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1.gen 3 secure slide show 1


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Paintseal Europe's latest addition to its expansive product range.

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1.gen 3 secure slide show 1

  1. 1. The G-3 Secure pack contains the very latest smartintelligence and forensic security products.The smart and intelligent way toprotect your vehicle, keys and locksProtect your investment
  2. 2. What is Smartwater ?• With over 3 million users, SmartWater is protecting in excess of 30 millionitems in the UK alone.• SmartWater’s Royal Award winning, hi-tech and forensic products arespecifically designed to mark individual components of your car includingwheels and engine parts.With SmartWater• Smartwater carries a unique forensic and chemical code unique for yourvehicle.• Codes are easily detectable under UV light.• Chemical codes are virtually impossible to remove. More robust than DNA.• Chemical coded items marked are easily traceable back to genuine owners.• Smartwater has a 100% conviction rate when used in court evidence.• Because it is used in police undercover operations, criminals think twice whereSmartwater is being used.
  3. 3. G-3 Secure & Protect• SmartWater can withstand a range of operating conditions including longterm exposure to sunlight and extremes in temperature, making it virtuallyimpossible to remove.• SmartWater is simply applied to inconspicuous areas of your car, engine bayand alloy wheels, making them forensically traceable back to your address• Traceability is something that criminals hate, and because they know thatPolice are checking property for SmartWater they’ll give anything protecteda wide berth.• Our trained technicians ensure that each application is carried out to theSmartwater standard• G-3 Secure & Protect offers lifetime cover for as long as you keep the car.