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Creating the Internet of YOUR Things. Global Azure Bootcamp 2018


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Getting started creating the Internet of YOUR Things leveraging Microsoft Azure IoT and Mongoose OS

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Creating the Internet of YOUR Things. Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

  1. 1. Creating the Internet of YOUR Things Darren Robinson Managing & Principal Identity & Access Management Architect (NSW) Identity & Access Management MVP Kloud Solutions (Australia) @darrenjrobinson // HATT
  2. 2. Internet of ThingsInternet of Teeth?  2mm x 2mm Sensor  Tracks and monitors what we eat and drink  Salt  Glucose  Alcohol
  3. 3.  Gold leaf as the active material  On-skin user interfaces  Sense touch  Display output  Thermochromic tattoo  Communicate wirelessly with other devices  Using NFC Internet of ThingsInternet of Tattoos? using-skin-friendly-materials-2/
  4. 4. Facial Recognition?  Pet Door Facial Recognition  Front Door Facial Recognition
  5. 5. Do you have …..
  6. 6. Build the Internet of YOUR Things  What and how do I build the Internet of MY Things?  Devices and Sensors  Integration and Management  Automation
  7. 7. Devices and Sensors AU$5-$8 AU$5-$8 AU$5-$8 w/ keyfob & card AU$2 AU$2-$3 AU$1-$2 AU$1-$1.50 AU$6
  8. 8. Device  32-bit Microcontrollers  Espressif ESP8266 (Single Core)  Espressif ESP32 (Dual Core) Bluetooth  Full TCP/IP Stack  Wifi 802.11 b/g/n  Mongoose OS (IoT Firmware Dev Framework)  JavaScript (mJS) and C#  Cloud Integration (Azure, Google, AWS)  MQTT  Over-The-Air Updates and Management  Device Dashboard
  9. 9. Azure IoT Hub IoT Device IoT Device Azure IoT Azure MQTT Cloud Azure IoT  IoT Hub  Connect and manage IoT Devices  IoT Devices  ESP8266  ESP32  MQTT  Device to Cloud  Cloud to Device
  10. 10. Flow Azure Functions Azure Functions Automation  Send events to the IoT Device  Schedule triggers  Event triggers  Microsoft Flow  Hundreds of Actions to trigger logic  Azure Functions  Custom modules or actions/triggers not available from Microsoft Flow  Whatever you can imagination desires
  11. 11. Device Azure IoT Hub IoT Device IoT Device Azure IoT Azure MQTT Flow Azure Functions Azure Functions Cloud Automation
  12. 12. Example Project Azure IoT Hub Registered Azure IoT Device Azure PowerShell Function App MQTT Message ESP8266 Microcontroller Microsoft Flow Web Hook Button Trigger MQTT Message Actions
  13. 13. End to End Integration in 5 Steps 1. Create an Azure IoT Hub  Using PowerShell or the Azure Portal 2. Register an Azure IoT Device  Using PowerShell or Azure Portal 3. Configure your Physical IoT Device for MQTT to/from Azure IoT Hub  Mongoose OS on your ESP8266/ESP32 device 4. Create remote orchestration trigger/logic (Azure Functions / Flow) 5. Configure IoT Device to implement Internet of YOUR Things
  14. 14. Steps 1-3  Creation of Azure IoT Hubs and the registration of IoT Devices with PowerShell and VS Code  azure-iot-hubs-and-the-registration-of-iot-devices-with- powershell-and-vs-code/  Integrating Azure IoT Devices with MongooseOS MQTT and PowerShell  with-mongooseos-mqtt-and-powershell/
  15. 15. What will you build?  Internet Connected Smoke Alarm  Environmental Monitor / Weather Station  Medicinal Plant Monitoring Service  Gas / Air Quality Sensor  Radioactivity Monitor  Smart Washing Machine  Motion Detection and Alert Service  Have I left my Soldering Iron On Notifier OR
  16. 16. Voice Activation