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Learning circles


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Published in: Education, Technology

Learning circles

  1. 1. An Introduction To Learning Circles
  2. 2. Types of learning topics to be included over time • Product Usage • Install and Configuration • Demonstrate value • Trouble-shooting A place to connect and engage with others in order to learn together What is a Learning Circle?
  3. 3. What Problems Are We Trying to Solve? Break down some of the barriers to learning
  4. 4. Clients (organizations and individuals) Business Partners Students and Teachers Global System Integrators IBM Practitioners and Consultants (our internal clients) IBM Rational Technical Staff (Development, Client Support Engineers, Technical Sales, Services Delivery) Who is the Target Audience? People interested in learning how to use our products or experts who are interested in sharing their knowledge and expertise
  5. 5. How Does a Learning Circle Work?
  6. 6. Questions??