your article will be about !   Helping end-users search for your content !   Organizing content in your blog by category making it searchable !   Making your content ready for article directory submission.
  19. 19. Creating The Media Plan This is where you create the actual content marketing media plan. The plan includes 6 headings: !  Week !  Media channel !  Category !  Sub-category !  Content type !  Title Before getting started, know the niche, or target marketing that you want to attract. Let’s do an example on horse training.
  20. 20. Example – Horse Training Pretend you’re offering horse training services where you teach horses tricks or mannerisms. You want to release a conservative content marketing media plan so people can learn a little about training a horse (i.e. tips, tricks, how-to, etc.). Consider the following: 1.  Industry. It’s considered business because it’s a service. 2.  What is the category: sub-categories? Think about how the content will be published in the article directories. Be consistent with them. In this case, you can use Pets: Horses, and Recreation and Sports: Equestrian. 3.  What type of content is it? Article, blog comment, video, press release, presentation, newsletter, etc. Add the information to an 8-week schedule in a spreadsheet.
  21. 21. 8-week CMM Schedule for Horse Training As you can see from the schedule, everything is arranged by week, media channel, category, sub category, content type, and title. The most important of these is the title. Almost all the content types are based on the article titles. For example, notice in week 2, the video briefly discusses the article from week 1. And, in week 5, after five articles have been written, you write and excerpt article that summarizes the 5 previous articles. In addition, you create an excerpt presentation. This method allows the content to create mind share while being fresh on a rotating base. Blog commenting is a more proactive approach on the web. Instead of waiting for your target market to find you, you find them first.
  22. 22. Monday Tuesday 1 Wednesday 2 Article Blog Comment The next step is to transcribe the content marketing media schedule to a calendar. This will organize the task to complete each day, week, month, and year. The calendar to the right displays an 8-week conservative plan. In this plan, we decided to do the following: •  M: Write 1 Article •  T: Video •  W: Excerpt Article/Present. After 5 •  Last TH: Press Release •  Last F: Send Newsletter •  MWF: Comment on Blogs By organizing on the schedule first, it’s easier to apply to the calendar. Thus, a well thought-out content marketing media plan. This will keep you on track and working consistently. Article Blog Comment 9 Video: Previous Weeks Article 15 Article Blog Comment 4 10 16 23 31 Video: Previous Weeks Article 18 19 Blog Comment Work On Newsletter 25 Blog Comment 12 Blog Comment Work On Newsletter 17 24 30 11 Blog Comment Video: Previous Weeks Article 5 Blog Comment Work On Newsletter Blog Comment Video: Previous Weeks Article Article Blog Comment Article Blog Comment 3 Friday Blog Comment 8 Add The CMM Schedule To A Calendar Thursday 26 Press Release 27 Blog Comment Send Newsletter
  23. 23. That’s It !   Now, all you need to do is refer to the schedule per the calendar and write and release content.
  24. 24. Thank You !   Darren Tunstall !   Phone: 619-519-1834 ! !