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5 tips to find great flight deals


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Simple ways to save money when booking flight tickets thanks to the Darjeelin team. Come visit us on

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5 tips to find great flight deals

  1. 1. 5 TIPS TO FIND GREATFLIGHT DEALSStop making costly mistakesCourtesy of DarjeelinA crowdsourced travel agency
  2. 2. #1 BOOK AT THE RIGHT TIMEIf you book your flight tickets:• Before or at lunch time from office• In the evening coming back from work• During the weekendYou are doing it all wrong! Did you know that…most online travel agencies, aggregators and flightsearch engines charge you more from 10am to 2am, especially betweenFriday and Sunday.Book at the start of the week, preferably before 8am
  3. 3. #2 MAKE THE MOST OUT OF AGGREGATORS…If, when booking flight tickets:• You have a favorite website that you favor over others when searching• You usually book through that same websiteYou are doing it all wrong! You should cross-check sources, if one website was REALLY better thanothers, there wouldn’t be such a diversityhttps://www.darjeelin.comDoHop ($$$) Illicotravel SkyscannerKayak
  4. 4. #3 …BUT DON’T TAKE IT FOR GRANTEDDetermine a baseline• Cross-checking should lead you to identify the cheapest fares they can find• Test the cheapest price of all by simulating a purchase until the checkoutpage to spot additional fees• This price will be your baseline and your objective will be to beat itSave time Did you know that…20% of travelers spend at least 5 hours shopping andbooking flights. Are you one of them?Know when to stop, you probably have other things to sort out:accommodation and activities…
  5. 5. #4 BUY FROM AIRLINESSometimes they have more to offer• Greater variety of fares (classes, age groups…)• No additional booking fees• Miles optimizationGet a bigger picture Did you know that…several airlines are not listed on aggregators? This isespecially true in Asia, where many low-cost companies fall under theradar…Find out the list of airlines operating in the airports that mightpart of your journey
  6. 6. #5 MANUALLY TRY NEARBY AIRPORTSWhat does it mean?• Consider a regional stopover to land in the domestic airport of that big cityyou’re flying to• Compare airfares for “neighboring” hubs (especially in Europe) Did you know that…Airlines are subject to taxes enforced by the airportsthey operate in. These taxes vary from one airport to another Try using Google ITA Software to clearly spot these airport taxesWhen landing nearby your final destination, think aboutincorporating a train/bus leg to your journey
  7. 7. WANT TO NO MORE ABOUT IT?We highly recommend you to have a look at these?• The Ultimate Flight Hacking Guide• Travel Hacking 201: Hacking Airfare• How To Hack A Flight• The Complete Guide To Flight Hacking
  8. 8. IF YOU ARE…… N O T I M P R E S S E D• All of the above is no-nonsense to you?• Fuel dumping, cross-ticketing and miles accrualare your bread and butter?BECOME AN EXPERTJOIN US HERE… S T I L L C O N F U S E D• Sounds like more effort thananything else?• Want to do less rather thanmore?FIND OUT HOW OUR EXPERTSCAN MAKE YOU SAVE TIME ANDMONEY HERE