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Disease awareness campaign awareness pm360 3

This presentation deck was used in the October 2019 PM360 webinar sponsored by QxMD.

Generating top-of-mind awareness is a key challenge in diagnosing both rare and non-rare diseases that otherwise could be missed. Creating that awareness is one of the biggest challenges for pharmaceutical marketers.

Join this webcast to explore the modern disease state awareness campaign and how innovative platforms can help you bring your information closer to the point of care, all from the perspective of a practicing clinician.

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Disease awareness campaign awareness pm360 3

  1. 1. Optimizing the Modern Disease State Awareness Campaign Engaging the HCP community PM360 Webcast | 2 October, 2019
  2. 2. #DiseaseAwareness Daniel Schwartz, MD, FRCPC QxMD Founder and Practicing Internist & Nephrologist Speaker
  3. 3. #DiseaseAwareness Learning Objectives 1. Review why disease state awareness is important, both for rare disease and more common disease states 2. Identify surmountable challenges in disease awareness 3. Learn 5 new tools to improve the success of your next disease state awareness campaign 4. Incorporate innovative digital platforms in your campaign strategy
  4. 4. #DiseaseAwareness Rare & Common Disease often missed
  5. 5. #DiseaseAwareness The challenge is capturing physician mindshare and attention “If you don’t think of the diagnosis, You’ll never make the diagnosis”
  6. 6. #DiseaseAwareness Rare disease is not rare
  7. 7. #DiseaseAwareness Rare Disease is Reasonably Common Source: 1. Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (2017) / 2. National Academy of Medicine (2015) >30M Americans have rare disease 1:2000 Definition of rare disease 8% Of people have a rare disease
  8. 8. #DiseaseAwareness When you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras
  9. 9. #DiseaseAwareness Except when it’s a zebra
  10. 10. #DiseaseAwareness Challenge with Rare – Patients Suffer from Conditions: Most people haven’t heard of Most doctors haven’t seen Traditional therapies don’t treat
  11. 11. #DiseaseAwareness Challenge & Opportunity 4.8 years Time to rare disease diagnosis <50% Diagnosis Rates for Common Conditions. 1 20% With Serious Illness Misdiagnosed. Source: Weaver J et al. Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis Before and After Fracture: A Side-by-Side Analysis of Commercially Insured and Medicare Advantage Osteoporosis Patients. J Manag Care Spec Pharm. 2017 Jul;23(7):735-744. doi: 10.18553/jmcp.2017.23.7.735.
  12. 12. #DiseaseAwareness Challenge with Common Other priority today Doctors may treat the urgent not the important While treatment is available, it may be cumbersome
  13. 13. #DiseaseAwareness Partnerships are Powerful Collaborating with Patient Centered Organizations
  14. 14. #DiseaseAwareness Partners Eager to Engage
  15. 15. #DiseaseAwareness Physicians Never Want to Fail Leverage sincere desire not to miss a diagnosis
  16. 16. #DiseaseAwareness Where do we engage? And give clinicians what they want… and need? 86% HCPs use a smartphone. 1 92% HCPs view medical journals as most important source for continuing medical education. 2 Source: 1. Veeva 2016 Future of Medical Conferences / 2. Ashfield Meetings & Events 2016 Survey
  17. 17. #DiseaseAwareness “Digital engagement drives physicians awareness and stimulates action” – Steve Royle @Swipe Health
  18. 18. #DiseaseAwareness Engage HCPs where they are, on platforms they trust
  20. 20. #DiseaseAwareness Go beyond profiles & find HCPs by interests
  21. 21. #DiseaseAwareness ‘Native Advertising’ drives superior engagement with educational content 52% Native advertising viewing boosts over display advertising. Source: IPG Media Lab / Sharethrough
  22. 22. #DiseaseAwareness Build interactive digital tools to help HCPs learn how to make diagnoses Choose popular point-of-care platforms with millions of built-in users – driving real value.
  23. 23. #DiseaseAwareness Decision support & research dissemination designed to help UK HCPs diagnose aHUS Engaged >6100 target specialist MDs Generated thousands of uses of decision support tool & full-text research views Contributed to a 22% increase in referrals to National Referral Centre
  24. 24. #DiseaseAwareness Drive engagement with topic reviews & primary research to put disease state front of mind Inject credible content from the peer-reviewed literature : • Topic reviews to emphasize disease state • Case reports that highlight how easy to miss • Papers that show simplicity of diagnosis • Research that quantifies impact of missed diagnosis
  25. 25. #DiseaseAwareness Use digital CME to raise awareness & close clinical knowledge gaps Explore emerging all-in-one HCP platforms for content hosting & user acquisition. AUDIO & MORE PLATFORMMOBILE & MICRO-FORMAT Plus many others!
  26. 26. #DiseaseAwareness Leverage New Technologies eg. Facial Recognition, AI
  27. 27. #DiseaseAwareness Where to start? 1. Find disease awareness platforms & partners 2. Collaborate with your agencies & partners to create tailored playbooks Disease State Awareness Branded Pre launch Growth Maturity
  28. 28. #DiseaseAwareness Q&A