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Customer Driven Business Planning


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Abridged presentation given by Darren Oemcke at OpenState 2016 for the launch of the Customer Driven Business Planning program partnered by Flinders University's New Venture Institute and Hydra Consulting

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Customer Driven Business Planning

  1. 1. Dr Darren Oemcke Marketing Director, Hydra Consulting Customer Driven Business Planning
  2. 2. Creating connections with customers and consumers is the business moat of right now.   To be successful you must hear customer voices and learn how to create genuine and abiding connection with them.  
  3. 3. •  Channel used to be a barrier to competition •  Now – customer integration – Easy web sales – Platforms – Courier networks – Improved communications – M2C, B2C and C2C Marketplaces – Closed ecosystems and walled gardens
  4. 4. •  Other barriers collapsing or declining: – Scale – product differentiation – capital – switching costs – network effects
  5. 5. based on material developed by Ben Thompson at
  6. 6. based on material developed by Ben Thompson at
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  9. 9. The attention battleground Customers are everywhere all the time talking to each other, your competitors, reading reviews, buying from anywhere and getting 48 hr turnarounds You are no longer a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer – you are part of a customer engagement ecosystem
  10. 10. based on material developed by Ben Thompson at
  11. 11. We asked ourselves: What is the key link that we need to teach in business planning to prepare business for changed realities and how should it be delivered? So What?
  12. 12. We chose suitable tools that have either been created or significantly advanced since our Facebook billion benchmarks: •  Jobs to be Done •  Value Proposition Design •  Business Model Design •  Growth Hacking •  GV Sprint And?
  13. 13. Minimum teaching •  Teach 5 tools •  Skills development •  Facilitation •  Active listening Supported learning •  Live projects •  Guided application of tools •  Independent application of tools Learning Model
  14. 14. Learningexperiences Consultant facilitation FEC student team + guided implementation Guided implementation Businessintegration Student Team Trial Facilitated Learning Facilitated Learning Facilitated Implementation
  15. 15. Learningexperiences Consultant facilitation Guided implementation Are these techniques we can use? Co. Question We need to learn how to do this! We need to implement this now! Problem and champion Problem, champion and team Problem and resource constrained Educator/ Facilitator and student team Educator/ Facilitator Consultant 13 weeks for student team + in-house Five week program Problem-driven Company Has We Provide TimeframeOption FEC student team + guided implementation
  16. 16.