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Darkwater Digital is a digital communications firm that specializes in strategic online campaigns aimed at leveraging the internet and Web 2.0 to achieve a high recall quotient of your brand. With Darkwater Digital, your brand can conquer the semantic web. We specialize in building your brand comprehensively online, and is strategically poised to deliver your product directly to your customers globally. Online reputation management is an area overlooked by most businesses, which could make or break the business. Darkwater Digital, with its elite team of technology experts and highly-networked bloggers will ensure that your brand achieves the right kind of publicity among the online audience. We build businesses, not just brands.

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Darkwater Digital Company Credentials

  1. 1. DARKWATER DIGITAL Company Credentials
  2. 2. What The Heck Is A Social Media Agency, Anyway? If you haven’t realized the potential of the internet, and in particular, social media, you have a lot of catching up to do Social media agencies help organize your presence in online media and try to ensure your brand has a steady dialogue Sometimes, social media agencies help you manage your online reputation by tackling negative comments about your brand
  3. 3. Is Darkwater Digital A Social Media Agency? No, we are not Well, not entirely. To call ourselves a social media agency would undermine what we stand for “Digital Communications Specialists” defines who we are and what we do. It sounds cooler, too When we say we redefine PR 2.0, we mean it
  4. 4. So, What Do We Do, Exactly? When it comes to building a brand image, there is no stronger media than the internet We lead our lives by asking everyone we meet, “Are You Online?” We give your brand the edge it needs to outgrow all other competition in the most rapidly growing sphere in the world And that’s not just it…
  5. 5. Stop Being Vague To be more specific and to confine ourselves to a nutshell for the moment, there are three major services we specialize in: – Digital Communications – Public Relations – Online Reputation Management
  6. 6. Digital Communications Have you Googled yourself lately? If you haven’t you’d be surprised at what you’d find When it comes to establishing a presence online, it does not mean putting up a website The semantic websphere is where we begin building your brand for you
  7. 7. Digital Communications The Semantic Web User-generated Group Technical content: Dynamics: Quagmire: Wikis, Blogs, Discussion Java, Ajax, photo and video Forums, DHTML, etc. sharing, etc. Comments, Bulletin Boards, Microblogs, etc.
  8. 8. So, I Have A Blog. What Next? Is it enough to have a blog somewhere and hope that you’re ‘socially aware’? We think not. Blogging, though a good initiative, is just 0.5% of your digital communications activities Making your website interactive and Web 2.0 friendly is an absolute necessity Then comes the monster checklist
  9. 9. The Monster Checklist Social Media Mapping Content Development Social Media Outreach Blogger Events HTML-encoded Emails Blog Camps Corporate Blogs Webinars Online Polls & Surveys Podcasts Photo Sharing Flash Animations Video Hosting Mobile Applications Search Engine Online Press Conferences Optimization Knowledge Transfer, Website Design & Training & Development Development
  10. 10. Is That All Darkwater Offers? Of course not! Public relations and brand-building is something we all worship We realize that a brand can be built successfully only with a collaborated online and offline effort So, we threw in a PR division as well and created another monster checklist
  11. 11. The Second Monster Checklist Media Training Press Release Media Management Dissemination News Tracking & Image Management Monitoring Interviews & Feature Offshore Media Articles Relations – USA & Collateral Canada * Development Event Management Public Affairs Support CSR Consultancy *Offshore media relations will soon include Europe & Asia Pacific as well
  12. 12. So, Where Is Darkwater Located? We have our headquarters in Bangalore, where our precious servers are based and hence, most of our techies Bangalore also houses our HR and Business Development divisions New Delhi hosts our main corporate office Chennai hosts our software development division We are considering an Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore, and we hope it will be operational in this financial year Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Ahmadabad have been reached through an extensive network or stringers and freelancers
  13. 13. Software Development? Oh Yes. Since most of us have grown in the PR industry, we understand the problems faced by organizations in news tracking & keeping track of endless monthly coverage To make life easier for all of us, we are developing and testing an automated web-based news tracking and archiving tool, that can be used to do almost anything Track, Monitor & Read News Bookmark, Scan & Tag Clips Secure archives Evaluate ad value Attach and email required clips And a horde of other things
  14. 14. How Do We Work? Due to the ubiquitous nature of our services, we work on two levels: – We work with brands and organizations directly and help them in their digital communications efforts – We associate ourselves with PR Agencies and help them strengthen their digital communications services Everyone wins, right?
  15. 15. Few Of The Clients We Work With
  16. 16. What They Say About Us “Working with Darkwater Digital was the best decision I have taken. They met their deadlines promptly and their work on our website was top-notch.” » Gayatri Kiran Managing Partner, Samyukta Child Development Consultancy “They ensured me a global reach and they delivered. Kudos.” » Aparna Gonibeed World-renowned corporate trainer & life-skills coach
  17. 17. Nikhil Kumar Managing Director Website: www.darkwaterdigital.com Email: nikhil@darkwaterdigital.com Phone: +91 98860 76108 Skype: nikhil.kmr Contact Information