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The Big List of 15 MLM Prospecting Techniques You Should Know (PDF Version 1.0)


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This guide lists and explains in detail 15 effective active and passive MLM prospecting strategies/techniques that a network marketer should know.

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The Big List of 15 MLM Prospecting Techniques You Should Know (PDF Version 1.0)

  1. 1. Let’s cut the bull crap. MLM prospecting is the first and an essential step in the network marketing sales process so if you do bad in prospecting, you are probably bad in the other stages of the sales process. So, it’s best to master the simplest step of network marketing prospecting, and this MLM Jetpack guide will help you do just that using curated and refined 21st-century MLM prospecting techniques explained in explicit detail. Contrary to what your mentors may tell you, not everybody is a prospect. Yep, you read that right. Come to think of it, why would the word
  2. 2. “prospecting” even existed if everybody was a prospect? Prospecting, in my definition, is the process of getting leads and funneling the collected leads on who are qualified for your business on both the financial power to purchase or invest and on their entrepreneurial mindset. You can talk to every person you meet at a coffee shop and ask if he is interested in your product or business opportunity, but that would be a waste of time. Instead, you talk to persons who display financial capacity and an entrepreneurial mindset. You can do that by observing what they wear, what type of coffee they buy at a coffee shop, and what they do at a coffee shop: does he read a book like “The Millionaire Next Door,” does he encode financial statements on his Apple MacBook Air? But you are not limited on network marketing prospecting in coffee shops. For example, when riding public vehicles like buses, you observe your seatmate on what type of clothes they wear and what are they are doing inside the bus while waiting to get off: does he blankly stare outside or call someone and talk about business matters using his brand new Apple iPhone 6? You can develop your parameters in identifying whether a person is a right fit for your business. There are three steps in MLM prospecting: getting the lead, establishing communication with the lead, and getting the lead (now
  3. 3. called prospect) to set an appointment with you. Let me tell you, at first glance these steps might look like a piece of cake but the truth is it is not. Once you are there in front of that step, you will have that what do I do moment. There are many ways to get a lead like tapping your warm market, through blogging, or via clothes marketing. Traveling on a bus and talking to your seatmate is also one way to get a lead. Most of these mediums are discussed below in this guide as the 15 network marketing prospecting strategies. After you get the lead, it is now time to establish communication with him to find out if he’s a perfect fit for your product or business opportunity because sometimes looks can be deceiving. As I’ve stated in the introduction above, you may see a person typing financial statements into a MacBook air while drinking coffee at a coffee shop but when you talked to him and got to know him better, you found out that he has a strict employee mindset and not an entrepreneurial one. He has the financial power to buy your product or invest in your business, but he won’t be the one you’re looking for when it comes to duplication or leverage on your network. Of course, you will earn when that person buys your product or invests in your network marketing business, but you will just waste your resources
  4. 4. when selling and training these types of people. But if you persist and recruit these types of individuals, I will say that you are in it for the quick buck and not for the long term, which is very much unsustainable if you are looking to be financially free. Instead of prospecting for the “one”, you are selling to these impostors. I’ve experienced my fair share of that. The last step is for the lead, now called prospect after sifting him out, to set an appointment with you for you to explain the whole business to him. For you to do this, you must give the prospect a teaser of what’s in store for him when he agrees to set an appointment with you and when he joins you in your network marketing business. Just don’t spill the beans too much, revealing too much about your product or business can lead your prospect having doubts without you having the chance to counter those doubts. This behemoth 10,000+-word guide is dedicated to making your network marketing life easier by providing you with up-to-date MLM prospecting techniques that will surely guarantee you results if you apply it. Also, not to sound sexist or anything but the guide will be using male examples throughout. Using a single pronoun such as “he” is better and more streamlined to read compared to using slashes in-between pronouns like “he/she” or “him/her.”
  5. 5. But before we jump in on the network marketing prospecting techniques, we are going to classify the MLM prospecting methods tackled in this guide into two: Active and Passive.
  6. 6. Active network marketing prospecting is being active, meaning you are exerting effort for you to have prospects. If you don’t exert effort, you won’t have any prospects. Active prospecting is the hard but proven way of MLM prospecting. It’s best to do active network marketing prospecting strategies when you just started in network marketing because it lets you feel the nature of the business you’ve just entered. Among the techniques included in active MLM prospecting are Warm Marketing, Cold Marketing, Cold Calls/Calling, Events Prospecting, Fliers, and Forum Marketing.
  7. 7. Your warm market is your most key market and it consists of your family and friends. We are taught that your warm market is the first market that you should endorse your product or business opportunity on as soon as you’ve joined your company, which is very much recommended. Although I said it is the most fundamental, I did not mention that it is the easiest. In Warm Marketing, you will encounter the most number of rejections. That’s why you need to arm yourself with some of the approaches that I’ve listed below taken from the book of Chinkee Tan called How I made My 1st Million in Direct Selling and How You Can Too. These approaches have scripts that you can use. The initial approach is the personal approach. If you know the prospect good enough, you can just go ahead and set the appointment immediately. This method works for your family and close friends. Below is a line that you can use when using the personal approach.
  8. 8. “Hi Bob! I want to set a meeting with you over a cup of coffee or tea to show you a business that I’m currently in to right now that will surely interest you. Are you available right now?” When you said that the business will surely interest Bob, you are affirming it to him that he will be interested in it even at the first place he doesn’t know what it is. The power of attraction. The next approach is the compliment approach. In this method, you praise the person by telling him why you have chosen him on hearing about your product or business. Think about this: if someone says something nice about you, don’t you feel good and wouldn’t you want to listen to what is being said? Leading a conversation with a compliment opens things up for good reception, but beware of giving forced compliments as people can easily detect them. Below is a line that you can use when using the compliment approach. “Hi Bob! I know you are successful, aggressive, and a go-getter individual. I have found a business opportunity that will surely interest you! Would you like to hear about it right now?” The last approach is the third-person approach. In this kind of approach, you ask your prospect if he knows someone who is interested in becoming your business partner. By human instinct, you prospect will wonder why
  9. 9. had you asked someone else when you can ask him. This approach will trigger your prospect’s curiosity and for surely he will ask what business you’re in right now. The worst case scenario in this method is that he will not give any signs of interest in your business opportunity, but he will refer someone else to become your prospect instead. But be sure also to follow up your primary prospect (whom you asked the referral to), because you’ll never know when he might give a spark of interest in your product of business opportunity. Below is a line that you can use when using the third-person approach. “Hi Bob! Do you know anyone who might be interested in starting their business of their own? Because I currently running a business right now that I would like to share to others.” Aside from the approaches listed above, remember that first impressions are everything for network marketers. When contacting potential prospects, you must project yourself as an entrepreneur. You must look like one, and you must act like one. How do entrepreneurs look and act like? He uses appropriate business tools like laptops and smartphones, dresses professionally in business-casual clothing and accessories, is well groomed, displays proper posture, acts politely, shakes the hand of the person he just met, and smiles.
  10. 10. But all of these entrepreneur shenanigans are useless when you don’t have self-confidence, and you don’t believe in the product and system you are selling. What’s the use of being well dressed and often smiling when placed in front of a prospect, you stutter and shake because of nervousness, or worse, chicken out? Don’t be like one of those network marketers who didn’t gather up the guts to go and approach a prospect. Take deep breaths, believe in yourself, the company, and the product then get that prospect. As I’ve said, you will encounter a lot of rejections in this MLM prospecting strategy but remember the reason you’ve joined network marketing in the first place and that reason will drive you to push away all the rejections and negatives that come in your way.
  11. 11. Here is a network marketing prospecting strategy that has been proven over time, has been used by generations of network marketers but is now being considered obsolete since the advancement of the Internet age. Nonetheless, it still works – Cold Marketing. Before everything else I would like to give you a specific framework. In cold marketing and also in other contact MLM prospecting strategies discussed afterward, we will frequently use the FORM (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money) Method. The FORM Method or Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Money method are variables that you can ask a person to build rapport (also called touch base for some). The FORM method is most effective when used to a complete stranger whom you just met or somebody you know, but you didn’t see for a very long time. The F stands for From. Ask the person to tell you where they live or where they are born. You can also ask questions like: “are the schools good
  12. 12. there?” and “do you like the area?” Aside from it, F is also for Family. Try to find out the person’s civil status or if he has children. As these individuals’ information are being gathered by you, you can relate on how your product or business can help his family. The O stands for Occupation. Ask questions like: “what do you do for a living?” or “what is your profession?” You can also ask if they like their job. Find out by saying, “I bet you enjoy your work!” If they don’t enjoy it, they’ll usually let you know. It is just natural to return the same question to you. This is now the perfect opportunity to share what you are doing but keep it short and brief. Your goal is just to get their contact numbers to set future appointments where you can explain your product or business better. The R stands for Recreation. What does the person enjoy doing? They may not have the time to do these things because of their own business or job, but find out what excites them. Try to tie-up what they love to do to with how the opportunity can help them do what they love. The M stands for Money. Find out if the person is interested in starting a business of their own. You can also ask: “do you know of anyone who might be interested in starting a business of their own?” as a third-party approach.
  13. 13. The opposite of warm marketing is cold marketing; if warm marketing tackles your warm market, cold marketing tackles your cold market. Included in your cold market are the persons who you barely know and don’t know. I know, that’s a lot of individuals, so that means it’s an enormous market for you when you approach them correctly. There are three methods in cold marketing: through conversations, cold calls, and cold e-mail. You can spark a cold conversation at any possible place you can think of where your cold market is in, with the exception of course, in private places such as comfort rooms because that’s just plain creepy. The trickiest part of a cold conversation is initiating the conversation. There are a couple of ways to begin a conversation, but the most proven ones are through positive compliments and discussing neutral public matters. By praising the person positively, you immediately lessen the friction between you and the person regarding trust. After the compliment, you can start exchanging hi’s and names. Discussing neutral public matters (I mean news), as I observed, is the most frequent conversation opener practically used by anyone. Start by asking a question to the person about a widely known news issue but make sure that it’s a qualified question. No offense, but those living in the middle-class C below don’t
  14. 14. usually care for the 100 point drop that the Dow Jones had the previous day. After opening a conversation, use the FORM method to build rapport. You do not need to finish the FORM method because once you found out that the person is encountering problems that can be solved by your product and business opportunity, you can go on right ahead and offer to pitch teaser information about your product or business to initiate interest. Since you interrupted the routine of the person because you talked to him, it is natural that he rejects your offer. When he rejects your offer, you can give your business card alongside with a supplementary marketing material like a flier so that the person can contact you when he is free. You can also get his contact number and save it in your contact list. In cold conversations, first impressions are completely everything. Since the person does not know you, he will rely on your physical appearance to judge you. You may hear the saying that “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but, in reality, persons who don’t know you judge you on how you look and act. Remember to dress and act professionally. A cold call is a cellular or telephone call to a person and contact number whom you don’t know. The cold calling practice has been around for ages and is being frequently used by credit card and insurance companies. The
  15. 15. explanation for cold calls is very long this it needs a new segment in this guide. You’ll find the explanation and process on how to perform cold calls after this technique. Subsequently, cold e-mails are e-mails you send to people whom you don’t know. Cold e-mails are a particularly sensitive topic since cold e- mails are somewhat relevant to spam. The most important part of a cold e- mail is getting the addresses whom you are going to e-mail. Finding e- mail addresses is the hardest part you will do in this technique because unlike cold calls where you can get telephone numbers at phone books, there are no public databases that store the e-mail addresses of people. The go-to option for finding e-mails is by using search engines. You can also search social media platforms and online forums that display e-mail addresses. Also, if you want to target website owners, you can use a nifty tool called Whois to find the e-mail address of the proprietor of the domain name. Lastly, you can harvest e-mail addresses on classified ads listing sites like Craigslist, just look at the ads and search a person’s e-mail address contact option. For a more extensive article regarding collecting e- mail addresses, Moz has an awesome piece about that. You can use Microsoft Excel to form a database of your collected e-mail addresses. Make sure to make a background check to these e-mails so you
  16. 16. find out valuable information that you can use when composing your cold e-mail like their name, age, and location information. A cold e-mail is divided into three essential parts that must be carefully formulated: the e-mail subject, the e-mail body, and the call-to-action at the end of the e-mail. When a person opens his e-mail inbox, his eyes immediately look at the sender of his recent unopened e-mails and then at the subject line. That means the person will have an unidentified person sending him an e-mail and will immediately think that the e-mail is spam unless you make them stop for a moment with a captivating subject line that will ultimately get him to open it. Use powerful converting words like amazing, now, and offer to make the person open a cold e-mail. Take a look at Buffer’s article on the 189 words that convert. Just make sure to take it easy on words like free and its synonyms because e-mail clients will almost every time consider e-mails containing “free” on its subject line as spam and will be instantly dumped at the spam folder. After the person decides to open the cold e-mail, you will only have a quick 10 seconds before the person stops scanning the e-mail and decides to read it word-by-word or delete it. You need to start your e-mail with a
  17. 17. bang and tell the person right away who you are and why are you e- mailing him. Aside from telling the person your intent, you can also add links to your blog, squeeze page, and website as supplementary materials to support your purpose and also to increase your authoritativeness. There is no perfect cold e-mail template because cold e-mails must be flexible depending on the information you’ve collected about the person whom you are e-mailing to, like their name, age, and location. Mentioning relevant information about the person will add a personal touch to the cold e-mail. Lastly, you must have a good and actionable call-to-action to tell the person what to do next. What you want him to do is to reply to your e-mail and for him to add you to his address book or contact list so your future e- mails will not be sent to the spam folder the next time. If a person replies and is interested, this is now your chance to develop him to a prospect by getting to know the person even more by using the FORM method and if possible, set a face-to-face appointment with each other.
  18. 18. A Cold Call is a process of contacting someone who you don’t know personally to offer your product or business opportunity, typically using either a cell phone or telephone. The word cold call is synonymous with the world telemarketing. Ever encountered someone calling you while having dinner just to find out that the caller is just offering a new insurance product or a credit card deal? If you don’t have an account with that insurance company or bank, most probably the agent is performing a cold call. Now recall what you said to the caller when you found out that they interrupted your dinner just to offer something that you don’t want as of the moment. Did you curse the caller, say bad things to him? If so, you’ll likely experience cursing and other foul words on the other end. In cold calls, timing is everything. You don’t want to interrupt the person when he is doing something because his attention will not be completely at you. So it’s best to time the call on the “dead hours” of the day wherein most people are not doing anything of importance. Such example of these
  19. 19. “dead hours” are employees’ lunch breaks and around 10 PM where people are relaxed and preparing to sleep. A cold call script can serve as your guide but be sure that you don’t sound like a programmed robot. A script is recommended for beginners and in some cases, but not always. Just keep in mind when doing cold calls, be sure to be relaxed and converse with your prospect in an average and conversational tone. You only have 10-30 seconds to get the complete attention of your prospect, so get straight to the point immediately. State your name, your intention, and what you are offering as fast as possible. A sample script can be: “Hello ma’am or sir, my name is John. I’m an entrepreneur on the franchising line of business and I’m currently expanding and in need of new business partners. You name came up on my shortlist of potential business partners and I’m calling to ask if you are interested. Could you spare a few minutes so I could talk to you briefly about my business proposal?” You don’t want to explain the whole business to your prospect through the phone. Your aim is to get the interest of your prospect so you two could set an appointment where you can explain the whole business opportunity in person.
  20. 20. Now where to get the numbers for cold calls? You don’t have to look far because there’s a huge directory of phone numbers inside your home – the phone book (the white and yellow pages). Remember to qualify your prospects in cold calls as the same as cold marketing. In most phone books, the person’s address is often indicated. If you see that person is living in a known executive subdivision or a condominium, then he must have the financial capacity to buy your product or invest in your network marketing company. Don’t be shy when doing cold calls. You are shy because you are afraid of rejection. You are fearful because you don’t know what will happen, maybe you will get rejected, maybe not. The point is what more if you progress in your business where you get to meet a lot of negative people along the way and conduct live business presentations with a bigger audience? Remember network marketing is a game of who gets the most rejections. What I’m trying to say is, if you are a shy type of person, erase that characteristic as soon as possible because it can hinder you from being successful in network marketing. If you can’t do it, there is always an alternative, and it’s called cold text messaging. It’s the same process as cold calls but with a different medium. But there is a downside in cold text messaging – it has a lower success rate. Cold calls have a higher probability rate of closing an
  21. 21. appointment compared to cold text messaging plainly because what would you feel if a person called you rather than just texting you a message? You would feel important, right? But cold text messaging is a technique nonetheless and never should be looked upon.
  22. 22. Our next network marketing prospecting strategy is Events Prospecting. As the name implies, this MLM prospecting strategy’s aim is to find potential sign-ups for your business opportunity in events. This technique is further classified into two: networking events and seminars. Networking events are the gathering of like-minded persons under one roof with the sole aim of building the “networks” of the participants. Think of networking events as mingling events comprising of persons under the same niche like chefs, airplane pilots, and businesspersons. Usually, networking events are conducted by organizations, so the best way to find these events are in online platforms where there a lot of people who share the same interest like online forums and social media sites. Take note that networking events are also called “meet-ups” by some groups.
  23. 23. Through networking events, one can get prospects, and one can also gain valuable connections. For example, you attended a networking event for small business owners and by chance you met an owner of a small printing shop where you exchanged business cards with him. You did not only gained a prospect, but you also gained a connection, and when the time comes you need an affordable print shop for printing your print fliers, you can use that connection. A tip on networking inside a networking event is to go alone and find people at the event who are also alone. Being alone encourages you to find someone who you can go with until the end of the event and being alone makes you approachable to people. To find prospects, you must find a person who is alone and initiate a conversation with him using the FORM method. In the conversation, be sure to dwell on the person’s line of work or business so you could also share the network marketing business that you are in right now. The conversation must lead to an appointment where you can explain your product and business opportunity better. Ask him whether he is free the next day, if not let him set a date preferably within the same week when you met him. Don’t forget to exchange for his business cards for you to get his contact information and vice versa.
  24. 24. A seminar is a room-based learning event conducted by a person or organization which features a distinguished speaker or a set of speakers to talk or teach about on a particular theme or subject. We’re not going to attend every seminar available. We’re going to limit our choices only to network marketing seminars. These are the type of seminars that are addressed to network marketers and teach them various topics on leadership and sales. To find this kind of seminars in you area, just Google “network marketing seminars + the area where you live” or you can also find upcoming seminars on your daily newspaper. When network marketing prospecting during seminars, you will hit two birds with one stone. First, you will learn something out of the seminars, and if it proves to be useful, you can apply it and also teach it to your members or down lines. Second, you can also gain prospects. But here’s a disclaimer. You can’t directly share your product or business opportunity to the attendees of seminars because it is forbidden. Inside the seminar room, everyone is neutral. Everyone is expecting to learn, not to be sales talked into buying a product or investing in a business opportunity. What you can do is you can collect the business cards of the attendees and contact them to endorse your product or business opportunity afterward.
  25. 25. How to collect them? Give your prospect value first, as for example, endorsing to him this MLM prospecting training you’re reading right now. Say to your prospect that you are interested in improving the sales of her network by enrolling him in this network marketing prospecting training but you need his e-mail address and contact number so you could send the unique link to this training. By following the process above, you’ve built value. Be sure to follow-up your prospect through phone or e-mail in a twice a week basis. You may ask her “How’s the training so far, has it helped you a lot?” After your prospect has completed reading this guide, he will be most likely be thinking that you are an expert in MLM prospecting and in the other aspects of network marketing because you were the one who recommended her this training. If your prospect is not happy with the sales of his network in her network marketing company because most likely his sponsor is not doing a good job of mentoring him, chances are, he will contact you and will be showing a keen interest in joining you in your company.
  26. 26. Another network marketing prospecting strategy is Fliers. This MLM prospecting approach will tap your cold market and will also focus on giving value to your prospect by investing on and giving them your business marketing materials which are classified into two – DVD-Rs and print fliers. DVD-Rs costs around Php 20-30 ($70) and Php 1 ($0.02) for the sleeves. You will burn in your invested DVD-Rs an explainer video about your product and your business and anything that supplements it. You can give away your DVD-Rs in strategic places where there is a lot of foot traffic like malls. Compared to print fliers, print fliers can be distributed in any place that has a lot of foot traffic like train stations because the investment for print fliers is just minimal. But DVD-Rs, on the other hand, costs much more for each piece so you need to be tactical on where you should distribute it such as malls where there are a lot of middle to high-class persons roaming around.
  27. 27. Dress up appropriately too, and business-casual clothes will do. People will accept your DVD-Rs more if you look professional because you display authority. The punch line here is that you will initiate a conversation with a person in your cold market using the Do I know you? and Where are we? techniques, build rapport first using the FORM method, then dictate to the person this actual script: “I’m looking for aspiring business partners for my new business venture but the problem is, I don’t have business-minded friends which share the same mind-set as me. I think you are a business-minded, motivated, and passionate person so (ACTION: give your CD) here… that’s my last proposal DVD-R (IMPORTANT: don’t give any clues that you have more). Contained in that DVD-R is the business plan for my business. Watch it, I’m sure you won’t regret it. If you liked what you just watched (ACTION: give your calling card), give me a call and let’s talk about it with a cup of coffee or tea.” The two principles that made the script mentioned above effective based on Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion are the scarcity and liking principles.
  28. 28. When there is a 1-day 50% off sale today at your favorite clothing store, don’t you just feel the impulse to go and buy? That’s the principle of scarcity. If a value proposition is limited, it makes it more attractive to the target market to act now. When someone compliments you, you instantly develop a connection with them. Even when he’s a person who you just talked to seconds ago. Complimenting alleviates the sense of tension and improves the sense of trust. According to Robert Cialdini, a person is more likely to be influenced by the one he likes and complimenting is one way for a person to like you. Print fliers’ investment costs around Php 100-150 ($5), depending on the quality of paper and quantity. You can design your print fliers using your PC by using Microsoft (MS) Publisher, MS PowerPoint, or the MS Paint programs. When creating your print fliers, make sure that it is creative and professionally designed as possible. Some creative fliers can take the form of bank checks, gift checks, or paper bills. Using these forms makes people want to take them because of the human nature of greed and it also conceptualizes the promise of network marketing – financial freedom.
  29. 29. You want to give away your print fliers where there are a lot of people passing by such areas are malls, public vehicle terminals, and train stations. When giving away print fliers, remember to talk to the person that you are giving it to for at least a brief 3 seconds. Speaking to the person lessens the rate of your flier being ignored and thrown away. Also, don’t forget to smile.
  30. 30. Forum Marketing is endorsing your product or business opportunity in Internet forums. Internet forums are online and interactive places where people share ideas and opinions on various topics such as recent events, sports, arts, recreation, literature, etc. The first step is to sign-up for your first Internet forum. If you have one already, you may skip this step. There are various Internet forums that you can sign-up on for free while others need subscription fees. One of the most famous forums on the planet is Reddit. After signing up for your first Internet forum, you must read their respective forum guidelines first. Reading forum guidelines is done to find out the required ethics in the forum for you to avoid doing things that will offend forum moderators and members that can lead to a possible deactivation of your account. Now, you don’t sign-up for Internet forums to directly advertise your product or business opportunity because it’s a big no-no. Forums are not
  31. 31. for advertising; forums are about building and cultivating relationships among its members. You must give value first by answering questions and voicing out your opinions on threads posted by your co-forum members. In this way, you are building popularity and authority over the forum members and also the forum administrators. What would forum members and admins feel if you’ve contributed a lot to post discussions and threads? Another thing that you can get for contributing in forum threads is that you raise your forum membership rank (it depends on the forum if it promotes forum hierarchy among its members) and you get to unlock special features in your account such as the privilege of adding signatures. Signatures can be a catchy question or statement less than 50 letters (depending on the forum), or the link to your blog, squeeze page, or website. A sample signature for an Internet forum can be “Want to talk business? PM me” plus a link leading to the business’ website. When contributing in forums, it is most recommended to participate on threads in the business, entrepreneurship or money matters section of your forum because the thread topics in those sections are about money. Some questions asked there, based on my experience, are “What can I do with my 10K?” or “What’s better? Being an employee or businessperson?” You
  32. 32. can also contribute to threads in the similar niche of your product or business opportunity such as health and technology. People will be curious about you once they notice your contributions in Internet forums and one of the best ways for them to know you better is to click your signature link leading to your blog, squeeze page, or website.
  33. 33. Passive network marketing prospecting, on the other hand, is the opposite, even when you don’t exert any effort, you will still gain prospects. It’s just like your MLM prospecting runs in auto-pilot mode. The negative side of passive network marketing prospecting is you are going to spend a lot of time and resources on building the system that will let your MLM prospecting run on auto-pilot mode. By a lot of time, I mean a lot of time. You are going to bear months with little or no income from your business because you are focusing your attention on your passive network marketing prospecting strategies. But at the end, it’s still worth it because prospects will come to you even without you lifting a finger. Blogging, Squeeze Pages, Website, eBooks, Online Advertising, Social Media, Clothes Marketing, Inserts, and Print Advertising are the techniques included in passive MLM prospecting.
  34. 34. A weblog, or blog for short, is a diary-like type of website with a certain topic or niche depending on the blogger’s interest. Take, for example, and its niche is the person’s experiences and thoughts. Yes, experiences and thoughts can qualify as a niche. You need to start a blog because it will serve as the “central hub” of your social media accounts, having a blog with a particular niche (particularly about the product that you are offering) and up-to-date content can build your authority and expertise image on that niche. Prospects will trust you more if they look up to you with authority. The best thing about starting a blog is the infinite number of prospects you could attract passively, just like in a website. The main difference of a blog versus a website is the purpose: a blog shows that you are a credible expert in a certain niche, making people look up to you with authority while a website is a place where visitors can turn into prospects instantly. These two types of Internet pages work hand-in-hand along with a squeeze
  35. 35. page to bolster your Internet marketing efforts for your network marketing business. is a website, and it has its blog where it shares new developments on the Twitter platform, shares interesting data that Twitter collected from its users, and sparks up conversations within the Twitter community by integrating itself with famous events like the Grammy Awards and NFL. We will use the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) as the “foundation of our blog” because of its ease of use and flexibility. To create your personal blog, you need three things: a hosting account, a domain name, and a WordPress theme. Think of an empty lot inside a subdivision. The hosting plan is like the lot where the house will be built upon, WordPress is like the foundation where the house will be constructed, the domain name or domain address is like the address that points to the house, and lastly, the WordPress theme is the house itself. I recommend having JustHost as your hosting and domain name provider because it’s cheaper to get your hosting there compared to others and they give out free domain names! For WordPress theme, I recommend browsing through the catalog of themes that ThemeForest has to offer. To
  36. 36. learn more on how you can setup your blog, visit MLM Jetpack’s Extensive Guide on Starting Your Own MLM Blog and Website. But before you create your blog, get a piece of paper and write your target audience and the topic that you’ll be focusing on for your blog. Determining the target audience can help you simplify jargon and the tone of your writing for you blog posts. On the other hand, identifying your blog’s topic is necessary also because you must have a particular theme in mind so your blog won’t stray to other unrelated topics. You must choose your blog name and domain name afterward. A guideline in selecting your blog name is that it must be relevant to your product or business opportunity, and it must be searchable, meaning that people will most likely search your domain name first on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Using the health supplements example, a possible blog name could be like Health Improvement Hub with a domain name of www.healthimprovementhub.blogspot or .wordpress com. The next thing that you will do is to think how you can offer something of value to your target market. Offering something of value to the readers of your blog that is related to what you are offering is an important factor in building your authority over them, making you credible. Taking the health improvement supplements example above, what you can do is to post
  37. 37. frequently on your blog the latest news, tips, and secrets on achieving good health that may be of interest to good health fanatics. To convert your blog readers to prospects, you need to get their personal details such as their names, e-mail addresses, and contact numbers and to do that you need an e-mail autoresponder opt-in form. Including an autoresponder opt-in form in your blog is useful when getting to know your readers. To get your blog readers to provide their personal details to you, you need to offer something of great value to them like your blog posts. You can also offer your created eBook in exchange for their personal details. Remember those pesky everyday e-mails that you get from sites offering unique products? Most likely they sent it to a thousand e-mails (including yours) using an autoresponder service. You could do that also, but not to irritate people, but rather to build relationships with your blog readers. You may send an e-mail blast to all your readers at least once a week asking them how their week was. Remember to introduce yourself on your first e-mail or your e-mail may sound creepy. There are many e-mail autoresponder software out there, and some are free while some are premium. I recommend ListWire. ListWire is a free e- mail autoresponder, the best among free autoresponders.
  38. 38. Also, don’t forget to include a “contact me” page inside your blog that has your personal information like your name, e-mail addresses, and contact numbers, so your blog readers have a way to communicate with you. You also need to include links leading to your social-media accounts on the same page. Lastly, create a schedule for your blog posts and follow this plan religiously. For example, you want to post twice a week to your blog, follow this plan even when you don’t feel like posting. Doing this can prevent you from losing your frequent blog readers. You can get tons of ideas for your blog posts from your daily experiences and insights.
  39. 39. A squeeze page, lead capture page, mini-site, or whatever they call it is one of the passive MLM prospecting strategies in this guide. For the record, we will just agree to call it Squeeze Page. A squeeze page is a particular type of website that is commonly one page short and is straight to the point. A squeeze page’s primary objective is to get the contact details of the persons who are visiting the site. I recommend using Blogger as the platform for your squeeze page because it’s easier to convert into a one-pager squeeze page compared to WordPress, plus it has that Google SEO factor. Squeeze pages are all about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). A conversion is usually a control metric like an e-mail sign up or a purchase made by a visitor. CRO is the process of tweaking the elements of your website to find out which converts more than the other. Sample CRO elements are the copy on the page, the color of the sign-up or purchase
  40. 40. button, and the presence of a testimonials portion. Brian Dean of Backlinko published a massive list of CRO best practices. There are three major elements of a squeeze page: the headline, the copy body that also includes the call-to-action (CTA), and the autoresponder form. The headline is the first thing that the visitor sees when he visits your squeeze page. The headline must persuade the visitor to stay on the squeeze page to read the copy. Some headlines take a form of a question while others take a form of a statement. If what you are pitching are health supplements, your headline can be “Did you know that people who drank ABC Health Supplements experienced increased energy and stamina 98% of the time?” Support your headline with solid facts to make it more credible, see what I did with the ABC Health Supplements example? The meaning of copy in squeeze pages is not the same as what you think. A copy in advertising means a powerful set of words that entices a person to do an action. The copy body is the focal point of the squeeze page because this is where the visitor’s negative beliefs and doubts will be answered. The copy of your squeeze page must support your CTA, which, is for the visitor to input their details on your autoresponder form. The formulation of your headline above can also be attributed to copywriting. Neil Patel has an excellent resource on copywriting.
  41. 41. In most squeeze pages, information is withheld from the visitor unless they input their e-mail addresses. We will use the same concept in our squeeze page. That’s why we need an autoresponder form. An autoresponder form serves as a catch basin for all your visitor’s contact information so you could build relationships with them and develop them to a prospect. Aside from the three elements explained above, there are also minor details like a testimonials portion or the inclusion of an embedded explainer video. The testimonials portion is where the visitors reassure themselves that what they are seeing is true, and they’re not alone in trying it out because they know that there are others like them who experienced it firsthand. You can add the testimonials of product users or success stories of your company’s top earners here. The inclusion of a video in squeeze pages is also useful because not everything can be explained in the copy. You can embed your YouTube videos describing the product or business here. To know more about squeeze pages in great detail here is a useful guide that Wordstream made that will walk you through squeeze pages’ best practices.
  42. 42. An essential passive network marketing prospecting strategy in your arsenal is a Website about your product or business opportunity. A website is where all your Internet marketing efforts will lead. Your website will contain the most comprehensive information about your product or business opportunity in detail. You can start your MLM website with the same process as with starting your personal blog. First off, you need a hosting plan (I recommend JustHost), then a domain name, then a WordPress theme (I recommend browsing on ThemeForest). If you want a more detailed course on how to start your website for your network marketing business, you can visit our free guide on how to start a blog and website. After purchasing a hosting account with JustHost, you need to decide on your site’s title and domain name. A guideline for choosing your domain name is that it must be relevant to your product or business opportunity,
  43. 43. and it must be searchable, meaning that people will most likely search your domain name first on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Your domain name can be your product or business opportunity’s name plus any other relevant word/s in between. After that, you can start creating different pages in your website like a page dedicated to explaining your company’s products, a page for the compensation plan, a page for you company’s various business packages. Don’t forget to include a contact us page where your name, contact numbers, e-mail addresses, and social media accounts are posted. The website can also have a blog. Unlike your personal blog, don’t post in there topics there like your life because your site’s blog is reserved for your company and your network. You can publish to your website’s blog news about your business’ sales rally event or your team building activities. Since your site will have a blog, it best to also include an autoresponder opt-in form on your site’s sidebar. You can send out newsletters to those who signed up to inform them of company-related information like a sneak peek to a new class of health supplements that your company is going to release.
  44. 44. Your primary goal in creating a website is ranking. If a person searches your business’s name, product, or anything related on the Internet, you want to be the first one on the list of the search engine results page (SERP). The process of ranking is called search engine optimization or SEO. The SEO strategies that I would like to share with you in this guide are keyword optimization and link building. Keyword optimization is the process of using a set of keywords and repeating them over and over again to tell search engines that this page is synonymous with the keywords written. By doing keyword optimization, the chances of the page being found on search engines is higher. If heath supplements are your product, your primary keywords can be “health improvement supplements” and “health medicines”. You can also consider a few secondary keywords like “health improvement” and “healthy living.” Wordstream has a blog post tackling the keyword optimization practice. Remember to write naturally though because sometimes you might get too carried away and place keywords in every sentence. That’s called keyword stuffing, and it might get you penalized by Google and other search engines. Link building, on the other hand, is the process of building inbound links that point to your website. Search engines love links, especially Google.
  45. 45. Search engine’s indexers or spiders pay particular attention to a website that has the most inbound links. You can start building links by adding your site’s link to your social media profiles. A more advanced method is creating quality content (blog posts, videos, and podcasts to name a few) that makes other websites want to link to as a reference. But sometimes other websites will have a very hard time finding your quality content so you must do outreach. Outreach is connecting to website owners or webmasters and pitching to them your quality content for them to use on their website. Jason Acidre, a veteran link builder in the Philippines, has a humongous list of link building strategies. Creating your website may take weeks, and it will take months before you can see steady traffic. But when it booms, together with your other MLM prospecting strategies, you can be assured that you will get prospects (even people who want to purchase or invest immediately) beyond what you’ve expected. Imagine network marketing prospecting actively and at the same time, prospects come to you as a result of your passive MLM prospecting strategies.
  46. 46. eBooks are digital books that you can read and download using a computer device such as desktop computers and tablets. Many eBooks can be found on the Internet in which majority of them are free, and some require a one-time payment before you can download them. Our first objective here is to create an eBook that will give value to readers with accordance to your product or business opportunity. If your product is about health improvement supplements, you can create an eBook that is related to improving someone’s health. An example is a huge curated list of health tips that you can advise a person to become more healthy. You can create your eBook in Microsoft Word, or you can also download a dedicated software for eBook publishing on the Internet. The most common eBook format is in PDF (.pdf). To convert your eBook readers to prospects, you must devise a call-to- action in the eBook’s footer that will make your readers want to contact
  47. 47. you. Using the health supplements example, your call-to-action can be like “Want to be healthy and at the same time wealthy? Contact John at (cellular number) or visit (website’s link)”. Rather than retailing your e-book in Amazon, you will give it away to people for free. By giving it away for free, you are practicing one of Cialdini’s six principles of influence – reciprocity. You’ve given something away for free that has value so that he will feel obliged to return the good deed back in the form of following the CTA you provided in the eBook. Aside from reciprocity, you are also using the authority principle of influence. You’ve just published a book that provides value, that makes you authoritative to whoever reads it. Authority is associated with top-of- mind thought because when they think of health or your business opportunity, you are the one who first comes into their mind. Pretty much like how you would associate the United States of America with its current president. What’s best about the eBook network marketing prospecting method is that people who are only interested in, for example, health improvement will dare to read your eBook. Your eBook will become a funnel of some sorts.
  48. 48. Our second objective is the online mass distribution of your eBook. For this goal, all you’ve got to do is to go to sites that offer free eBooks and submit your work to them for free online publishing (some free eBook sites requires membership sign-up before you can publish your work). Categorize your eBook on the publishing site depending on your product or business opportunity’s niche so people can quickly search for your eBook. If your product or business opportunity is health supplements and the topic of your eBook is on improving someone’s health, the eBook could be included in the health and wellness category. You can also distribute your eBook in your blog or website with a prerequisite e-mail opt-in form where visitors will input their e-mail addresses and receive the eBook in exchange. Using the e-mail you’ve collected, you can conduct e-mail marketing campaigns to develop their interest in the product or business.
  49. 49. Online Advertising promotes your product/business on the Internet, and it’s one of the today’s most effective and efficient advertising medium regarding ROI and cost. For MLM prospecting, there are two classifications: web banner advertising and utilizing online classified ad platforms. In web banner advertising, you will place graphic advertisements about your product or business opportunity on individual websites for a fee. These are the ads that you see on a website’s sidebar. The prices depend on how large the ad is, how visible the ad is to the site’s visitors (its placement), how long the ad is placed on the website, and how many clicks does the ad get. The pros of web banner advertising are that it brings back visitors who navigates away from your site (in the case of Google AdWords) and targets the intended audience’s specific demographics (in the case of Facebook). The con otherwise is that display advertising proves to be
  50. 50. costly when you want to target competitive keywords that a lot of businesses are already targeting. Aside from Facebook and Google AdWords, there are also a lot of websites that offer advertising opportunities on their site, just be sure to target the sites in the same niche as yours. You can create ads with any photo editing software available. You can also hire someone to do the ad for you (see Fiverr). We need the ad to be as professional and creative as possible because you are going to invest a reasonable amount of money for display advertising. After creating a decent ad, you link that ad to your blog, squeeze page, or website, so when the target audience sees that ad and clicks on it, he will be redirected to your blog, squeeze page, or website where he will be molded into becoming a prospect. Posting on online classified ad sites are free unless you want the top spot in the search results, then you have to pay a fee (for some online classified ad platforms). The most popular online classified ads website in the world is Craigslist. What you are going to do is create a classified ad explaining briefly how your business works. Remember the term “briefly” because you don’t want to explain everything to the reader of your ad since your primary
  51. 51. objective is for the reader to contact you for him to set an appointment with you to learn more about your business. Be sure to include your ad in the proper category such as business, earning opportunities, or network marketing. You can also include it depending on your product’s category, such as health and technology. For some classified ads sites, they allow you to upload pictures of what you’re selling. Take advantage of this opportunity by uploading relevant photos of your business. Include here the images of your products and also an infographic of your business’ compensation plan. You can also add pictures of you business’ office and business documents (permits, certificates, etc.) to increase the credibility of what you’re offering. Remember that humans comprehend graphics more compared to text. It also works to indicate your business’ principal office address and main website since it clears the misconception that your legitimate network marketing business is one of those pyramiding scams.
  52. 52. In Social Media Marketing, we are not focusing on endorsing your product or business opportunity, but rather, social media marketing is focused on boosting traffic to your blog, squeeze page, and website. An advantage that you can get when doing this strategy is that search engines like Google can find and index you on their search results easily. Social media sites are important because before people will do business with they will most likely search your name first on the Internet to find out if you are credible enough. What would a prospect feel when he searches your name on Google, and the whole first page of the search results contains your social media accounts? You can start by creating a social media link wheel. Social media link wheels are links to your social media accounts linked to each other and your blog. A social media link wheel is an important step when doing social media marketing since search engines love links. It will be easier for your social
  53. 53. media accounts to be indexed by search engines if they are hyperlinked to each other. Some social media sites have a particular field for social media link wheels – the website field. For example, Facebook has a particular website field in the “about me” section. You can place the links (URLs) to your other social media accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Google+ in that website field. Do that for every social media account that you have. The center of it all must be your blog where all your social media accounts are listed. Note that it may take some time before your social media link wheel shows you your expected results. It does not happen overnight, and it may take up to an estimated two weeks before you see yourself on top. Make it a point to use your real name and real information when creating your social media accounts. Also, use the same profile picture or avatar in all your social media accounts. It’s a protective measure telling your prospects that you are that same person in all of your social media accounts. There are hundreds or even more social media sites that you can use to promote your business, but we’ll focus on only the top six mainly: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. Previously, we’ve
  54. 54. considered Google Plus as one of the top social media platforms, but there is news circulating that Google will retire Google Plus, so we decided that it is no longer a viable platform for social media marketing efforts. Using Facebook and Twitter depends on the demographics of your target market. In the Philippines, almost the whole populations possess a Facebook account compared to Twitter, which is mostly used by the upper social class Cs to As. Also, Facebook is more intimate compared to Twitter because of its chat functionality. You can use Facebook for long posts about your product and your business. Your Facebook profile is also your front when giving our your business card or any contact information because you can develop relationships more in Facebook as compared Twitter because, as I said, of its chat functionality. Another advantage of Facebook is that it gives you the ability to create pages. You can create a Facebook page using your team’s name. For example, your team’s name is Dream Team and your company’s name is ABC, you can call your Facebook page “ABC – Dream Team.” Doing this strategy can be an untapped method of gaining prospects because when people search for your company’s name on Facebook to familiarize himself with the business, and your Facebook page appears alongside with
  55. 55. your business’s official Facebook page, he can click on it, and he can become a potential prospect. Use your Twitter profile to tweet quotes on network marketing (from Robert Kiyosaki and other network marketing advocates) and also short facts about the industry of your network marketing business. For example, you can tweet “Did you know that using ABC supplements can increase your energy by 98%? Click the link for more info: “”. You can also attach images to enhance the persuasiveness of the tweet. It is also recommended that your tweet on Twitter “at the moment (ATM)” kind of stuff. For example you are in a team centering program, you can tweet on Twitter “ATM: Dream Team’s centering”. You can also use hashtags (#) to increase the discoverability of your tweet. Just don’t overdo it and include every possible hashtag that you can think. Hashtags are more efficient on Twitter as compared to Facebook according to a certain study. Posting and tweeting are not about the quantity, but rather it’s about the timing. Don’t just post and tweet every five minutes or so, your friends and followers will be annoyed at you and may report you as a spam account. Time your posts and tweets well at the time that your audience is
  56. 56. most likely looking at their Facebook and Twitter accounts. A sample schedule maybe around 12 noon to 1 PM because employees take their lunch breaks in between these hours and are most likely catching up with their friends and followers on social media. Buffer published a study about the best times for posting and tweeting. However in graphical and video dedicated social media sites like YouTube and Instagram where words are limited, and the persuasion mainly lies in the picture or video itself: On YouTube, upload your company’s business presentation video or make your business presentation video yourself. Put in the description box of the video statements like “If interested, visit” or you can also add your contact number at the end. You can also share these videos with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Business presentation videos on YouTube are also handy when there is a potential prospect that is located very far from you because you can just send him the link to the YouTube video and let the video do the talking. On Instagram, first, make sure that your Instagram auto-share feature is on in either Twitter or Facebook (better if both) to share your uploaded Instagram photos in Facebook and Twitter automatically. The content of your Instagram account mostly must be photos that tell your life as a network marketer. These pictures can be recent events that happened in
  57. 57. your company, pictures of you with your business’s top earners, or photos of your new sign-ups. Remember to caption the photo appropriately and put the link on your blog, squeeze page or website. LinkedIn is the most not-very-social-media-like type because you can’t upload any photos besides your profile picture. LinkedIn is like an online resume with your skills, experience, and education posted. I only recommend LinkedIn to serve as your professional online reputation for your strong online presence and joining professional groups related to your business.
  58. 58. The next type of network marketing prospecting strategy that I will share with you is also an effective strategy for attracting prospects passively and it is called Clothes Marketing. No, I’m not talking about marketing a clothing line business, but rather clothes marketing is using clothes like t-shirts and caps that has a marketing statement about your product or business opportunity to strike curiosity and interest in a person that is looking at it. Ultimately, the individuals who see your business branded clothes become a potential prospect. The advantage of clothes marketing is it’s a cost-effective way of building brand awareness compared to other forms of print media. When using clothes that contain a marketing statement for your company or even just the logo, you become a walking advertisement for your business. When a person sees your branded clothing, he is now aware that your company exists, and he might Google it on the Internet to find out more about it. When he Googles it, and your website comes up first on the search engine
  59. 59. results page (SERPs) where the site gave him information on what and how your company works, he might express the desire to contact you to know more about your network marketing business. You can now see how these strategies work hand-in-hand with each other on creating a strong MLM prospecting machine. You can design your clothes marketing apparel by downloading a shirt or cap template on the Internet and using Adobe Photoshop or the Paint software in Windows to build and tweak your desired design. Remember to include your contact details because there are persons who are shy to approach you to ask about what you are offering. After creating your design, head down to your reputable local t-shirt printing shop and provide a soft copy of your design and they’ll do the rest, you can also ask them to improve the overall design. Take note that some t-shirt printing shops offer discounts on bulk orders so make sure that you also include your team into this.
  60. 60. Imagine having advertisements at your local leading newspapers where every reader of that paper can see your advertisement for your product or business opportunity. Now that’s a lot of people. But now imagine this next – you won’t even have to spend a tremendous amount of money to gain this kind of targeted marketing exposure. Wow, right? That’s Inserts, or more technically – Free-Standing Inserts (FSI). In layman’s terms, FSI is the direct marketing tactic of inserting promotional media inside a print media, most commonly newspapers and magazines. Most brands, especially in the retail and dining category, insert promotional media like coupons or catalogs. To do FSI marketing for your business you’ve got to talk to your local newspaper stands and ask if you can insert your promotional media (preferably your print fliers) inside their newspapers. Ask nicely because they can give you this opportunity for free. Otherwise, you may give them a small fee for this.
  61. 61. An advantage of FSI is that it is very targeted. You will only choose newspaper stands that are in the area where your target market is residing or working. For example you are targeting those in the economic classes A to upper Cs, you can tap newspaper stands near or in an executive subdivision or the middle of a central business district like Wall Street in the United States or Makati in the Philippines. On the contrary, if you are targeting those in the economic classes middle Cs to Ds, you can tap newspaper stands near train stations or public vehicle terminals. If you want to more legitimate way of marketing using FSI, you contact the broadsheet and inquire about “inserts”. Most likely they will set a minimum number of inserts like for example The Manila Bulletin (a leading newspaper in the Philippines) requires you to have a minimum 5,000 inserts for Php 1.35 each ($0.03), so you’ll roughly invest Php 6,750 ($153.17) for this network marketing prospecting strategy.
  62. 62. Print Advertising is getting promoted in print media such as broadsheets and magazines. Unlike the FSI MLM prospecting strategy above which also deals with print media for promotion, you need to spend a reasonable amount of money to be promoted. Investment in this network marketing prospecting strategy ranges from the space that your advertisement takes up if it’s colored or just plain black and white, and the frequency you want your ads to be advertised on the print media. Most of the time you will just resort to advertising in the classified ads section of broadsheets because having a full-blown ad on the front page may just cost you your house. Text is the most common medium of advertisement in the classified ads section of print media. You will pay them by line. For example, The Philippine Star’s (another leading newspaper in the Philippines) rate for line ads is Php 65 ($1.47) + 12% value-added tax (VAT) per line. For The Philippine Daily Inquirer (yet another leading newspaper in the Philippines), their rate for line ads is Php 75 ($1.70) + 12% VAT per line.
  63. 63. So make your copy as short and as persuasive as possible. Don’t forget to include your contact numbers. If you are daring enough, and you have a deep pocket to advertise a full- blown graphic ad, hire a graphics designer to create your creative print ad, or you may also use the online ad that you’ve created for your online advertising. Either you decide on advertising in the classified ads section or having a full-blown ad, make sure that you have your squeeze page and website URLs in your advertisements. This is like a backup plan, just in case the person that reads your ads feels insecure to call or text you, he can just visit your squeeze page or website where they can learn more about your product or business opportunity.
  64. 64. It’s all about fortes. What’s your forte? Do you like talking to people? Can you bear getting rejected face-to-face? Do you like getting instant sign- ups? Then active MLM prospecting is for you. Are you lax and don’t want to do those active network marketing prospecting stuff? Do you wish to spend hours typing just to convince people to set-up an appointment with you? If so, passive MLM prospecting strategies are for you. But still, don’t be contented if you see either active or passive network marketing prospecting is right for you, strive to be good at both active and passive MLM prospecting because mastering both will lead to a killer combo to ensure your network marketing success. Just a quick reminder on setting of appointments: set appointments in appropriate places like non-crowded coffee shops or in your company’s office. Never in the house of your prospect. Why? What if your prospect has a baby and the baby cries during the presentation? Then your momentum will be hindered, and chances are, your prospect won’t fully understand the presentation. While possible, you need to be the one to suggest the day, time, and place of appointment on which the prospect is most convenient in. You can do this using the “power of choice”. The power of choice is one of the most effective ways to get a commitment, and it is done by offering your prospect options or
  65. 65. suggestions, rather than asking them when they will be available. You can ask something like “Are you free on a weekday or weekend?” When the prospect answers, for example, weekend, you can ask “Friday or Saturday”? When he answers, for example, Friday, you suggest a time then followed by proposed venue. Take me to the second step in the MLM Sales Process which is just as awesome as this guide: A Beginner’s Definitive Guide for a Compelling MLM Presentation