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Every Thing You Need To Know About Houston Zoo

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cityofhoustonguide 2

  1. 1. Every Thing You Need To Know About Houston Zoo The HoustonZoo is a fiftyfive-acre (22ha) zoological parklocatedwithinHermannParkinHouston, Texas,america.The zoohousesover6,000 animalsfrom900 species.Itreceives2.55 milliontrafficeach 12 monthsand isthe secondone maximumvisitedzoointhe unitedstatesof america. The McNair AsianElephantHabitatishome tothe HoustonZoo's herdof Asianelephants.Itfunctionsa 7,000-square-footbarncustom-builttohouse the bull elephants,alogo-newimprovedhabitatwitha boardwalkwithanunobstructedviewof the elephantsof theirnew yard,andaa hundredandsixty,000- gallonpool. presentingthree mainexhibits,the Fischerfowlgarden,the Tropical fowl houseandBirdsof the sector, the HoustonZoo boastsone in everyof the biggestcollectionsinanyUSzoo, withextrathan800 birds fromovertwo hundredspecies.Itincludesarange of diverse birds,togetherwiththe Marianafruit dove,cassowary,Micronesiankingfisher,Congopeafowlandgreen-wingedmacaw. webhostingthe college of Houston'smascotShastathe cougar, the carnivore show off islikewise domestictothe Africanlion,Malayantiger,CloudedLeopard,Blackundergo,Africanpainteddog,jaguar and manedwolf. the ocean LionPool ispositionedwiththe aidof the zooentrance & is domestictoCaliforniasealions Jonah,Rockie,Cali,KamiaandherdoggyTJ, born June 26, 2017. UPI Communications