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Media Kit

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Media kit binb eng_2011

  1. 1. Media Kit
  2. 2. Why did BinB emerge?• There is currently an unlimited amount of information pertaining to all genres; it is imposible to discern it due to its large scope of contents. Business in Bajio offers the best and most updated news to those businessmen who lack sufficient time in order to analyze, in a detailed manner, the information presented in newspapers, television, radio, magazines, bulletins, etc. Hence, they will be able to be updated with regard to various topics related to Marketing, Business, Innovations in Information Technology, Advertising, Human Resources, and such.
  3. 3. Editorial ProfileDigital publication for the Bajio region, employing an editorial style which is characterized by creativity, reliability, ethics, and efficacy.BinB will portray an image will be contemporary, lively, fresh anddynamic, thus making the publication rather appealing. Itsobjective will be to keep high level executives concernedabout issues such as the country’s development, within theBajio region, in order for them to make wise decisions and toattain a practical understanding of trade negotiationsBinB will be a spearhead publication that will act as an upgrade and feedback tool.
  4. 4. Reader ProfileBusines leaders, directors, high executives, and individuals in charge of various departments who are liable for their subordinates in order to achieve common objectives for the company.Individuals responsible for making purchase related decisions in one of the most powerful regions in the country. NSE: ABC+: 85% C: 15%• Upper Management: 17%• Functional Managers: 21%• Executives: 29%• Engineering / Purchases: 3%• Universities: 30%
  5. 5. MediaKitPeriodicity: Issued monthlyCirculation: Companies pertaining to the following sectors: Industrial, Trade, Tourism, Power and Electricity, Business, Textile, Food and Agriculture, Marketing and Publicity.Audience: More than 10,000 readers from various driving sectors that make business in the Bajio region.Distribution: Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas and JaliscoScope: More than 5 individuals within a given company, since it is a digital means which can be readily transferred.
  6. 6. SectionsEditorialEntrepreneur: It includes the best The Best ADS: A graphic display ofarticles and tips on how to help the best advertising ads.your company become the best. DO’s and DON’Ts: The best tips for highSuccess stories: Real stories whereby level executives.companies from various sectors showhow they solved market relatedproblems. Local News: The best local level marketing news.Strategic Planning: Experts talk aboutthe building, development and International News: The bestexecution of their operating plans to marketing and business news at themeet their set goals and objectives. international level. Executive Woman: A report on everythingMarketing: The latest trends marking related to women’s environment inthe path for this flexible business, news, events, tips and such.communication tool.
  7. 7. Sections-continuedHuman Capital: We spend most of our Cuisine Recommendations: The besttime in the workplace, so, how can we places to dine out and have fun.turn this into a more satisfyingexperience? Fine Art: A wide selection including theBusiness Writing Tips for Executives. best works of contemporary and all-All you need to know, from writing a time letter to making an YearlyReport. New Technology: The most expensiveBBranding. Get to know the best and luxurious gadgets everyone wantsstrategies for brand building. to have. Literary Suggestions: The best booksSocial Networks: Social networks have (recommended by Casa Gandhi), frombecome a direct-contact electronic novels to technical books.means which provide benefits in allrespects. Bajio Business News: The best headlines from the country’s central Events: Events to be held during the region. following month (pertaining to all scopes).
  8. 8. 10 High Impact Reasons Why You Should Consider BusinessinBajio as Part of Your 2011 Guidelines 1. Digital advertising increases the effectiveness of traditional media in addition to increasing the purchase intention as well as the scope of campaigns developed in traditional media, such as the radio, TV, and printed media. Source: NFO Infratest. 2. BusinesinBajio reaches 6 states within the Mexican Bajio region: Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, and Zacatecas. 3. BusinesinBajio has a readership made up by more than 10,000 individuals. 4. It is present in the most important Social Networks. 5. It reaches more than 3 individuals within the same organization or company. 6. It reaches the country’s main economic sectors. 7. It possess a truly valuable editorial content, since national and international collaborators contribute by sending articles. 8. It includes 20 highly interesting sections for individuals involved in Business and Marketing. 9. Your company will be advertised in digital media for one year, thus helping reinforce your Branding efforts. 10. Advertising material recall and purchase intentions improve when traditional and digital media unite. Source: NFO Infratest.
  9. 9. Frequency DiscountsADVERTISING FEATURE (cost per page) $ 8,500.00 pesos plus taxThis is a type of article aimed at providing information on a given enterprise, including details regarding its foundations, beginning, development and goals. It must include images and general interest information.Ad design $ 850.00 pesos plus tax
  10. 10. Business in Bajio Closing Dates 2010 Editions • October September 24 • November October 18 • December November 16 2011 Editions • January December 13 • February January 17 Digital Material • March February 14 Specifications • April March 21All files must be in • May April 18high resolution • June May 16digital jgp format, • July June 20(150 dpis). • August July 18 • September August 15 • October September 19 • November October 17 • December November 14
  11. 11. Online Sponsorships Ads “Diamond” Sponsorship Ad www.businessinbajio.comSize: 469 wide x 90 highDuration: One monthPosition: Shared (2 sponsorship ads)Investment: $ 5,500.00 Rate does not include tax
  12. 12. Online Sponsorships Ads “Silver” Sponsorship Ad www.businessinbajio.comSize: 205 wide x 114 highDuration: One monthPosition: Single ad (not shared)Investment: $ 4,500.00 Rate does not include tax
  13. 13. Online Sponsorships Ads “Star” Sponsorship Ad www.businessinbajio.comSize: 150 wide x 194 highDuration: One monthPosition: Single ad (not shared)Investment: $ 4,000.00 Rate does not include tax
  14. 14. Contact information
  15. 15.