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Brand awareness

  1. 1. Creating brand awareness with Internet marketingHow Does Social Media Make An Impact On Business?Many companies make the mistake of thinking that social media is just for consumerproducts. Recent research has shown that social media plays a significant role inbusiness to business activity as well. Its impact and influence are actively measuredand noticed in all levels of business to business, education, military and other verticalmarkets. Decision makers use the web for research, communication and other keybusiness activities. This means they naturally build networks and trusted relationshipsthat influence their decisions.How can business measure return on investment (ROI)? As with any business activityit is important to know whether it is worth putting in the time and effort. Sadly, one studyshowed that 85% of businesses involved in social media were not measuring the ROI.You can, of course, use revenue as a simple way to assess ROI. To get a completepicture, though, it is a good idea to use other metrics such as Web traffic, brandawareness, and the quality and volume of lead generation to monitor success. Mostcompanies prefer to use web traffic as the key performance indicator.How can social media generate more sales? Social Media influences every step of thebuying cycle. This is why it is so important to build positive brand awareness, developgreat rapport and meaningful relationships with your audience, in order to inspire themto take action.The general buying cycle consists of ten stages:1. Acknowledging the need2. Awareness3. Research4. Consideration (the short list)5. Evaluation6. Purchase7. Applications8. The Experience9. Reaction10. Opportunity for advocacyBy engaging effectively at each stage of this cycle you can place your business in theheart of the decision-making process. Social media gives you the opportunity to buildstature, establish authority and gain attention. Without maintaining that contact it is easyto slip outside the cycle of attention, analysis, and action only to be forgotten or ignored.How quickly will my social media campaign work? Following the success of the
  2. 2. Obama Internet campaign companies have realized that this is something they canemulate. The crucial point is that it is a slow-burn process, particularly at the beginning.President Obama didnt wait to the last minute to begin his technological and socialmedia campaign. It was successful because he used it as a foundation early on in hiscampaign for presidency. His other activities then generated comment in the new mediaand so it built momentum.A vibrant business is always looking for ways to reach the marketplace. Unfortunately,with many traditional businesses the adoption of new techniques is often left until it istoo late.When a business networks and markets face to face the power and reach of themessage is often limited. With the introduction of social networking on the web even thesmallest business can have a global reach. The important thing is, whether you are alocal or global business, you start to build a trust with your audience that brings a steadyand loyal customer base over time.What benefits will I notice? A recent study showed a direct correlation between deepsocial media engagement and top financial performance in terms of revenue and profit.You also get instant feedback on your business activities. Traditionally you might doa peer review or a focus group before releasing a new product. Now, you have theopportunity to do customer-led product development.Consumers also have high expectations so it is important to have the resources tomaintain and monitor your social media activities. It can reflect badly on your businessif they feel they are not getting the instant response they can get elsewhere (possiblywith your competitors). You will even get immediate feedback on your more traditionalmarketing activities such as print or TV advertisements, so you can modify them to bemore effective.Social media is now having a big influence on customer service. In our fast-pacedsociety modern consumers expect instant feedback. It is important to be responsive,flexible and to manage customer expectations. If you do this successfully you build agood reputation both on and off-line.Finally, it is important to realize there can be a negative impact on your business if youget it wrong. So in order to protect your business make sure anyone dealing with yoursocial media is educated on the financial and legal implications of the information theypost and the relationships they build.Social media is instant Word of Mouth so make sure you get it right even if it is just tomonitor what other people are saying about you.With the evolution of Web technologies such as RSS, podcasts, Twitter, and videoblogs, Internet marketing has assumed new shapes. These techniques provide you
  3. 3. numerous ways to spread your brand name to millions of target customers worldwide.The following are the most effective Internet marketing techniques suitable to allbusinesses.Content optimizationContent is the essence of a Web site, and Web site is the online identity of a business.In order to create an effective campaign, your Web site needs to get optimized forsearch engines. This method, known as search engine optimization (SEO), is themost successful method of publicizing the brand name to target viewers. In order todo so, you need to prepare meaningful contents for your Web site. All these have tobe prepared as per the guidelines of popular search engines such as Google, MSN,and Yahoo. The keyword density has to be maintained. Google adopts a theme-basedsearch method known as latent Symantec indexing (LSI), which would require the Websites to have meaningful contents for their keywords.Social media optimizationApart from generating traffic through the official Web site, there are many ways tomarket your business online. They include social bookmarking services, blogs andarticle directories. These channels act as sources for backlinks as well. Backlinksfrom popular Web sites are an ideal way to increase the popularity of your Web site.Creating and maintaining blogs is one of the best ways to interact with your prospectivecustomers. It also helps in creating regular traffic to your Web site. By participatingin forums, you can tell that specific community about your activities and gain theirconfidence. These methods of optimizing a Web site to social media are called socialmedia optimization (SMO)Social Networking applicationsSocial media applications play a great role in improving the brand value of a product.Group Emails have been the favorite channel for presenting the product in front of alarge community of customers. With the emergence of several social networking Websites, this kind of communication finds more relevance. New technologies such asinstant messenger, video chat, Skype, and Podcasts increased the scope for brandpopularity. Of late, micro-blogging applications emerged as one of the most successfulonline marketing strategies because of their simple interface and quickness.Paid advertisingPay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns such as AdWords have gained significantpopularity these days. PPC is cheaper compared to paid banner ads or video ads. Theyare good in the sense that you pay only if you get a response from the customer.There are infinite ways to promote your Web site online, but you need to explore them
  4. 4. to identify the tailor-made strategy for your Web site.These articles have been taken from the blog The Ultimate Income Booster Ideas whichcontains a lot of information which is updated on a regular basis on the strategies usedto gain more free traffic to your websites and businesses online.The blog initially was set up as a test to evaluate different methods in free trafficusing simply keywords and article distribution but is now incorporating social mediatechniques, rss feeds, podcasts and various other documentation online with the aim tocreate a steady flow of traffic.Presented by Darren LangdonThe Ultimate Income Booster Ideas