SIPA 2013 Using Technology & Analytics to Enhance Your Content


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Darrell provides an overview of the best practices of using technology to enhance your content. Join Darrell as he explores semantic technology, web governance and your web presence to demonstrate how a well constructed website utilizing the best analytics will improve your profitability.

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  • Access to the park – no need to carry ticketsAbility to purchase food and other itemsIdentifies who you are so the Disney characters call your children by name This personalizes the experience.It includes the fast pass so you can get to the enjoyment of the rides faster.Connection to My Disney Experience to personalize your experience.
  • You can also look at the STM products and services as a process, where a researchers starts to work on a certain topic, he is receiving funding for his research, is using STM products like journal articles to stay up-to-date, serves as peer reviewer since his research is qualifying him for certain areas, he is participating in conferences as a visitor, he is presenting at conferences to present his research findings and he finally publishes his research results and the whole cycle starts again and again.But this is focusing on a SINGLE researcher, in reality this is happening VERY DIFFERENT – not a single researcher is going through this process, but one researcher with a group of colleagues, with collaborators on paper, experts he is meeting at conferences etc. – it is all about collaboration So why not support that researchers are working together with social networking platforms which are actually reflecting that advances in science are a collaborative effort?
  • SIPA 2013 Using Technology & Analytics to Enhance Your Content

    1. 1. 6/21/2013 GMG Company Confidential 1
    2. 2. • Intro• Web presence• Web governance• Semantic technology• Case study• Summation6/21/2013 GMG Company Confidential 2
    3. 3. GMG Inc., Company Confidential 3
    4. 4. A GreatWebsite….InstructsInformsAnswersProductiveSolvesProblemsGMG Inc., Company Confidential 4
    5. 5. • Website Governance – is an organization’sstructure of staff and the technicalsystems, policies and procedures to maintainand manage a website. Website governanceapplies to both Internet & Intranet sites.Source: Wikipedia
    6. 6. Web Governance
    7. 7.
    8. 8. Web Governance
    9. 9. Despite all the tech behind the MagicBand andMyMagic+, Disney actually wants to hide thataspect of it. When asked how technological Disneyshould get, Staggs said, “I don’t think there’s a limit.I think that tech for its own sake in our park shouldnot happen … It’s not about the technology. It’sabout the magic that it creates. The place, themood, and the time.” The company’s goal is to haveits visitors leave thinking, “Wow, that wasincredible,” and to feel like they were part of theDisney story.
    10. 10. GMG Inc., Company Confidential 22
    11. 11. •–••GMG Inc., Company Confidential 23
    12. 12. • Stemming, lemmatization and normalizing• Plural  singular e.g.: Diseases  disease• Past  present e.g.: Treated  treat• Multi-lingual• Gripe  Griep  Influenza• Synonyms• Earth  Globe• Disambiguation of homonyms• Jaguar ? Car or Animal• Abbreviations• SARS  Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)• Long Form Short Form• Phrases: meaningful & coherent utterances• e.g. blackwater feverGMG Inc., Company Confidential 24
    13. 13. GMG Inc., Company Confidential 25
    14. 14. GMG Inc., Company Confidential 26
    15. 15. • New life science social networking portal• Launched the January 2009• Prepopulated with 1.4 million expert profiles• Based on the last ten years of PubMed• 12 million relations of co-authors as social links• Achieved 300 registered users in 9 months!
    16. 16. Co-author links betweenTony Kouzarides Potential Reviewers&
    17. 17. GMG Inc., Company Confidential 33
    18. 18. GMG Inc., Company Confidential 34
    19. 19. ••••GMG Company Confidential 356/21/2013
    20. 20. Questions!GMG Inc., Company Confidential 36
    21. 21. GMG Company Confidential 376/21/2013
    22. 22. •••••• Inc., Company Confidential 38