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Responsive Design & SharePoint - Is it right for you?


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Presentation from #SPSSTL

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Responsive Design & SharePoint - Is it right for you?

  1. 1. p g Responsive Design & SharePoint Is it right for you? SharePoint Saturday St. Louis 1/11/2014 #SPSSTL
  2. 2. The Test 1 .Back_Row{ 2 move to front 3} @darcehess
  3. 3. For Coders 1 $(“tr:last”).each(function () { 2 moveForward(); 3 }); @darcehess
  4. 4. Who am I? D’arce Hess Developer, Athlete and Musician PixelMill Blog: Website: Email: @darcehess
  5. 5. Please send feedback Mobile App:
  6. 6. Session Evaluations Schedule and evaluate each session you attend via our mobile app that can be used across devices at You will be able to evaluate a session 25 minutes before the scheduled end time Evaluations are stored anonymously and your feedback is appreciated The app will be the only method available to submit session evaluations for the event and we hope you find it intuitive and convenient
  7. 7. Developing SharePoint solutions since 2004 SharePoint Branding and UI Specialists Developer of Cost effective SharePoint Templates Your SharePoint Branding Experts
  8. 8. The Dilemma Have you looked up a website on your mobile device and had to pinch the screen to expand the content to reach the information you need? @darcehess
  9. 9. Mobile Users Anonymous 1. Is this you? 2. Admit you have a UI/UX problem 3. Seek help 4. Have better experience @darcehess 5. Win the lottery!
  10. 10. Why Consider Mobile?
  11. 11. Users accessed information using a single device. Used Keyboard and a mouse to deliver user experience. @darcehess
  12. 12. Device Channels • Allowed for individual master pages to target specific devices. • Allowed for a unique viewing experience • Required users to maintain multiple master pages in order to provide unified experience for users. • Only available in SharePoint 2013 Publishing Sites. • Can have a maximum of 10 device channels. @darcehess
  13. 13. Progressive Enhancement
  14. 14. Named by Steve Champeon in 2003. Focuses on Content first A difficult fit for SharePoint since SharePoint starts with a desktop view first. @darcehess
  15. 15. Responsive Design
  16. 16.  Ethan Marcotte coined the term responsive web design (RWD) in a May 2010 article in A List Apart.  Uses fluid grids and CSS3 Media Queries to adjust layout as screen width decreases.  The fluid grid concept calls for page element sizing to be in relative units like percentages, but can also use pixels or points.  All content remains and adjusts to the screen width @darcehess
  17. 17. Fluid Grids The fluid grid system uses percentages instead of pixels for column widths ensuring proper proportions for key screen resolutions and devices. @darcehess
  18. 18. Desktop View Phone View Tablet View
  19. 19. Demo
  20. 20. What it looks like
  21. 21. In Practice
  22. 22. Break Points Here are some common break points to use for your RWD sites 320 px — Mobile portrait 480 px — Mobile landscape 600 px — Small tablet 768 px — Tablet portrait 1024 px — Tablet landscape/Netbook 1280 px & greater — Desktop @darcehess
  23. 23. Media Queries @darcehess
  24. 24. Adaptive Design
  25. 25. Definition: Adaptive – “Serving or Able to adapt, like the coloring of a chameleon.” @darcehess
  26. 26. Focuses more on presentation than on content. Items may selected to be hidden or not presented as screen width decreases. i.e. Banner images or columns. @darcehess
  27. 27. Desktop Tablet Mobile
  28. 28. Dealing with legacy browsers
  29. 29. IE8: • CSS3 – not supported automatically. • Solution: • Respond.js does not work fully. • System Masterpages • Last-child selector is not supported.
  30. 30. Where can I start?
  31. 31. Choose one: 1)Question? 2)I am completely lost….help? 3)Would like more information.
  32. 32. Housekeeping • Follow SharePoint Saturday St. Louis on Twitter @spsstlouis and hashtag #spsstl • Play “Sponsor Bingo” to register for your chance to win one of the many great giveaways at the end of the day • Schedule and evaluate each session you attend via our mobile app that can be used across devices at
  33. 33. Thanks to Our Sponsors!