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Virtual learning environment (vle) training


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Published in: Education
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Virtual learning environment (vle) training

  2. 2. Purpose of today’s training: 1. Explain the rationale of the VLE. 2. Familiarise staff with the layout of the VLE. 3. Identify where relevant information can be found on the VLE. 4. Demonstrate the layout and structure of class pages on the VLE. 5. Train staff in adding content to the VLE including: a. Adding folders b. Adding files c. Creating labels d. Adding pictures e. Embedding videos f. Embedding other files
  3. 3. Rational and Purpose of the VLE: In the last 10 years, education has benefited from a real e-revolution with Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), at the heart of their teaching and e-learning programmes. A VLE, or learning platform, is an online system that allows teachers to share educational materials with their pupils via the web. For a student to be able to access a ‘Virtual’ room as either a duplicate or extension of their physical classroom is a clear advantage for learners and teachers alike. The VLE can be used for: Communication – opens up an infinite number of channels in the format of forums, discussion threads, polls, surveys - instant feedback either as a group or individually Producing work – students do not physically have to find their teacher to hand in work due to secure virtual ‘hand-in’ folders that have time windows Resource hub – teachers have infinite online storage space for PowerPoints, documents, worksheets etc. that can either be secure or shared with students Dynamic home pages – teachers have the opportunity to create an exciting virtual space to represent their room/subject Links to outside sources – pathways to all other online learning spaces are linked via the VLE Embedded content – YouTube, BBC, newspapers can all be embedded as the dynamic feed of the homepage Podcasts & videos – both teacher- and student-produced podcasts and videos have a shared platform; again, either secure or shared
  4. 4. The ISB VLE site can be found here: Use you school email login to access the VLE which will take you to the Home Page. Relevant Folders for information are: A: SCHOOL GUDING STATEMENTS – Mission Statement, School Policies, Development Plans B: TEACHING AND LEARNING – Curriculum Information, Class Teaching and Learning Pages D: FACULTY AND SUPPORT STAFF – Continuing Professional Development (CPD) information E: ACCESS TO LEARNING – Admissions, EAL, Learning Support, House System G: OPERATIONAL SYSTEMS – Resources, Health and Safety MOODLE TRAINING – Guides to working with the VLE