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Finfind presentation latest


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Darlene Menzies

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Finfind presentation latest

  1. 1. Access to Finance Darlene Menzies – CEO Finfind
  2. 2. ACCESS TO FINANCE is the biggest challenge experienced by start-ups and small businesses
  3. 3. NSBC Survey – Access to finance the #1 need
  4. 4. Seed Academy Survey – Access to finance the #1 need
  5. 5. What are the challenges experienced by entrepreneurs • Don’t know who all the lenders are • Don’t know what the lenders need from you • Don’t understand the different loan offerings • Waste a lot of time and money running around • Don’t have financial statements and other documents needed
  6. 6. Lender challenges • It’s not that there’s no money to lend – there’s plenty of money available • Lenders are struggling to find SMEs that are properly postioned for them to lend to
  7. 7. Finfind has been specifically developed to solve the problems experienced by both the entrepreneurs and the lenders
  8. 8. What is FINFIND? • A website that links entrepreneurs looking for finance with lenders • It’s FREE and very easy to use • Has over 200 lenders and over 350 finance offerings • It is updated daily • Includes all the government grants and loan offerings • Sponsored by the DSBD and USAID and supported by Seda branches • Launched by the Minister of Small Business Development • Over 90 000 users
  9. 9. Some examples of the number of offerings in FINFIND • 64 funds available for starting a business • 109 funds available for growing your start-up • 26 funds available for completing a contract • 73 funds available for buying equipment • 153 funds available for working capital • 180 funds available for business expansion
  10. 10. What else does FINFIND do? • Teaches you about finance – Answers common questions – Different types of lenders – Different types of finance • Assists you to get ready to access finance – Tells you what lenders need from you – Gives online advice on how to sort out the things you are lacking – Links you with Accountants and Business Advisors in your area
  11. 11. For FREE training videos For quotes, invoices, money management, financials For help with finance readiness
  12. 12. Go to to find a lender Finfind
  13. 13. Darlene Menzies – CEO Finfind