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Steps for creating a personal learning roadmap


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Steps for creating a personal learning roadmap

  1. 1. Steps for Creating a Personal Learning Roadmap
  2. 2. STEP 1: From the Learning Roadmap Template, click on Start an Activity fromthis Template.PLEASE NOTE: You must be logged in Creating a personal learning roadmap from the template provides you with a pre- populated To Do list of actions with detailed instructions on how to complete. This will be your personal space. You can make it as public or private as you wish.
  3. 3. STEP 2: Fill in the form and press Save Recommend naming your personal learning roadmap something that you’ll recognize Recommend keeping the default tags and adding additional tags if needed Use Due Date and Member Options as needed to keep you accountable for completing the program
  4. 4. Congratulations!!! You now have a personallearning roadmap with pre-populated to doitems with instructions and urls for completing. Each To Do Item has urls to learning content