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Team twotheory

  1. 1. Team Two
  2. 2. Key points to Constructivism Constructivism is a philosophy of learning. By reflecting on our experiences, we construct our own understanding of the world we live in. Each of us generates our own “rules” and “mental models,” which we use to make sense of our experiences. When students are actively participating in their own learning process, they will understand better, and remember longer. “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” -Confucius B is the best example of Constructivism
  3. 3. Some of the People Associated with ConstructivismLev Vygotsky Jean Piaget Jerome Bruner
  4. 4. Lev Vygotsky His studies found that a child often successfully accomplished new tasks while working in collaboration with an adult instead of on their own.  This does not mean the adult is teaching the child how to solve problems. In the act of the adult engaging with the child, the learning experience improves and offers the child the ability to refine thinking and perform effectively.
  5. 5. Jean Piaget His development theory suggests that a child constructs understanding through many channels:  reading  listening  exploring  experiencing their own environment. Piaget work has identified four major stages of cognitive growth.  Sensorimotor  Preoperational  Concrete operational  Formal operational
  6. 6. Jerome Bruner He developed the Discovery Learning Theory Bruner holds that a theory of instruction should address four major aspects: The Discovery Learning Theory states some major ideas about learning:  Learning is an active, social process in which students construct new ideas or concepts based on current knowledge.
  7. 7. Teacher + Theory + Technology What the teacher does under Constructivism using technology. By the teacher allowing students to learn by using technology then that teacher is working under the constructivism theory, allowing students to learn for themselves, and learn from their experiences. Some ways that teachers in cooperate technology and the constructivism theory is..  Internet access  Education based computer games  CD books and activities  Video recording themselves
  8. 8. Teacher + Theory - Technology What the teacher does under Constructivism without using technology. Constructivism calls for the elimination of a standardized curriculum. If a teacher is working under the constructivism theory but doesn’t use technology, some other ways of letting the students learn by themselves and their own experiences is..  Asking Open-Ended Questions  Extensive dialogue amongst students  Hands on activities
  9. 9. Students + Theory + Technology What the students does under constructivism using technology. If students are using the technology around them to learn things on their own, discover new stuff, and use their experiences to knowledge them of life then they are under the constructivism theory. Because of technology, students have started to learn on their own more than before, because of computers, and internet, and education based computer games, etc. So with the addition of technology, students are brining out the learning style of constructivist more than ever before. Technology can and will force the issue of constructivism.
  10. 10. Students + Theory - Technology What the students does under constructivism without using technology. Students under constructivism theory learn on their own, and without technology a good way of students to learn is getting hands on. Under constructivism the student is supported to follow his instinct and create his own knowledge and strategies for understanding and learning Answering Open-Ended Questions Thinking about things from your own view Learning through what you do yourself, and your experiences.
  11. 11. Team Two + Theory What Team Two thinks! Constructivism using technology is a great teaching style. We believe that learning through the theory of constructivism allows the students to grow up faster and more maturely. We believe that learning through your own experiences is better than learning through someone elses. We believe that allowing the student to think and do for themselves is a very good idea and learning style. We also believe that helpful, appropriate, good models are good examples for children to help them to start learning on their own.
  12. 12. Credit Where Credit is Due Integrating Technology and Digital Media in the Classroom Text: Shelly Cashman Series, 6th ed.