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Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture


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Eligibility for Ag Canada Growing Forward Training, VCMx Exchange

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Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

  1. 1. Government ___ of ____ Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture Legislative Building Regina, C anada SA S O B3 April 9, 2014 Mr. Darhl Vercainge Value Chain Management Exchange PO Box 541 WHITE CITY SK S4L 5B1 Dear Mr. Vercaigne: Thank you for your recent emails to my office and the Honourable Christine Tell, MLA for Regina Wascana Plains. I understand that yo have had discussions with Minitry officials regarding the Farm Development Initiative (FBDI) under the Growing Forward 2 (GF2) framework The specific objective of FBDI is to strategically enhance farmers' and ranchers' farm management skills. Eligible clients are resident farmers and ranchers, age 18 and over, who are actively involved in or are beginning their farming career. I have asked my officials to review your file again to determine the eligibility of your training resources under the program. Ministry officials will contact you directly. I encourage you to continue to work with them through the process. Thank you for your correspondence. Sincerely, Lyle Stewart cc: Honourable Christine Tell, MLA, Regina Wascana Plains Janice Tranberg, Assistant Deputy Minister, Regulatory and Innovation