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How to play golf


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If you have ever thought about an enjoyable sport thats fun and not to strenuous then Golf is what you need to learn. Inside you will find great advice and great offers to help you become the best golf you can be

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How to play golf

  1. 1. Golf is a fun and relaxing game that anyone can learn to play.  If you know the rules and you have a good set of clubs, like maybe a set of adams golf drivers, you’re in for an enjoyable afternoon! The game of golf is played on a huge, grass-covered area known as a golf course. The course is either a nine-hole or an eighteen-hole playing field. Many beginners prefer to start with a nine-hole golf course.  Some people prefer to go right for the 18 hole golf courses but really, if you're a beginner, 18 holes could make for a very very long day! Each player needs the necessary equipment to play the game. You need a set of playing clubs, balls, shoes, tees, and of course a nice golf bag to put everything into. Once you have the necessary equipment, you must attempt to hit a golf ball into successive holes, which are located on the course. You need to start at the teeing area. Place a tee straight into the ground and then place a golf ball on top of it. Once the ball is set on the tee, swing your club and hit the ball. The goal is to get the ball into the first hole on the course. It's ideal to get the ball in the hole on the first try but that is near impossible, especially for a beginner. Score is kept in the game of golf by how many strokes it takes to hit the ball into every hole. The least number of strokes wins the game! Now, it's difficult enough to hit a small white ball into a hole, but to make the game more interesting, there are all kinds of obstacles on and around a course, making a hole in one even more difficult to obtain.. There are bodies of water, trees, shrubs, sand-filled traps, and roughs. When your ball winds up in an area like this, you absolutely cannot touch the ground or the water with your club. If you decide not to play your golf ball, but then you must add a penalty stroke to your total score. What if you hit your golf ball out of bounds or it gets lost?  Here is the basic rule for that: A ball is considered to be lost if is not found within five minutes. If your golf ball is lost or out of bounds, you must add a penalty stroke to your score and replay your last shot. People of different playing levels will swear up and down that their way is best - but really, their is no right way t play golf.  You need to have the proper equipment, know the basic rules and then just practice, practice, practice.   Many players swear the golf equipment, such as adams golf drivers, can make for a better game. Every game has to have some sort of scoring system, and golf is no exception. These are the basics of the game of golf. Of course, the right equipment and lots of practice is what will make you good at the game! Golf equipments and golf accessories play vital role in the game of golf. If you make
  2. 2. a mistake to choose right golf equipments then it can effect your scoring. Wrongly selection of inferior golf equipments can make your game awful. So take great care in choosing better golf equipments while you select them. Selecting the right golf equipment can mean the difference between having grate game after great game and having not so great games. The right golf equipments means having drivers, shafts, gloves and other accessories that work with your body, your style and your capabilities. Your game, your swing, your body and your personal preferences should all be taken into account when making golf equipments purchasing. By doing so, you will ensure that your golf scores drop. Think of the big celebrities in the world of golf. Tiger Wood and Jeev Milkhasing and others, they always struggled to finds the clubs and shafts that fit just right. You may have to try out several different sizes and styles before you find the right fit. Don’t make a quick, impulse purchase, or you may have second thoughts and regrets later. These golf equipments can make your game better or worse so select them carefully. If you want take full enjoyment and satisfaction with your game of golf then choose right golf equipment which better fits you.     There are hundreds of manufactures and dealers which are selling golf equipments. Among them you have to choose right golf equipments for you. When making the choice to purchase golf equipments, you have hundreds of manufacturers and stores at your disposal. Many manufacturers carry different sets, clubs, drivers and models for you to purchase from. The making of golf equipments takes into account several factors, with the lot of importance placed on the golfer’s handicap, height, build and swing speed. Every person has different height, different shape and different swing speed. Manufactures of the golf equipments taking average height, age, average swing speed into consideration and they try to make better golf equipments fits for all. If you are a female then your golf equipments are so different from male golf equipments. If you are junior then also your kind of golf equipments are different. One can buy his or her kind of golf equipments from the market. In store all types of golf equipments and golf accessories are available. Just you have to pick the better golf equipments which better fits you. So choose golf clubs and drivers which is best fit for you and enjoy the game of golf. For many, the thought of approaching a golf course as a newbie can be very intimidating. Like a game of chess, this sport is just as mental as it is technical when learning how to play. Here are a few suggestions to get you over the hump in your initial approach to playing this game, and enjoy it at the same time: The first piece of advice would be to take some lessons from a skilled instructor. It's important to know the many aspects of the game, including knowing your clubs—that is, which are woods, irons and the putter. You also need to know what each club does in the game, and how to swing them by having the proper setup.
  3. 3. Using your clubs, an instructor will teach you how to work on your long and short game on the golf course. He can also share with you the wisdom of knowing good course etiquette, as well as the rules to the game. After you've completed your lessons, practice makes perfect. Going to a range to get your swing together will help build your confidence in the game. Another good learning tool is to watch professionals play the sport on television. However, remember that you are still a novice to the game, and don't be fooled into thinking that it will be as easy for you as it is for the professionals. This is a sport that takes years to master, and even then, you can still have pitfalls in playing. This is a part of the mental aspect of the game, and you will need to learn how to get back up when the game will sometimes knock you down. As you continue your journey to the golf course for the first time, remember that if you feel good and look good, you'll play well. Playing well doesn't necessarily mean that you will shoot a perfect score. It means that if you properly prepare yourself for your first experience, it can be an enjoyable one. Be sure to wear proper clothing and a nice pair of golf shoes, so you get the feeling of looking like a pro. Furthermore, if you have the opportunity, find a friend or group whose skills are at the same level as yours. Oftentimes, playing with folks who are more experienced than you can be a little frustrating, especially when watching others excel. You don't want your first-time experience to be your last. By playing with people at your level, you have the chance to gradually improve in a comfortable setting that is suited for your pace of play. Playing on a golf course should be a leisure activity that you look forward to coming back to again and again. Source: Free Articles from Learn to play better click here