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A Beginner's Definitive Guide for a Compelling MLM Presentation (PDF Version 1.0)


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Learn how to create PowerPoint decks for your network marketing business and what to do before, during, and after a MLM presentation in this guide.

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A Beginner's Definitive Guide for a Compelling MLM Presentation (PDF Version 1.0)

  1. 1. Moving on the MLM sales process, after getting qualified prospects and setting an appointment, it’s time for you to present your network marketing business to them. MLM presentations are one of the more crucial and significant parts of the sales process because this is the period where you can spend an ample amount of time with your prospects to know them even more and to communicate the advantages and benefits of your product and business opportunity so they can join you in your business.
  2. 2. Like from the previous prospecting guide, the pronoun “he” will be used all throughout the guide. Using a single pronoun such as “he” is better and more streamlined to read compared to using slashes in-between pronouns like “he/she” or “him/her.” In the prospecting guide, it was mentioned that we all have our fortes. You may be an extrovert and lean on active prospecting, or conversely, you may be an introvert and may prefer passive prospecting. In presenting there are no fortes. You need to present and learn to present if you want to succeed in network marketing. There is no excuse not to present even if you are an introvert because everybody has the inborn ability to express and present themselves. It’s just the fear of looking bad to the prospect or the audience that gives us stage fright. Remember fear is the result of not knowing the unknown and once you tried presenting for the first time and continued practicing, you will start presenting confidently and fluidly like a Zig Ziglaror a Tony Robbins. In most cases you have two options to choose from when you’re in the network marketing presentation stage of the sales process: it’s either you let your sponsor do the talking for you or you do all the explaining to the prospect. Most network marketing leaders recommend that at first, you ask your sponsor to present the business to your prospect. You’re new, and you might goof off in your MLM presentations and lose your prospect. It’s
  3. 3. hard to get qualified prospects these days so you must treat your prospects like gold. Now I know what you’re thinking, don’t let your pride get the most of you. Let your sponsor do the talking first because they are more experienced, but you must observe your sponsor closely so you can copy it later on and do the network marketing presentations independently. Practice and experience are the number one training when you want to get good at presenting your network marketing business opportunity. You can buy all the training videos you want on the Internet and hire a top-tier network marketing coach to train you, but if you don’t practice and experience presenting multiple times, you won’t get better at it. You can start practicing by doing mock MLM presentations in front of you sponsor or fellow team members. Treat these simulated network marketing presentations as the real thing and let your sponsor or fellow team members criticize your MLM presentation. Their criticisms may hurt, but it’s the only way to get better in presenting. Treat their criticisms as personal challenges and do your best to learn from them and overcome them.
  4. 4. There are certain skills that you must possess when presenting your business with a person or group of persons. Some may already possess these skills while others don’t. If you think you don’t have the skills below, don’t fret because these skills can be learned and practiced – that’s why it’s called skills and not characteristics. It’s important to know that before presenting, you must pack these skills to ensure a rocking network marketing presentation.  Confidence: It is more convicting for a prospect to join you in your business if you exude confidence. Having confidence can lessen the stuttering and mistakes in grammar you make when presenting. If you show to your prospect that you are confident in your MLM presentation, you also show that you are likewise confident on the promise of your product and business opportunity. The one thing to do to boost your confidence is to practice. You’re not confident because you are not yet comfortable presenting; you’re
  5. 5. not yet used to the feeling. But by practicing the network marketing presentation again and again, you can get a good feel on the aura that an MLM presentation brings, and you’ll get comfortable with it sooner or later, thus building your confidence.  Good Grammar: Whether speaking in English, Spanish, or whatever local dialect we speak, we must all exhibit good grammar. It’s a big no-no in network marketing to have bad grammar because it makes you look unprofessional. Having good grammar and a huge vocabulary can also help you craft sentences that can help you persuade your prospect even more to join you on your team. Even if you’re uneducated, there’s no excuse for not learning good grammar because there are always resources available to help you do so like online courses and good books.  Sense of Humor: Any person likes another person with a good sense of humor. Like, who doesn’t want to be someone who makes you laugh and is fun to be with together? The same goes when presenting if you can lessen the serious tone in your network marketing presentation with a good joke, do it! Throwing appropriate jokes to a prospect or crown can make the MLM presentation more conversational and intimate, which is good.
  6. 6. If you have the inborn ability to be the clown in your family or circle of friends, making your prospect laugh will come naturally while presenting. You can ask your prospect some good jokes to tell when presenting so you can also apply it when you present, just don’t go too far on telling jokes that will hurt or offend someone.  Showmanship: According to Wikipedia, showmanship is the skill in performing in such a manner that will appeal to an audience or aid in conveying the performance’s essential theme or message. When presenting, showmanship is the related actions like expressing something using your hands or asking the prospect a proper question. These actions can supplement what you’re trying to tell the audience. Once you built your confidence, showmanship actions will come naturally.  Self-control: Sometimes when presenting, prospects may interrupt you in the middle of a network marketing presentation just to ask a question that you’ve previously answered before or sometimes they curse you because they don’t believe in the system. Practice self- control and learn to be more patient when these circumstances do appear. It’s no use having a heated debate with a prospect because you’ll lose a lot more besides that prospect.
  7. 7. PowerPoint presentations help the prospect visualize what you’re explaining to them because it’s easier for a person to digest information if it’s illustrated. When you were just a prospect to your sponsor, he undoubtedly explained the business to you using a PowerPoint presentation. Now that you’re a member, you’ll be likely using the same PowerPoint presentation to present to your prospects. I bet you the order or the template of that PowerPoint deck starts from the problem statement, the solution to the problem via your product, introduction to the company, the compensation plan, and finally the testimonials. The template for MLM presentations is almost consistently the same no matter what network marketing company you’re in, and it’s arranged like that for a reason. The problem statement comes first because you want to get the complete attention of the prospect or the audience. You want them to realize that this is their problem, and they need a solution.
  8. 8. After getting their attention, it’s time to pitch the solution or your product. You want to instill to the prospect or the audience that this is what they need to solve the problem and naturally, they would want that. Who doesn’t want their problems solved anyway? After letting them know about your product, you will then introduce the company by presenting the brief history of the company, its track record, and its legalities among others, giving credibility to your value proposition or your product. By this time, the prospect or audience is now hyped on trying the product out, and you want to amplify that hype by presenting the compensation plan. The compensation plan part gives them another reason to buy in your business opportunity; that they could become financially free just by helping others solve problems like theirs. This time, they’re hype because they might be thinking about the endless possibilities that they could achieve by being financially free and you want to intensify that on a good note with the testimonials part. The testimonials part clears the doubt away from the prospect or audience that this is just a hoax; that there are results from doing this network marketing business.
  9. 9. It’s the 21st century and many things changed, one of them is how people perceive PowerPoint presentations. When the PowerPoint software was created, many were amazed because they can now create data visualizations seamlessly using software. It was more amazing for the audience because they can now process network marketing presentations not only with their ears, but also through their eyes. Today, a lot of us don’t have the attention span to look at a PowerPoint presentation all throughout, especially when the deck has loads of text in it. That’s why PowerPoint presentations nowadays have more pictures or charts in them rather than text and are more visually appealing to keep the attention of the audience. You now have the option to change how your network marketing company’s PowerPoint presentation looks to adapt to the PowerPoint standards today. If you decide to alter it, there are a couple of resources freely available on the Internet that teaches how to create PowerPoint presentations such this blog post from Ted Talks. But if there is one thing tip that I could give you when you want to create an awesome PowerPoint deck, it is to use a lot of images, especially high- quality ones that support the message you’re trying to give. For example, at the first presentation slide, you can use a picture that depicts something the problem that your product solves or use images of luxury vehicles
  10. 10. before presenting your compensation plan to build hype. You can get a lot of these pictures from stock photo websites like Death to the Stock Photo and Unsplash. Almost all of the images on this site are taken from those two stock photo sites. If editing the PowerPoint deck about your network marketing business proves a bit hassle for you, you can always trust the guys and gals at Fiverr to get someone to do it for you for a minimal fee. Sometimes you may not possess a laptop or a mobile device capable of reading PowerPoint presentations. If that’s the case, you can print a hard copy of the PowerPoint deck and bind it, so it looks presentable.
  11. 11. PowerPoint over, and now it’s time for the nitty-gritty, the MLM presentation proper. In this portion, you will learn (in excruciating detail) what to do before the network marketing presentation, during the MLM presentation, and after the network marketing presentation. In the explanation below, we’re going to assume that this is your first actual MLM presentation with a prospect one-on-one, and you’ve practiced presenting the PowerPoint deck a couple of times with your sponsor and with other team members.
  12. 12. Way before the network marketing presentation, make sure you possess a jotter pad and a decent pen (preferably the Parker-like ones). A jotter pad is a small blank booklet that is easy to carry around. You can use these tools to illustrate the network structure of your company when you are presenting the compensation plan. These are handy tools that can supplement your network marketing presentation later on. If you are presenting one-on-one or with a tiny group of prospects, it’s beneficial to do a check on the backgrounds of your prospects. The night before the MLM presentation, search their names on Facebook and Google to know who they are. Do they have children? Where do they work? Do they own a business? What is their social economic situation? This practice is necessary so you could tailor-fit your network marketing presentation to the audience’s personalities and state in life. Remember to wear proper clothing when going out to MLM presentations. Appropriate and professional clothing can help you look more authoritative to the prospect, and more authority means greater
  13. 13. chances that the prospect will listen to you. If you are in a business meeting, you’ll probably listen to a well-groomed man with a polo shirt on rather than a man wearing a shirt with a marijuana leaf printed on it. Proper professional clothing doesn’t necessarily mean tuxedos or suit and ties, it can be a basic polo or polo shirt. Included in proper clothing are the peripherals like appropriate watches, rings, and necklaces, but just don’t overdo the bling. Before traveling to the meeting place make sure that you’ve got all your tools with you, you groomed yourself and dressed appropriately, double checked everything, depart to arrive at the meeting venue for at least 15 minutes before the agreed time, and packed optimism so everything will go smoothly as anticipated.
  14. 14. Two scenarios may happen when you are nearing the meeting time. First, you arrive first at the meeting place, take a seat, open the PowerPoint file so you won’t have to fiddle with your devices later on, and begin waiting for the prospect. Or second, the prospect arrives first at the meeting place. If possible, you need to avoid scenario two at all times. When scenario one happens: When the prospect arrives, stand up, introduce yourself, and offer him a seat. If you’re meeting in a coffee shop or a bakery or any place that has food or drinks, ask him if he wants to order something (at your expense) before beginning the network marketing presentation. When scenario two happens: Quickly say hi or hello and introduce yourself. Likewise, if you are meeting in a place that has food or drinks, ask him if he wants to order something before the MLM presentation at your expense.
  15. 15. When you two are now comfortably seated, introduce yourself more. You can state your occupation or your prior occupation before going full-time in network marketing, and the name of the team you’re in. By human nature, your prospect will do the same. Thank the prospect also for the time they allotted to hear this business opportunity out. The person might be busy, and maybe he sacrificed something of importance to be with you at this meeting, so a word of gratitude is somewhat appropriate. Before presenting, you can give a briefer about what you’re going to present. You also need to offer a disclaimer to your prospect that if they don’t like what they hear or see, they will not be forced or obliged to participate if they do not see value in what you are about to show them (hat tip to Chinkee Tan for that line). But do remind them to keep their minds open because it may seem unbelievable and unreachable at first, but if they take the time to look at it closely and give some time to study and do the system, it’s really within arm’s reach. During the network marketing presentation proper, take a couple of subtle deep breaths before you begin and affirm yourself that this is going to be a great MLM presentation, and there is no room for presentation jitters. Turn on your laptop or mobile device that contains the PowerPoint presentation and load the deck out, or bring out the binded hard copy of the PowerPoint deck if you haven’t done so.
  16. 16. A couple of pointers before starting to present the business: (1) Remember to time your network marketing presentation to a maximum of 30 minutes, any longer than that and the prospect’s attention span may drift but regulate the pace so that you don’t present too fast. (2) Don’t forget to smile periodically while in the MLM presentation as this will lighten up the mood but don’t do it so much that will make the prospect freak out. (3) Lastly, maintain eye contact with the prospect when presenting so that, according to, you’ll look more authoritative, more believable, and more confident. Present the PowerPoint deck in the order you’ve arranged it and be sure to integrate what you’ve learned about the prospect to your background check the night before. For example, the solution that your food supplement product you’re offering is beneficial to him since he has a 9- to-5 job and by the time he gets home, he has no time for his kids because he’s all burned out from work. For the network marketing side, you can dictate that by using the proven network marketing system that your company has, he can start his network marketing business to break free from the rat race and achieve financial freedom. Additionally, you can also tell some stories that alleviate his doubts about your product or the network marketing system. There a couple of stories out there like the Pipeline Parable, which has an eBook and video and tells
  17. 17. a story of the advantages of passive income, and there are also other impactful stories which I curated below. You can tell these stories after presenting the compensation plan when you feel that the prospect is doubting and resentful of the system.  Lotto: TL;DR, the moral of this tale is to take chances. You can’t complain to anyone, even God, that all your peers are rich and can buy anything if you just sit idle waiting for dollar bills to rain. Stand up, take your chance on this opportunity, and you might just realize your dream. One day, there was a boy named Juan, who was watching TV. While watching his favorite show, a news report suddenly came that reported that his neighbor north of his house won the lottery. He was amazed and he prayed to God that he will win the lottery just like his neighbor did. A month later, he was then watching again his favorite TV show when a news report suddenly came and said that his neighbor south of his house won the lottery. He was awestruck, and he prayed to God that he will win the lottery just like his neighbors did. The next month, he was then watching his favorite TV show again when there was a sudden newsflash, and it reported that his neighbor
  18. 18. west of his house won the lottery. He was baffled, and he prayed to God that he will win the lottery just like his neighbors did. Exactly a month later, he was then watching his favorite TV show when a news report again and guess what happened next? The news story told that his neighbor east of his house won the lottery. This time, he was angry with God. He said to God, “I prayed, prayed, and prayed, yet I didn’t win! To make things worse, all my neighbors won the lottery”. Then out of nowhere, an intense light appeared, and a hand came out of thin air holding a dollar bill accompanied by a low voice saying “Before you say anything more, why don’t you take this dollar bill and play the lottery”. It turned out that Juan did not even bet on the lottery, yet he was complaining to God.  Dinner: TL;DR, the moral of this story is that you cannot comprehend the big benefit of owning a network marketing business if you’re mindset is small like the cooking pot in the story. See, the concept of network marketing is big like the two fishes as illustrated in the story but if you narrow your mind and keep thinking that multilevel marketing is a scam, like the cooking pot, you cannot fully understand and utilize the power of the network marketing business to fulfill your dreams.
  19. 19. Once upon a time, there was a grandfather and grandson sitting on a boat and fishing for their dinner on a nearby lake from their log cabin. The grandfather’s job was to fish while his grandson’s job was to place the bait on the hook of the fishing rod. After a couple of minutes when they arrived at the center of the lake and started to fish, there was a strong tug on the fishing rod. The grandfather did his best to reel a big one in and alas, it was huge. The grandson was excited as this fish could feed them for days. But surprisingly the grandfather threw back to the lake the fish. The grandson was surprised by his grandfather’s action, but he did not want to question his grandfather’s judgment, so he kept silent and placed a bait on the hook. After 15 minutes, there was another tug on the fishing rod. The grandfather reeled it in, and it was also huge, but not that big as the previous one. The grandson was excited again as this fish could feed them for two to three days. But surprisingly again, the grandfather threw the fish back to the lake. The grandson baffled, kept silent again and placed another bait on the hook. A few minutes after, there was yet another tug at the fishing rod. The grandfather reeled it in, and it was an averaged sized fish that could feed them only for a meal. The grandfather took it and placed it in the
  20. 20. pail and said to the grandson “Let’s go home now”. The grandson was furious and said, “We caught a few big fishes that would’ve fed us for days, but you did not take it. Now when you caught an average sized fish that will feed us only for this dinner, you took it! Why?!” The grandfather replied, “Grandson, I did not take the other large fished because it will not fit in our cooking pot”.  Storm: TL;DR, the story’s moral is that we continue to pray to God and wish that we could have a lot of money or, at least, a source of riches so our lives will be easier. Here you are presented with this great network marketing opportunity, and you reject it. Sometimes what we prayed to God is already right under our noses, we just have to be conscious and accept the opportunity. There was a character named Juan, who was working on a local garments shop. One day while he was on his way to work the government raised a public storm warning, he shrugged it aside thinking that it’s just rain. On the noon of that day, the dark clouds above gave and poured down rain that lasted for hours. When Juan’s shift ended, there was a waist-high flood on the street just outside from the two-story building where he works. He went to the corner, knelt, and prayed to God that he will be safe from the elements.
  21. 21. A bus appeared outside, and the driver invited Juan to go on his bus so he could get the hell out of there because he might be stranded if the flood continued to go up. Juan denied the driver saying “No, God will save me!” The bus went away, and he prayed again. 30 minutes or so after the bus left, the flood was already covering the first floor of the building where he works. A rescue boat appeared, and the rescue crew told Juan to go on the boat so he can be rescued. Juan denied the rescue crew saying “No, God will save me!” The boat left, and he prayed again. A couple of minutes after, the water rapidly rose, and it now covered the whole second floor of the building from where he works. Juan was now on the rooftop where suddenly, a helicopter arrived. The crew inside the chopper asked Juan to latch himself to the harness line so he can be reeled into the helicopter. Juan denied the crew saying “No, God will save me!” The helicopter zoomed away, and he prayed again. A few moments later, the flood rose and covered the whole building. Juan was taken by the strong current and he crashed headfirst into the brick wall of the building next door. Juan died.
  22. 22. Juan woke up in an exceptionally bright place, and he saw God. Knowing that he’s dead already, the first thing he told God was “Why did you forsake me? I prayed that you would not leave me”. God said to Juan, “I sent three vehicles for you to get away from the strong flood, yet you denied them all”. When you are in the compensation plan part, you can use your jotter pad to illustrate the network marketing system that you company has and how can the prospect earn via the compensation plan from recruiting people into the team.
  23. 23. After the network marketing presentation, the prospect, most of the time will automatically ask you questions that were not clear to him in the MLM presentation proper. This is also the part where they throw objections about the product and the network marketing side of the business. That after network marketing presentation part is also called closing. Closing is the last part of the MLM presentation and undoubtedly the highest point of the network marketing presentation. As Chinkee Tan says is, and I quote, selling is easy if you know how to close the sale. This is where we can bring home the bacon. You might be good in prospecting, setting appointments, and presenting, but if you are poor in closing, you missed the whole point of the sales process. Unfortunately, the word “closing” brings a very negative connotation. This is the point where some feel that they need to force people into buying or joining something they don’t need, which is completely the opposite on what sales is all about.
  24. 24. Remember, selling is not about forcing, it’s all about sharing what you believe. Think of closing as this way: in business meetings between two companies, there is a part there where they reach an agreement and shake hands. The action of shaking hands signifies that the deal is now “closed” and they will perform the appropriate actions to do their end of the deal respectively. Now, the closing process in sales is getting the prospect to buy or join now, or get a commitment from him for a future investment with the network marketing company. There are two parts in closing a sale: (1) You need to answer the questions they throw at you and overcome any objections they may have, and (2) establish closure to the prospect by using the KAT mnemonic. You can ask your sponsor to tag along with you and let him do the closing for the first few MLM presentations you make. Since closing is the highest part of the network marketing presentation and will mean the difference between a sale, a delayed sale, or a lost sale, a more senior member of the team like your sponsor will have the most experience in handling the closing process and answering objections properly. But don’t be dependent on him, observe what he’s doing during the closing process and his responses to the prospect’s objections as you’ll duplicate what he’s doing later on.
  25. 25. When you decide to let your sponsor tag along and do the closing for you, you must bridge him first to your prospect. Bridging is the process of transitioning from one speaker to another with the previous speaker introducing the newer speaker’s credentials beforehand thus building authority to the newer one. You can bridge your sponsor by telling the prospect his name, his previous occupation, his reason for joining network marketing, and his achievements in the business. But before tackling objections, you must know the two most common questions that a prospect may ask after an MLM presentation and scripts on how to answer them like a professional:  What if I can’t get someone to join?: It’s impossible for the prospect not to sponsor anyone to the business considering that we’re sure that he knows, at least, fifty people or so, and who wants to say no to the opportunity of attaining financial freedom? We have more than a dozen prospecting techniques available that he can utilize in finding people to sponsor in the network marketing business, so the objection of the fear of not getting any people to sponsor in the business is not a valid excuse to not join.  Do I need to sponsor a lot of people?: To answer this question, you need to imply to the prospect that network marketing isn’t a game of who gets the most direct referrals. He doesn’t need a lot of direct
  26. 26. referrals to get rich in network marketing; he just needs a few well- trained persons who can duplicate what you’re doing, and their system will exponentially grow. In network marketing, the quality of the person trumps the quantity of persons. Make the prospect realize that it’s better to have two persons who are actively doing the business and knows what they’re doing rather than have a hundred persons that invested but has no time to do the business. He can’t exponentially grow his network if he is the one who’s always working, that’s no different from having a 9-to-5 job. Prospects may also ask questions about your company, product, or compensation plan in detail. These questions are in addition to the previous two. When prospects raise objections after presenting is a good sign. The same goes if they are asking a ton of questions. When they continue to bombard you with objections and questions, it means that they’re authentically interested in what you’re presenting. Come to think of it, why would they even dare ask you anything if they don’t give a crap about to what you’re talking about? The trick now is how to handle and overcome these objections well. You got to answer quick and respond knowledgeably when these objections arise because if you respond too long or answer wrongly, your prospect’s doubts about what you’re presenting may triple.
  27. 27. Below are the top five common objections that a network marketer can face plus scripts on how to handle them.  I don’t have the resources to invest: Perhaps the most common objection of them all is this one where the prospect’s wants to join but has no money to invest. Answer this objection by making the prospect realize that his problem today is money, tomorrow when he wakes up it’s money again and if he doesn’t find a solution to his problem today, his problem will always be money. Here he is, presented with a good system called network marketing where he can achieve financial freedom by leveraging with the effort of others, where he could realize his dreams, yet he treats his lack of money is an excuse. Don’t suggest the prospect to loan money or pawn his belongings because he’ll figure it out himself once you make him realize.  I need more time to think about this: Respond to this objection by making your prospect realize that nothing will be done if he continues to think about it. His life won’t change if he has the “I’ll think about it” mentality. Ticktock, ticktock, time is ticking, and he can’t get those seconds back. Every second wasted thinking about doing something great can only bring him nothing. He could have
  28. 28. invested now and done something productive like getting his first prospect but no, he said that he’ll think about it. Don’t think, just do.  I think network marketing is a scam: You’ll get this objection often because there is sometimes news on the Internet or TV about exposed pyramiding scams or get-rich-quickly schemes. You can answer this objection through actions where you can show the prospect the government permits or other legalities of the network marketing company, or you can also show them you company’s office to subliminally tell the prospect we are a legit business because we have a corporate office. You can also show your prospect the difference between network marketing and a get-rich-quickly scheme. Network marketing company promises your riches but with blood and perspiration. You have to hustle your way through to get rich in network marketing, but the rewards are bountiful. On the other hand, a get-rich-quickly scheme promises you riches without working or doing anything, and you can instantly get the rewards overnight.  I have a good, stable job right now: The objections are why does he need to join your network marketing business when he has a good, stable job that pays well in the first place? The answer to this objection is simple: don’t put your eggs in one basket because if you
  29. 29. drop one of the baskets, all your eggs will be gone. What if your prospect’s employer suddenly became bankrupt or has been filed a case in court that orders the company to cease operations at once? How then will he feed his family? How then will he send his children to college? It’s not bad for someone to have an extra source of income rather than relying on a single source. Network marketing is a business and businesses are one of the famous “financial baskets”.  I have a job and I don’t have the time: Let’s face it, some of us are naturally inclined on staying within our comfort zone and keeping the status quo. It’s the same with having a good, stable job that pays well. Prospects may have a hard time processing the misconception of when joining a network marketing business they have to leave their current job. You need to clear the misconception first by explaining that they could work on their network marketing business part-time while keeping their job. But on the long run, you also need to make that prospect realize that to succeed in network marketing, they need to treat it as a full-time business. It’s your job as the sponsor to assure them that you will help them ease the transition from working 9-to-5 as an employee to a full-time network marketer. After answering the prospect’s questions and objections, if they have any, you need to bond with the prospect and establish closure. This step is
  30. 30. necessary especially when the prospect is coming from your cold market because you need to be a friend that he can trust. People are close- fisted when it comes to money primarily because money is hard to obtain nowadays. Additionally, there has been a continuous rise of incidents reported on media than involves exposed pyramiding and get- rich-quickly schemes; they won’t trust people easily especially when it involves investments, so the best way to counter this is to be a friend to the prospect. Below are some key points on how to amplify your prospect’s trust to you in which we’ll follow a simple mnemonic to do it – KAT.  Know: Know the prospect better after network marketing presentations. You can use the FORM method as a framework to know him better. Likewise, you can also tell something about yourself or the story of how you came into the network marketing business to help build trust with each other. Additionally, you can also utilize the information gathered by the FORM method to help remind the prospect how your network marketing business can help him.  Agree: Agree with what the prospect is saying. Never get in a heated debate with him on his objections. The worst case scenario when you argue with the prospect is that you may lose the sale. When handling objections, your goal is not to contradict him but to make him
  31. 31. understand, to open his eyes, on your point-of-view. Agreeing with the prospect signifies that you understand him, and that increases his trust to you. You can use the feel, felt, found method for this. The feel, felt, found method is something like this: “I understand how you feel. Others, at first, felt the same way also until they found that…”  Treat: When somebody does kind things to you, don’t you have the feeling to reciprocate that? It’s human nature, and it’s natural. When you treat your prospect during or after presenting, it’s not a sign of bribery, nor you were implying that you should join because you treated him lunch, rather it’s a gesture of thanks for hearing the MLM presentation out. Treating your prospect for coffee during the network marketing presentation or a quick bite after the MLM presentation can help you build trust with the prospect. After answering the prospect’s questions and objections and also after establishing closure, you now need to ask the big question to the prospect: “What do you think about it?” The prospect can answer the “big question” in three possible ways: 1) Yes, I like it and I have the money to invest right now, 2) I like what you’re offering but I need more time to think about it or I don’t have the money right now, and 3) I don’t like it. Most of the time, the prospect will like it because they won’t even get past the prospecting stage if they aren’t
  32. 32. interested. Also, most of the time the prospects who has the most objections will be the ones who will answer number two. Don’t say anything after asking the big question. If you watched The Wolf of Wall Street, you might remember Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) saying to his team in a cold call scene that you’ve got to wait for an answer because in sales, the first on to speak loses. That’s called the power of silence in sales. Never assume silence is a form of rejection. It’s a signal of thought taking place, nothing more. If the prospect answers number one, congratulations because you’ve just made a sale. Now don’t pump your fist in the air right now because it still isn’t considered a sale if the prospect hasn’t paid the investment yet. If you presented at your company’s office or if your business’s office is nearby, you can personally guide him through the steps of paying and claiming his desired package. It’s also advantageous if you presented in your company’s office or somewhere nearby because, if you have team members there, they can welcome the new member of the team. If the prospect answers number two, it’s not yet a lost sale. If you already responded to the objection “I need more time to think about this” and all the other objections he may have, then there is nothing to do but ask for a future commitment from the prospect. Ask from him the exact date that he can invest in the business opportunity. After parting ways with
  33. 33. the prospect, strategic follow-up is needed in order to remind the prospect that he has a commitment to achieve. The next stage of the network marketing sales process, the network marketing follow-up stage, is dedicated to the prospect who answers number two. If the prospect responds number three, it’s also not yet a lost sale. Perhaps the prospect needs more proof that your product or compensation plan can bear results. You don’t need a commitment from him but you do need avenues of contacts from the prospects, with the priority being social media accounts followed by e-mail addresses, because this is where you’ll follow him up with messages of testimonials and success stories. Take me to the next guide in the MLM Sales Process which is just as awesome as this guide: The ABCs of Effective MLM Follow-Up That Will Increase Your Sales