Tablet and PC Repairing Services From Microsoft & iFixit


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Due to increased development in technologies have led to launching of more smart phones in the industry.This has lead Microsoft to join teardown outfit iFixit to launch a training service that aims to spur the growth of small businesses offering smartphone and tablet repairs.

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Tablet and PC Repairing Services From Microsoft & iFixit

  2. 2. New launch of Microsoft – iFixit for PC, tablet and Smartphone repair
  3. 3. Due to the advanced developed in technology the use of smart phone have increased a lot, new and more advanced Smartphone have come up in the industry as well. Microsoft has joined iFixit for offering training services as well as business for repair services of Smartphone and tablets as well. This service will help in saving many precious materials and devices as well. The team of Microsoft along with iFixit will aim in providing many free training services for repairing PC, tablet and Smartphone. This will not only extend the life of devices and phones but also will help many small businesses to get a start up in offering repair services for these devices. Microsoft have also placed their hands in the service of using bolster for green credentials as it will play a vital role in repairing services and will also help in saving the precious materials such as gold, silver, zinc, lead, copper that are being used in the gadgets. iFixit have obtained a popular name only by implementing the latest technology and thereby providing step by step guide towards the inner working of the devices. This repair toolkit will help people to set up their business for themselves and increase the reuse of the devices. The repair training services have helped people to recognize how easy it is to dismantle, repair and replace parts.
  4. 4. Another new launch of the Microsoft along with iFixit is to offer free online training services which will help the people to set up their own PC, Smartphone and tablet repair service or business. This service was indeed set up with the intention of increasing the reuse of these gadgets. So if more and more people come up interested in setting up these repair services and business then many of these valuable resources can be saved back to the production cycle which will be supporting the circular economy. When this kind of system is set it will help in minimizing the need of virgin or fresh raw materials, by reusing and recycling the used products. And so there came up the Pro tech network which was the result of the combined work of Microsoft along with iFixit. These new launches have helped in providing many new skills for the people in fixing and repairing gadgets. Computer Doctor BG is one among the providers that offer tablet, Smartphone and PC repair and they also ensure that the cost of repairing these gadgets do not exceed the total cost of the damaged device.
  5. 5. CONTACT US 4075 S.Durango Drive #105-B Las Vegas, Nevada, 89147 Ph: 702 802 3300