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10 simple ways to be happier


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Published in: Self Improvement, Spiritual
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10 simple ways to be happier

  1. 10 simple ways to be happier  Confidential. © Happier, Inc. 2013
  2. There’s science on what makes us happier. And then there are real-life experiences of people who are happier.
  3. Told through the happy moments shared by the Happier community, here are 10 simple, fun, and inspiring ideas on how to be happier 
  4. 1. Surprise someone
  5. by throwing a surprise party
  6. getting tickets to a concert
  7. bringing over a friend
  8. driving to see your dad after surgery (or just because)
  9. 2. Get outside and get your heart pumping
  10. by taking a walk on your lunch break
  11. sneaking in a run in the morning
  12. taking a short bike ride
  13. or a long one
  14. 3. Contribute to a cause you care about
  15. you can donate your hair
  16. money
  17. your baking skills
  18. or your clothes
  19. 4. Take the time to make your morning awesome
  20. kick off the day with some tunes you like
  21. squeeze in a workout
  22. get some air and chill time
  23. enjoy a slow start if you can
  24. 5. Do something creative
  25. paint
  26. revive an old dresser
  27. create your own card
  28. make some jewelry
  29. play an instrument
  30. 6. Spend time with friends
  31. indulge in ice cream
  32. ride some motorcycles
  33. run a tough race together
  34. enjoy some awesome food
  35. 7. Appreciate beautiful stuff all around you
  36. awesome murals
  37. blooming flowers
  38. water wherever you can see it
  39. cool buildings
  40. 8. Make plans you can’t wait for
  41. to go bowling
  42. see your family
  43. catch up with friends you’ve not seen in a while
  44. visit a place you’ve not been
  45. 9. Tell someone at work they’re awesome
  46. if they did a great job
  47. worked their butt off
  48. if you dig what they’re wearing
  49. or think they need a pick- me-up
  50. 10. Appreciate your lucky breaks
  51. being late but still catching your bus
  52. getting pulled over but avoiding a ticket
  53. having something break while still under warranty
  54. finding something you thought you’d lost
  55. Download our iOS app or share your happy moments on and we may include them in our upcoming book “100 simple, fun, and inspiring ways to be happier!”