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Setting Business Priorities


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Setting Business Priorities

  1. 1. Settings Goals and Achieving Results Presented by: Darla Rose Chartered Benefits Consultant
  2. 2. Identify Time Killers  Phone Calls  Walk –ins  Email  People asking if they can “ask a question?” or “do you have a minute?”  Text Messages  Social Networking
  3. 3. Break the Business Down Identify Impact Areas The areas that impact Productivity and growth
  4. 4. Hold Weekly Meetings Each Impact Area – hold weekly meetings  Identify the key employees who should attend meetings  Have all employees in each Impact Area complete questionnaires to gain the inside perspective  Set Goals, and analyze results weekly
  5. 5. Getting things done Every day should be as productive as possible  Create rules to live by to be more productive and decisive Basic rules: Touch it once and Make a List Things to do tomorrow Write your 6 top priorities For tomorrow Beside each item, determine the time it will take to complete the item. Write the time down beside each item Then set priorities based on the time it will take to complete. Plan your Day to achieve your 6 priorities
  6. 6. The 80/20 rule 20% of our time results in 80% of our production Ask yourself What if 80% of your effort was focused on high results – producing activities
  7. 7. Instituting Higher Standards  Preprogram your organization to Run Like a Finely Tuned Machine  Hold Regular Training Meetings  Execute Effective Meetings  Teach Employees How To Work Together to Improve Every Aspect of Your Company Using Workshop Training
  8. 8. Become A Brilliant Strategist  How to Get Up to Nine Times More Impact from Every Move You Make  Hire Superstars How to Accelerate Your Growth by Using High Octane Talent at Every Level  The High Art of Getting the Best Buyers The Fastest, Least Expensive Way to Dramatically Increase Sales
  9. 9. Learn the Seven Musts of Marketing  Turbo-charge Every Aspect of Your Primary Marketing Efforts  The Eyes Have It Attract and Close More Buyers by Using More compelling Visuals, Plus the Biggest Mistakes Everyone Makes When Presenting –  The Nitty-Gritty of Getting the Best Buyers  Step by Step, Day by Day Tactics to Land Your Dream Clients
  10. 10. Fine Tune Your Sales Skills  The Deeper You Go the More You Will Sell  Follow-up and Client Bonding Skills How to Keep Clients Forever and Dramatically Increase Your Profits  All Systems Go = Setting Goals, Measuring Effectiveness and Activating Your Master Plan
  11. 11. This has been a preview there is so much more in this book -  This book will change your attitude toward your business. You will change your approach and boost profits.  Your sales force will be invigorated and more productive, and consequently happier.  Your employees will bond working toward well defined common goals.  You will sleep better at night, because your worries will be deminised.